Casting Call for Luke Skywalker: The Inevitable Star Wars Remake



You know it’s coming. Hollywood hasn’t had a fresh idea in forty years. They’ll eventually get around to remaking Star Wars… to make it “fresh” and “relevant” for “today’s audience.” Maybe even Lucas will do it himself. Scratch that. I know Lucas will do it himself. The 3-D release of the original trilogy is only the latest outrage in a long legacy of self-cannibalization in exchange for a quick buck.

So let’s talk about the remake this week. Who would you cast in the role of Luke Skywalker. You know…if you had to do it – say, if you didn’t Lucas would issue an all Gungan edition of A New Hope: “Meesa feel boombad disturbance in dey force!

How about Justin Bieber? He already has the hair for it. The kids love him, too.