Adventure Deep into Sith Space with John Jackson Miller’s Star Wars Novel “Knight Errant”


In the aftermath of a botched raid on Sith space, newly minted Jedi Knight Kerra Holt finds herself alone and deep undercover in the Daimanite, a system of worlds enslaved by the madman and would-be god Daiman, a Sith Lord. Headstrong and idealistic, Holt refuses to abandon her mission to strike a blow against the Sith and liberate the people under his tyrannical rule. One night her path crosses with that of Narsk Ka’hane, a ruthless Bothan free-agent who plies his skills as a saboteur and spy on behalf of any Sith Lord who can afford them. Little does she know that the consequences of this encounter will ignite open warfare and subtle intrigues across the entirety of Sith space, with the young Jedi Knight at the center of it all.

The events of Knight Errant take place a thousand years before the birth of Luke Skywalker and a full generation before Darth Bane implemented the Rule of Two, so Star Wars fans who have yearned to learn more about what a world – or worlds – ruled by the fractious, constantly warring Sith will wonder no more. Holt’s journey takes her to several Sith realms, each more twisted than the last. Never has the contrast between the enlightened Republic and despotic Sith been clearer, and the self-destructive nature of selfishness and evil is more than amply illustrated in this fast-paced adventure.

Author John Jackson Miller also writes the Knight Errant comic book series from Dark Horse, and while both book and comic series share characters, each stands independently. No familiarity with one is required to enjoy the other. Lightsaber duels, Force-infused combat and deadly galactic intrigue play out against a background of exotic worlds, starships and alien races. This is the essence of Star Wars, and no matter what period of the saga you personally favor, Knight Errant will keep you entertained until the very last page.