Casting Call for Luke Skywalker: The Inevitable Star Wars Remake



You know it’s coming. Hollywood hasn’t had a fresh idea in forty years. They’ll eventually get around to remaking Star Wars… to make it “fresh” and “relevant” for “today’s audience.” Maybe even Lucas will do it himself. Scratch that. I know Lucas will do it himself. The 3-D release of the original trilogy is only the latest outrage in a long legacy of self-cannibalization in exchange for a quick buck.

So let’s talk about the remake this week. Who would you cast in the role of Luke Skywalker. You know…if you had to do it – say, if you didn’t Lucas would issue an all Gungan edition of A New Hope: “Meesa feel boombad disturbance in dey force!

How about Justin Bieber? He already has the hair for it. The kids love him, too.


  • There are so many books that came after Ep 6 that, hopefully, they’ll pick one of those and leave A New Hope the hell alone now.

  • Angela Roquemore

    Justine Bieber is all wrong for Luke.

  • Ugh.

    If they must, they ought to at least gender flip it. I’d be more interested in Luka, Hannah, and Leo rather than a retread that could never match up to the original.

  • Freddy

    ¿¿¿¿Remake???? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RegCPA

    Im with Coburn, start with the trilogy written Timothy Zahn, I believe its the first three after the EP 6, but I could be wrong, best of the whole lot of Star Wars Series IMHO

  • I wish they would do the sequel books by Timothy Zahn. I read them a long time ago and they continue the story.



  • I have read so many books in the Star Wars universe (over 85). And have gotten so into all the great writers that are putting together such a great timelime now. The books, the games, the shows, wonderful. I always have a book with me, if I read this much in HS, I might have gotten a decent grade on a book report!

  • Cody

    Why would they remake them! Pick one of the hundred other books that have been made about Star Wars! We know there just going to screw the new ones up. If they make the new ones it just one be the same without Herrison Ford. And if they even THINK about Putting that Fag beiber in it, I swear to God Lucus, or who ever makes it will die.

  • Alexandra A Nemocon

    I think the original trilogy should be left alone. However, if a remake is going to happen, they better pick people who are willing to stick around the Star Wars films for some time to come, because there are about 90-100 books involving Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, 3PO. R2-D2, and lots of other cool characters from this Expanded Universe. I’m a little tired of all the animated flims being done with Clone Wars. The stories are all very good, so are the characters, but I’ve been waiting for another film with real people for the longest time, and I’ve been hoping that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, Billy Dee Williams, and all other original cast would at least consider taking their roles in New Jedi Order, Joiner King trilogy, or Legacy of the Force, or Fate of the Jedi related films. However, since that’s not going to happen, I’m hoping for some real serious considerations in any casting calls that may occur when choosing new actors, and please, try to choose actors who would stick around for some time to come, if possible.
    Or, just a thought, do some computer animation film, like with the actors in Beowulf?
    I have a suggestion for Han Solo (I hope people won’t get too mad at this): Ed Quinn, he played Stan Davis in True Blood Season 2-Dallas, Texas vampire cowboy, later Han Solo space cowboy! 🙂 Takers anyone? Here’s 2 links to support my suggestion. Enjoy!!!

  • Alexandra A Nemocon

    I have a suggestion for Han Solo (I hope people won’t get too mad at this): Ed Quinn, he played Stan Davis in True Blood Season 2-Dallas, Texas vampire cowboy, later Han Solo space cowboy! 🙂 Takers anyone? Here’s 2 links to support my suggestion. Enjoy!!!

  • fart

    ya…remake my ass….that will never happen.. lucas wont let it….but book movies would be sick….new jedi order ftw

  • Little Lebowski

    Ok… let me get this straight… Random House let some guy, who clearly hates George Lucas… write an article on it’s STAR WARS site.

    That’s a little much trollish for a company that’s supposed to be in bed with a franchise that’s made them a lot of money and a few #1 bestsellers, don’t you think?

  • Richard

    This is how rumors begin, there’s absolutely no way there will ever be a Star Wars remake. Hollywood only remakes flops, not greatness.

  • Cal Jedi

    Crap, I hope they don’t remake Star Wars. I didn’t even like it that much when they did the special editions. Star Wars is great, don’t wreck it by remaking it. There is books and video games for the expanded universe. WHO CARES ABOUT PEOPLE THAT DIDN’T LIKE THE ORIGINALS. They need to get over it and don’t ruin it for the rest of us. AND I TOTALLY AGREE WITH RICHARD.

  • Matt Staggs

    Richard, are you sure that Hollywood only remakes flops? I can think of several examples of classic films given the remake treatment: True Grit, The Carnival of Souls, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Fly, Halloween….I can think of a lot more.

    Oh, and here’s some more Lucas self-cannibalization:,49748/

  • mikey


  • Sam McAuley

    Ewan McGreggor as Obi Wan

  • Michael

    How about if they just remake JarJar?

  • How about they just de-make Jar Jar? 😉

  • Anyone but Bieber. Thanks for the laugh, you made my day. But seriously, if there is a remake, hopefully it isn’t for a while. It could be done completely in CG and have Mark Hamill play Luke and just raise the pitch of his voice. Strike that, no remakes!

  • thor

    they should never remake any of the star wars movies. they aren’t remaking the wizard of oz because its an american classic, and so is the orginal SW triolgy. if they do decide to remake them it better be in 50 years

  • They should definately do one of the other series to make a new set of movies like the Legacy of the Force series or something. BTW Justin Beiber is too girlie looking for the type swag that Luke Skywalker had.He couldnt pull it off.

  • James Eldom

    WTF Guys? You dont have to watch the remakes, you can completely ignore and pretend it doesnt exist. I think they should be remade

  • Bad Feeling About This

    What a horrible idea…. but if they did it then my vote would be on Emile Hirsch for Luke, (even though he is kind of too old now) Gerard Butler for Han, and Gemma Arterton for Leia.

  • paul

    oh hell no choose somebody who isn’t A COMPLETE RETARD HE SHOULD GO KILL HIMSELF choose clint eastwood he was great in DIRTY HARRY

  • Stone Lesscutter

    I can’t stand all this talk from people that say the original Star Wars movies shouldn’t be remade. Give it a rest! Those movies have had their time. They were good then but compared to what people are used to now they feel like a highschool play.
    I think George should definitely start remaking the originals to match up with the style and feel of the newer prequels. As far as I’m concerned he can re-invent the whole storyline from the point where Revenge of the Sith leaves it. Let the originals be the originals and be left behind for those people that can’t expand their minds beyond the piew piew of laser pistols. Let’s have a brand new storyline for the people that love the prequels and the new kids out there that deserve quality Star Wars entertainment too.

    Who would make a good Luke? Hmmm… tough one. Perhaps Elijah Wood. But it might as well be some unknown actor, I don’t care. I’m sure the people in charge of casting would do a superb job just like they did with the prequels.


    Hi I’m afraid I just looked at the original SW movie the other day for the first time in many years and I was shocked about how dated they’d become , surely they could do with a total revamp especially to tie in with the prequels because I SOME TIMES FEEL THE CONTINUITY between the movies is well not great , I mean the originals are supposed to be set after the prequels but we all know just by looking at the originals that is ludicrous ,at least now they are in the right order and technolagy has already advanced further that the prequels so by remaking the originals you are making the story gel better ,could you imagine a light saber dual between Vader and luke now, it would be amazing and even the duel between the old obi won and vader could be so much better instead of the waltz they did together in the original , and of course Ewan Mcgregor could reprise his roll as Obi all you’d have to do is age his features , I’m sure they could be great just keep Mr Lucas away from the directors chair he can be a creative advisor or some thing , but the man is not a great director . Come on ,go for it the time is right for a reboot of the originals .

  • Jake

    Han Solo= Nathan Fillion

  • Kinkuma

    Don’t ever EVER say Justin Bieber for Luke again! I know for sure who should play Han Solo though, that should be given to Gerard Butler.

  • nil

    either remake Star Wars or make more Star war

  • lorena terry

    Are you kidding? I HATE JUSTING BEIBER! celebs of today, INCLUDING Justing Beiber have no right to stick their butts into something THAT AWESOME!

  • Fredrik

    Who:Justin Bieber, that kid is an arrogant brat, why would anybody cast him in star wars, that would be ashame!

  • Darth Vader


  • jared skywalker

    I think the idea of using jb for luke skywalker is the worst thing i have ever heard in my life, i beleave 4,5, and 6 should all be remade to fix the mistakes made and the small peices left out, like in a new hope why does threepioe not remember the under ground house he lived in on tantooine in ep 2 and he dosn’t remember lukes aunt and uncle witch lived there with him in his return to the home in a new hope. i think the best bet for a future luke skywalker would b me!!

  • bob

    justin bieber cant be Luke Skywalker. Thats mainly because luke is a boy. but justin can be Jar-Jar. they wont even have to buy any make up for him.

  • Fischtik

    I dunno… I got kinda spoiled watching bsg series. I agree Star Wars is a CLASSIC! However, I too got to thinking what if…
    Its frustrating getting one’s hopes up for someone else’s creativity to satisfy an itch that probably won’t get scratched properly…
    If they DO remake it, hopefully G.L. will just consult or produce & let someone with a fresh perspective give-it a go, though imitation-flattery & all-that.
    I thought perhaps the BOBA FETT story (with some tweaking) might be fascinating *let me put in a plug for Michelle Rodriguez as BOBA FETT*

  • Fischtik

    While I’m on this rant…

    There is throughout the BOBA FETT mythology, a somewhat redemptive quality. Furthermore, the writers could have some fun with the subplot of the Sarlaac messing with his head (especially since he is rumored to have survived it 3-times) a-la “Memory of a killer.”
    With BOBA FETT as a female, on the other-hand, a writer could work-out some weird romantic-revenge connection between BOBA & Han (Hell hath no fury…)

  • @jared skywalker

    at the end of episode 3 the droids get there memory banks wiped. the better question is why cant obi remeber them etc.

    +1 for the remake. casting would be crucial. maybe obi doesn’t have to die in episode 1? would love to see a powerful obi who can give even the emperor a run.. but for one reason or a another has to sacrifice himself. Luke gets light-saber training from spirit mace? and needs it! as darth is now BAD-ASS!! ; )

  • JessicaT

    I would have to say Jeremy Sumpter for Luke Skywalker and Ryan Reynold’s as Han Solo. Ewan McGregor could still play Obi with all the makeup they can use to make him look old. …Gerard Butler COULD be a good Han, but I think he’s getting too old nowadays. Whoever said Nathan Fillion for Han Solo is a f****ing genious!!!

  • steve

    Im deffinately a huge fan of the classic SW movies..but by no means am i opposed to a remake. I would love to see an updated modern 4 5 and 6. Casting would be very crucial..but if done could become something epic. I wouldnt mind seeing Peter Jackson take a swing at SW. I know that wouldnt happen..but if he done a very nice job translating LotR to film and would be imo great as far as staying true to the story with a modern look. And hell. Viggo Mortenson might sign on as Han Solo. That would be cool. I know it might sound crazy..but Zack Efron might make a really good Luke. Hes got the youthful look and is a pretty damn good actor imo too for his age. And it is a must that Vader be sinisterly bad ass. Like Darth Maul to the 10th power. 4 5 and 6 did no justice to showing off Vaders power.

  • steve

    Viggo Mortenson as Han might be cool…and if your looking for youth as far as about Zack Efron. That could work imo. Just make Vader bad a#%! 4 5 and 6 just didnt do him enough justice as far as showcasing his power.

  • Viking

    I dont understand people who don’t want to see the original trilogy in hardcore 3d with REAL fight scenes and the death star in high def ???? maybe they could even make darth vader a real fighter like anakin was in ep. III with epic force abilities! Seriously people, get over the dark ages and just embrace the 3d age. There are ALOOOOOOT of people who would LOVE to see those brilliant movies remade, and Viggo Mortensen would make a superb Han! Leah could be played by the girl who played Meadow Soprano or something! I’m really wishing for this long awaited remake!

  • Eric

    they should do movies on the Darth Bane trilogy, set back 1000 years before the movies. They were written by a very talented writer Drew Karpyshyn, the same guy that wrote the SW:TOR games and the Mass Effect 1 and 2.

  • Erik

    Are the makers fucking dumb?


    GTFO WITH THIS BULLSHIT leave the classic starwars go make another movie, and don’t use justin bieber, bieber fans dont usually like starwars and starwars fans don’t usually like bieber!

  • Everyone in the world

    I really hate Hollywood, why make another remake?
    like people have said in the comments, there are more books to make movies of!

    and Justin as Luke? Star wars fans will hate that, or maybe you guys just wanna make this remake to make money (probably). well if they cast Justin you will be hated, he can probably not even act.

    In short, Make a sequel not remake, and don’t cast Justin, Thanks

    // everyone in the world.

  • Inuktiluk

    Oh hell no, Justin Bieber is wrong! OH GOD, OH GOD PLEASE NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


    Please, no remake. Even tho they’d need one, it is totally not worth it. I say make a sequel instead, much better.

  • Old republic

    Like the posts above, new movie isn’t worth it. Make a sequel like Star wars the old republic. Fans would love that. not to remake old movies. THANKS.

  • AmbushBob

    Luke((Zack Efron)), Han Solo ((Hugh Jackman)) though he may be to old hes the only one in my opinion who could pull the right amount of cocky, Leia ((Mila Kunis)), Obi wan((Ewan MCgregor)), Palpatine ((Ian Holm)), Vader (( James earl Jones. duh)), Lando Calrissian ((Will smith)).

  • wtf

    You sir, are the dumbest web writer in all of the WWW. this, even if made to be a joke, is the most retarded thing I have ever read in the last 33 years. Congrats for lowering my IQ level by reading this trash

  • Michelle

    Justin Bieber would make Jar jar look like Olivier. And he would still be J2. Think about that.

  • Nick Knight

    Justin Bieber can’t act, and he looks ridiculous. Will Smith is an offensive racist, not to mention supports the Muslim terrorists. Zac Efron would be a better choice for Luke Skywalker. And Eddie Murphy would be a better Lando Calrissian.

  • Rodrigo Navarro

    If only you knew a year ago when this article was written, that now in 2012, Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise…… Beiber is looking ever so close so being the new Skywalker. * a tear races down my cheek*

  • moderate

    Actually, from the early reports, the next movie is supposed to be taking place some 25 years into the future from RotJ… so it’s actually concievable that Hamill could play the older version of Luke in that movie.


  • michael

    if justin beiber is even considered for the part. there will be a mutiny on your hands disney! do not make that mistake!!!

  • Dave

    Gerrad Butler for Han, Jamie Fox for Lando, Jennifer Lawrence as Leia, Benedict Cumberbatch as Vader Anthony Hopkins as the emperor

  • dave

    Andrew Flint as Ja Ja Binx

  • crhaggers

    If Bieber plays Luke, I’ll go and play f*cking Han Solo!

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