The Unbound Worlds Writing Contest: Win an Editorial Review


At Unbound Worlds, we’re aware that getting your work into the hands of a professional editor can be a major hurdle in the road to publication. Many New York publishers do not accept submissions except from literary agents. That’s why we’re making available this limited opportunity to put your best manuscript of  science fiction, fantasy, horror, or paranormal romance into consideration by the Del Rey/Spectra staff.

Del Rey/Spectra through Unbound Worlds will be accepting submissions from now through March 18, 2011, of  previously unpublished manuscripts of no more than 150,000 words. Over the next few months, they will be judged on the basis of originality, creativity, and writing style. The top submission will receive a full edit of the submitted work by Betsy Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Del Rey Publishing, and the story will be considered for publication. Three runners-up will receive a set of Del Rey/Spectra titles selected by Unbound Worlds.

When you’re ready to submit, click here to fill out the entry form. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive an e-mail from Unbound Worlds. Send your submission in response to the e-mail to enter the contest. Click here for official contest rules.

The winners will be announced on May 18, 2011.

Contest is from January 18, 2011 to March 18, 2011 (EST), and open only to legal residents of the United States, excluding Puerto Rico, who are age 18 and over as of January 18, 2011. Void wherever prohibited or restricted by law. Sponsor: Unbound, a website of Random House, Inc.

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  • This is pretty awesome, I just wish the time limit was longer – I’m about 75,000 words into a likely-130,000-ish word book, but there’s no way I can finish the rest by that date. Ah well, maybe next time.

  • Em

    I just wish it wasn’t just for US residents. 🙁

  • Carraka

    I’m six months too young to enter! Well, this is doubly irritating. I hope Del Rey is so pleasantly surprised by the contest’s results that they decide to hold another editorial review in six months. Or in a year. Or in five years?

  • Nem

    Yea…I wish it was open to Canada!

  • Chad

    Does anyone know if this is open to graphic novels as well as prose work? I’m assuming it’s prose only but could it be open to graphic novel manuscripts as well as prose? If so, I wonder how one might submit something given such manuscripts don’t use word counts.

  • Bill

    Could someone be more specific about the term “previously unpublished”? Does that include self-published or just to having the book under contract with a commercial publishing house? Thx.

  • I wish this wasn’t just for US residents too!

  • Awesome post. Thanks for putting the info out there.

  • Gena

    …just another plea to include residents of Canada…this contest sounds awesome!

  • I’d like to add to the small chorus from north of the border. Why the restriction to US residents only, especially since Canada gets lumped in with USA for publication rights purposes?

  • Keith Yatsuhashi

    A question about submission: MS only? No synopsis or query? I submitted with JUST the MS because they didn’t ask for anything else.

  • Gladys Owens

    Hi-Is The Suvudu Writing Contest open to sci-fi / fantasy manuscripts written for young to middle readers?

  • Michael

    Damn my geographically limited locale. What about some love for anitpodean aspirants? I would even succumb to american spelling 🙂

  • I’m going to submit mine after I get some sleep.
    This is exciting. That’s the thing about contests not the entering – but the waiting.

  • Todd M. Morgan

    I am also wondering what “previously unpublished” means, as Bill asked earlier.
    Thank you,

  • Nathan

    I’ve never written anything. But i’m ready to try something new. I think I will start a story tomorrow, after church.

    How long does it take to write a story of around 100,000 words? how many pages would that average?

    Hmm… what should I write about? in what context? Anyone have a favorite they want to read?

  • Bad Bob

    At 200,000+ words I wont even try to submit mine, and I dont think I have time to write another on short notice, but maybe next time………….

  • I’m unpublished and looking for a contest to enter and I want to know how to enter this contest. Do I have to mail my stuff in or email it?

  • How do I enter my work in this contest? It sounds like a great opportunity.

  • you guys are the laziest people i’ve seen. read the rules. it is a link from the main page.

  • Thanks, everyone, for your interest in the contest! We have answers to some of your questions:

    Chad: We’re only assessing prose novels in this particular contest.

    Bill: We struggled over this, as we know that many authors are trying the self-published route, but finally decided that “previously unpublished” should mean no self-published edition should exist. This creates a level playing field for all entrants.

    Keith: Yes, manuscript submissions only.

    Gladys Owens: Del Rey Spectra publishes fiction for adults and older teens, so no, this type of story wouldn’t be right for us.

    Faith: When you’re ready to submit, click here to fill out the entry form: Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive an e-mail from Suvudu. Send your submission in response to the e-mail to enter the contest. Click here for official contest rules:

    Good luck!

  • Joe

    Seems like a cheap way to get new ideas… All you are guaranteeing is a manuscript from a different author? And I thought American Idol was making a killing taking 50%.. You aren’t even allowing the author to keep their rights… I think it’s pretty lame… You should at least guarantee the winner gets a show made.. After all, you aren’t just getting the winner’s manuscript, but all of the other entrants also…. I guess paying authors isn’t working?

  • Curiosity

    Wait a second…

    So – if the author who wins an editorial review becomes published, they do not own the rights to their work, nor receive compensation?

  • Amita4ever

    Joe. where did you pull that from? I just read the rules, and this seems to be the only passage that applies, and — in summary — only the GRAND PRIZE WINNER is under any obligations, and certainly not to give up rights or compensation. Here, read it for yourself, directly from the official rules linked above… (Or are you just trying to scare off some competition 😉

    IV. GENERAL CONDITIONS AND WARRANTIES [capitalization in the following passage added]

    Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules. By accepting the Grand Prize, the GRAND PRIZE WINNER grants to Sponsor and its licensees and assigns, a A RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL to publish the work submitted as part of this Contest in all formats (such grant to be confirmed in writing, in addition to the Affidavit of Eligibility and Release). The Grand Prize Winner agrees not to submit his/her work to any third party, directly or indirectly, until Sponsor has been provided the first opportunity to either MAKE AN OFFER to publish or refuse to publish such work. If Sponsor refuses to publish the work, or if Sponsor and the Grand Prize Winner cannot agree on a mutually agreeable publishing agreement, the Grand Prize Winner shall be free to submit the work elsewhere. By participating in this Contents, entrants warrant that their works are their original work and are not owned by any other person or entity; do not violate any law or regulation; and do not infringe the rights of any person or entity, including, but not limited to, any copyright or trademark rights and/or rights of privacy or publicity. By participating and accepting a prize the winners grant to Sponsor and those acting pursuant to the authority of Sponsor, the right to print, publish, broadcast, and use, worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed the WINNER’S NAME and biographical information for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation or review.

  • Judi Bee

    The contest information contains two puzzling phrases:

    1) a work of speculative adult fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror or paranormal romance)

    2) manuscript of science fiction, fantasy, horror, or paranormal romance

    I have a horror story I’d like to submit. It’s not “speculative”. It’s historical. The second phrase makes me think I could submit it.

    The first phrase uses the words “speculative adult fiction” which makes me think submitting a non-speculative historical would be pointless.

    It’s not quite finished. If eligible, I’ll hustle and get it done. If it isn’t eligible, I’ll not rush.

    Thanks for the information.

  • Aimee

    Does the author still maintain copyright/ownership if chosen? What about if not chosen?

  • Eric Hord

    I am currently a closet writer I never published anything nor am I a professional writer. I just love to make up stories and put them to word on the screen. I am in the middle of writing a tale but I am afraid that I would drive the editor insane punctuation, correct grammar, and so forth.. The stores I have been told are awesome though. I only wish the time line could be extended as 150,000 words is a lot since I am a short story writer. But I am going to try to make it.

  • Sam


    To give you an idea on how long it would be, I currently have a completed novel that is 61,545 words long which equals approximately 200 pages. As for how long it would take to write, that depends entirely on the writer. But, figure at least a year if you want it to be good, unless you’re a prodigy.


  • pierre

    Suvudu publishes fiction for adults and also YA, but the rules don’t expressly mention that young adult fiction is included. Is YA fantasy eligible for consideration? Just making sure before I throw my hat in the ring.

  • Nikki

    I submitted my entry, however, I have not sent the manuscript yet as I was unsure about formatting. Many contests do not want the authors name on the manuscript to avoid favoritism, but publishers/agents tend to want the name/title/etc. to appear on every page. Should we assume standard submission manuscript format, or do you have specific requirements.

    Thank you!

  • lds

    Can self-published works be taken down and made unavailable in order to remain eligible for this contest?

  • K Leslie Graves

    It’s a pity I just heard about this. I submitted my third sci fi for self-publishing through Amazon only five days ago.

  • Naomi

    What if your manuscript is over the 150,000 word limit? Mine is much closer to 190,000 and not yet finished.

  • I was wondering if one can enter a manuscript which was one of the winners of the nanowrimo but is unpublished. The manuscript has never been submitted to a publisher as a proposal. The title was posted with a paragraph about the book on that contest site.

  • Tanner

    So I’m thinking of submitting a little something of my own an I was just wondering if it could be something short.. does anyone know how long my writing would have to be? Iv never thought about submitting anything to anyone before an I’m looking for a little advice.

  • What if I submitted my manuscript to another publisher last August and haven’t heard back yet? Can I submit it here?

  • Ruben van Wingerden

    I guess if people from all over the world could submit their manuscript, they’d be busy quite some time…
    Still, it’s a pity for those who like to write in English, but don’t reside in the U.S.

  • Anybody know if a young adult sci-fi novel will be considered?
    Pls. let me know. I don’t want to submit if it won’t be eligible.

  • I am a published author through independent publishers, and I retain all rights to the books. I am desperately looking to be published traditionally. I also have 13 short stories that are going to be a part of an anthology called Door 13, but it is not published yet. The last story is a gem, a novella 45,000 words long called a Season of Drake. Beyond that, I also have six more shorts, and a new novel in progress, so yes, I am an accomplished writer. I will submit A Season of Drake, and if you could get back to me about the other novelsm, I would appreciate it.
    Thank You, David Rhodes

  • Elisha bryan

    I wish there was more time, this is a amazing chance I would love to take on.

  • Fred Flintstone

    I just received an email in response to my preliminary entry and it is RIFE with typos! “Thanks agian” instead of “Thanks again”? And “it hits out inbox” instead of “it hits our inbox”? It’s a short fricking email! How can you have messed it up so badly? How can I trust you to run a clean contest if you can’t even peruse your 79 word email?

    Your Stone-Age Friend,

  • Michael

    I agree about the time limit. nothing worth publishing can be written in such a short time. I actually started a new piece about four weeks ago and even with a month of work put together I cant meet the date. the contest should really be for a short story as a thesis for something more grand, which the winner may be allowed to build upon or elaborate in a revision.

  • i hate eating patato’s!don’t you hate them to ! patato’s taste like some little peice of dirt! and sweet patato’s they don’t taste so sweet it taste’s like some patato’s only!like a piece of dirt and soil!

  • anita gill

    you need to have it open to authors under 18 also. my 13 yr. old has written some amazing stuff.

  • John Rodgers

    To those young and old – There are hundreds if not thousands of writing contests out there. Just be cautious because quite a few require fees and could be scams.
    But they do inspire a person and can be used as a powerful tool.
    Inside you heart and soul is a sacred place. Therein lies truth and intuition.
    Together they form logic.
    If you can draw from that sourse, you will write colorful words.

  • SRA Sackinger

    It doesn’t surprise me that so many people have a hard time understanding the legalese. It shocks me, though, that so many are unwilling to understand–or possibly read–the good advice given in these comments. If you are reading this, take the time to read the others. It will save us all from plowing through another duplicated question.

    @anita gill While I’m sure that your child is quite gifted, to my knowledge not even the icons of Science Fiction published at 13. Unless you truly believe s/he is a prodigy beyond the likes of Asimov, Clark, Card, Bradbury and Heinlein, s/he is not ready to be published. Have him/r join a writer’s group in your area. Make sure the group is mostly serious writers who really edit each other’s work. Many of these groups don’t know how to edit so be careful. Have your budding author read some of the better writing books(“On Writing” by Stephen King) and own a Strunk & White. Elements of writing is no longer taught in the United States until 3rd year of College so it’s important for them to pick it up on their own. They should know how to punctuate correctly and how to conjugate verbs; how to tell the difference between past tense and past perfect tense. Not everyone has these skills, but not having them means a significantly lower chance of being published. It’s a great deal to take in, but it’s what one needs to have a shot at getting this prize. As I said in the beginning, unless your 13 year old is a prodigy to leave the great writers of speculative fiction flapping in the wind, they have some work ahead of them.

  • SRA Sackinger

    By the way, when a publisher of books says, “manuscript”, they mean something larger than a novelette. Even a novella is iffy. These can’t be done in 3 months. Don’t try. They expect you to have had something already written.

  • Amanda

    Awww I just hear about this now! I would totally love to enter!

  • keesha lenard


  • If you’d do this for erotica or Native American stories I have a few but that’s all I write

  • Benjamin Thurber

    Dangit, I don’t know if my work’d be ready. I have what is basically a set of four books, but I don’t know if it’d be ready in time. I don’t even know if I’ll be done writing the prequel in time for this. I may just have to go with what I have finished and hope for the best.

  • Adam Harmon

    I’m not sure if my space station/major war/extra galactic invasion will be finished by then. *sigh*

  • Alexandria McCaskey

    Does it have to be the full book yet? I’m not sure I can finish in time, but I can try. My best work has been taking quite awhile and I also have it planned for a few books afterward as a series. This series has been planned for years and I can honestly say it is my best work with many plot twists and turns that will leave the reader guessing. Also, if I cannot make it by the deadline, is it at all possible to somehow submit it for possible publication through your publishing company? I have been shopping around for companies to review it for publication and if you would like to take a look at it I will send it to you. Thank you for your time, and if possible answer to my questions.

    -Alexandria McCaskey

  • Geoffrey Thorne

    Do self-published ebooks count as “previously published?”

  • CT Jaynes

    Why bother? Why not just publish it yourself and cut these middlemen out? With the use of the internet, you could publish, promote, and sell digital copies for yourself…. And if you have to have physical copies, there are companies who would be glad to press out a few, though they do charge. The main reason they won’t take your submissions at the major publishers, is because their business is designed to keep a close circle. They don’t want just anyone to have their books on the bestseller lists, they want themselves and their friends. Do yourself a favor and publish your work on your own…. It will feel better, because you will have complete creative control, and it’s much simpler than you would ever believe. Stop feeding these hypocrite leeches on American ingenuity, and show the world what you are made of!!!

  • Peter Rheuby

    I wrote a book and have hundreds of stories. My first book “TRUTH,LIFE,FACT and death”Copyright ©12/2010PeterRheuby there are 12 parts I will give the first six parts away.

  • This offer may be delayed by circumstance. Send me the email address you wish the HTML
    format of the book sent and when I figure out how to send it.

  • I will

  • Well, I am working on something, and if I can get it done, which working day and night to do so, I would love to have this opportunity. thank ya’ll for the chance.

  • Seaton

    CT Jaynes is right. Publish your books yourselves. It’s easy and you will be better off. Publishing companies try to rip writers off these days by taking their e-rights away and by taking the lion’s share of the royalties. In the long run, you are better off self-publishing and getting your work out to the readers faster.

  • GhostRider22

    I have a great one…I just have to talk to her about it. Although I doubt that she’d go for it, but I’ll ask anyway.

  • Does this entry accept poetry and if not, does anyone kno a publisher for poetry?

  • DJB

    When they say Science Fiction? Can that include Police Science?
    What I have is kind of a futuristic Mission:Impossible meets The Untouchables (with a little Batman on the side…) Spaghetti western action adventure…

  • Christina Odisho

    I don’t even know if I’ll stand a chance next to most professionals..but…I suppose I could try?

  • I would be interested, sounds like something I would like to try out. Check out my booktrailer for my book and see if I make the cut….

  • MarlinMorales

    Where is my email?? I’ve had my manuscript for three years—-I’m ready!!!

  • Suvudu

    Thanks for your interest in the contest! We’re nearing the deadline, so get those manuscripts in! And in answer to your questions:

    Alexandria: We do require completed manuscripts. That step is a major requirement for any author, no matter how many books they’ve published!

    Geoffrey: Self-published does count as “previously published,” sorry.

    Aerron: This contest is specifically for novels.

    DJB: Science fiction means that the plot must involve some element that is based on science but does not have to currently exist. If your book is set in the future, that probably means it qualifies.

    Good luck!

  • Sam Yell

    Too bad 🙁 My manuscript is nearly 500,000 words long. Perhaps next time.

  • My novel is nearly done for the first book but is already longer than 150,000, I guess I’ll have to wait on it a little longer.
    By the way check out my online novel blog I’m writing and follow it a piece at a time, Enjoy.

    My site didn’t pop up so there it is

  • I don’t know how to write, but I can read. Is this a problem?


  • Geoffrey Thorne

    ah. bummer. Well, maybe next year. or, y’know, before.


    good luck, folks. I “broke in” with contact like this. Pretty awesome way to go.

  • Phillip Wallace

    I sent in an entry, but I’m not sure if it was received. Can someone let me know?

  • Melissa

    Can I resubmit my manuscript after I have edited it. I submitted it a month ago but since then I have edited it. Can I resubmit?


  • I am a complete novice but I have a manuscript that is around 100,000 there are scf/fi elements although it is predominantly a romance, just not sure about the safety of such a submission and copyright etc, I also have a blog where I have been recording my journey if you care to join me .

  • My question is what it the judging criteria? Are you looking for books that need a lot of editing? or books that need very little editing? Are you looking for writers that need a lot of help? or need very little help? And the scary part, if I win, is which criteria was used? 🙂

  • Dianne Vincent

    Is this a yearly contest? My book is not even close to ready.

  • Keith Yatsuhashi

    It grieves me to say that my submission bears a tragic resemblance to what’s happening in Japan. I’d like to dedicate it to the Japanese people.

  • Based on the contest rules, this is open to anyone, so long as the work submitted is not currently contracted, nor has been previously published. Is that correct?

  • WD Patterson

    @CT Jaynes, @Seaton:
    Sure, I could go self-publishing. Then I would have to be, not just an author, but a marketter, a PR person, and all the rest.

    All I want to do is write. I am happy to outsource all of the other tasks to Del Rey and my agent. Just let me know where the book signings are. That is why most major authors go this route, even in the days of electronic media. The overhead of getting from finished mss to ‘book in reader’s hand’ is time that is not available for writing.

    And isn’t that why we’re in this game anyway? To write?


  • I thought I’d share a funny story. I made a submission earlier, but I was hammered ass drunk. I forgot I even entered the contest. I have no idea if the file sent was the right one either. It wasn’t until I checked my email that I realized that I had entered. I was preoccupied with, well, beer, one of the greatest substances known to man.

    Well, hopefully I sent the correct file. Good Luck to everybody else in the running. I’m sure that it would be a big break for anyone involved. F— Publish America. Roll Tide!


  • Rebecca Sterling

    I was dumb and forgot to put my genere and I remembered right as I clicked send. I can’t believe i am soooooo dumb. How are they going to Know what catagory to place you in if they don’t know your genere? I hope that don’t ding me to baddly for that or disqualify my dumb butt 🙁

    and for the record Blossom Of Drago is a fantasy/adventure *sigh* I really wish I wasn’t so dumb at least you were drunk Taylor. I have no excuse.

  • Alexis Peters


    I did the SAME thing. Don’t feel bad. Maybe we DQ’d ourselves, maybe not. But at least you know you weren’t the only one to make silly mistakes. It’s what writers do! 😛

  • Alexis Peters


    Actually, I take it back. I don’t see anywhere in the How To Enter section of the Official Rules that we must specify the genre within the manuscript heading. Although it might have been smart to do so, we were not breaking any of the submission guidelines. Hope this helps!

  • Hey, sadly enough I live in puerto rico and the offer is void here though discovering it the fifteenth of march didn’t help much, whelp I have a few books in the making mostly about psychosis plagued killers or a paranormal killing spree performed by a /suicided ex lover also have a lucifer type book I’m trying to write turning the character back into an angel eventually but basically about a seraphim cast out and into the abyss summoned to earth by a cult of demonic followers who tried to use him to better their lives, they all died in one night o.o eh anyone who would like a finished story add david harshey on facebook and when I get around to finishing it or the other works you can read it, I don’t care to publish it to be honest I am just content to have people enjoy my work and even if they don’t I had a fun time writing it at least

  • jennifer

    if u did a crime thing id b perfect . . . ~_^

  • I typed for almost a day straight getting my submission ready. I just want someone to read it and give me some honest feed back really…

  • poetjustice

    I have a now-14 year old daughter who is writing fairly impressive sci-fi. She was raised on Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Brin, Clarke. Will there ever be an opportunity for young writers to submit, perhaps in a category of Young Adult fiction? Thanks.

  • Silma

    Hmm… Puerto Ricans excluded? So that means natives who live in Puerto Rico aren’t considered residents, yet those native from the other territories like Guam, US Virgin Island, Northern Mariana Island, Palau, and Marshall Islands (among other territories) are considered legal residents. I must admit, I’m rather disappointed that as a Puerto Rican and a US citizen I can’t participate of this opportunity. *sighs*

  • Carl M. Molisani

    If submissions were accepted from Jan 19th to March 18th, and the winners are announced on March 18th, then how will a submissions made on March 17th be seriously considered?

  • Lisa Spataro

    So sorry that I only found out about this contest yesterday. I have a lot of great material, but getting it in order in 2 days is impossible. Any chance of a later entry deadline?

  • Desiree

    I will be seventeen in a week, why do you have to be eighteen to qualify. I have good ideas and I have been writing for a while, what would it hurt if I submitted my work? Is there a maturity rule or a prejudice that I am unaware of? Since when are people of voting age any smarter or better writers than someone a year or two younger than them. I know plenty of people in my school, specifically a girl named Rachael in my book club, who would probably kick this contest’s butt. I hope the rules change and people take this comment seriously.

  • Courtney

    @Carl, the winner is announced May 18th, not March 18th.

  • WD Patterson

    @Desiree and @poetjustice, The reason for 18 and over is legal: below 18, you cannot enter into contracts with Spectre/Del Rey by yourself. And the rules are pretty strict about the author being in sole possesion of the rights. So, in my humble opinion, that is the sole reason for the age limitation.

  • What time tomorrow do you require the submissions by? Is it by midnight? And would that be local time or a specific time zone?

  • John Loengard

    I’d be interested to know what this means:

    \By participating and accepting a prize the winners grant to Sponsor and those acting pursuant to the authority of Sponsor, the right to print, publish, broadcast, and use, worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed the winner’s name and biographical information for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation or review.\

    Without additional compensation? Seriously? So, if I win the contest, you might publish my novel and you don’t have to give me additional compensation? That seems a bit iffy.

  • @ John,

    No, it doesn’t give them the right to publish your book without compensating you.

    It means that they can use your name and bio for advertising purposes without compensating you for the ads.

    So, even if they do not choose to publish your book after winning the contest, they can still post that you won the contest and not have to pay you for posting that.

  • @ John

    No, that’s not what it means. What that means is that if you win the contest, they can publish your name and bio for advertising purposes and not have to compensate you for the ads.

    In other words, if they produce a TV commercial about this contest, and in that commercial mention that you were the winner (regardless of whether or not they chose to publish your book) then they don’t have to pay you for that commercial.

  • @ John

    No, that’s not what it means. What that means is that if you win the contest, they can publish your name and bio for advertising purposes and not have to compensate you for the ads.

    In other words, if they produce a TV commercial about this contest, and in that commercial mention that you were the winner (regardless of whether or not they chose to publish your book) then they don’t have to pay you for that commercial. They can advertise the contest as they like (or even use your name next year, should they choose to run the contest again) and not pay you for being in their ad.

  • Jason

    would have been nice if facebook had informed me of this…idk like even yesterday would have been nice. well you have my email next time you have a contest running feel free to use it.

  • Seaton

    @WD Patterson


    You should read this:

    Read Kris Rusch’s Changing Times blogs. You may be enlightened.

    Also, there are publishing companies out there that will help you publish if you don’t want to do it, by offering one time fees for publishing services. You might want to check into it before you sign your all your money away. Just sayin’ …

  • matt

    i’m so glad i found out about this minutes before the deadline rather than when the contest first opened. i’m sure i can compose something truly epic in the next 7 minutes.

  • Tom

    Did anyone receive any type of confirmation after emailing their MS?

  • Andrea

    Hi Tom,

    I submitted my MS, but I did not receive a confirmation, and I definitely used the correct E-mail address. If there is a problem with the receipt of your work, your E-mail server will usually kick it back as “non deliverable.”

  • Thomas

    Thank you, Andrea. Good luck.

  • Mike

    Contests like this are a great way for an unknown author to have his work seen!

  • I submitted a work to the Contest and did not recieve a confirmation e-mail. I put my heart, sweat, tears, and stress resistance into my submission. I better get something in return or else….lol.

  • Phillip Wallace

    Anyone know when they are going to announce the winners?

  • The rules state that ” Winners will be required to complete, execute and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release within seven (7) days of the date of notification” but not when that notification will be. (Winner list is available 6/10 via request).
    So my assumption, with the eligibility form requirement, is that they’ve been (will be?) notified
    via post or fed ex.

    By the way, I did not receive an email informing me my attachment had been received either.
    But I did have visits to my website from random house, so they at least got the email 😉

    Good luck all! In this and everything you do, I mean.

  • Ann

    If you scroll up from this comment and read the original post, it clearly states that:

    The winners will be announced on May 18, 2011.

  • Ressa

    @ Joseph: I feel your pain, lol. I did the same. I don’t think they mentioned anywhere that we’d get an email confirmation. I imagine we all just got the email with the submission email address. I’m assuming since my entry email went through, the MS submission did as well. Or at least that’s what I am ‘choosing’ to believe, lol. *keeping fingers painfully crossed*


  • Jade Fox

    I was lucky. My friend told me about this contest three days before it ended. I had just enough time to add a few much needed details and submit my novel. I would be fine as a runner up, simply because I need some more books to read. Ha ha ha!
    Winning, of course, would be nice. Still, a lot of people must have submitted some great stories. I will have to read the book the winner wrote!! So if you are the winner come May, contact me! I definitely want to see your work that clearly pwned mine and everyone elses’. 😉
    Look me up on Facebook Jade Autumn Fox (The profile with the girl on a motorcycle)

  • Johnston

    I have a question: how will the winners be announced? Will we all receive an email, will it be posted here on Suvudu, etc.? I’d be really curious to know as May 18 is less than a month away! Thanks!

  • I entered but I never got confirmation that it was received. Was there a confirmation?

  • Joe

    With 8 days until the potential release of the winners, I am chomping at the bit. How are the winners going to be released?

  • Seaton

    Don’t any of you realize that a revolution in publishing is afoot? You don’t need New York publishers. They will under-report your sales and take your money if you publish with them! Do it on your own and make yourself rich. Not them!

  • Melissa

    Hi everyone,

    I heard from Random House that they will be announcing the winners on the website. So keep checking it …


  • BTCG

    Thanks, Melissa. That’s cool that you’re passing this on.

    Did you find out if this is an annual thing, and/or if they are going to repeat the contest?

    @seaton: Pretty serious accusations. Did it happen to you? Are there court case citations where authors successfully recovered damages from New York. If the problem is as prevalent as you say, some ambulance-chasing lawyer would have class-actioned them a long time ago.


  • Joe

    @Melissa – do you know where on the website? Random house’s website is pretty big.

  • It will be announced on Suvudu, Joe.

  • April Mason

    Well, I’ve checked my e-mail, and the website, nothing yet. I found out about the contest 10 days before the deadline. I only had a hardcopy of my manuscript, so I had to almost rewrite the whole thing as it had more than 150,000 words. Stayed up until all hours of the night, editing and typing, typing and editing…fun fun. I wrote my book back in 2001, and have had no luck finding either a publisher or an agent. It sucks!!!!!

  • April, I feel your pain!
    Good Luck all!!

  • Belinda Whitaker

    They also have said that they will announce on their Facebook page and Twitter account! Can’t wait. Good luck to all.

  • BTCG
  • Klayton A. Korstjens

    No announcement yet…

    Hope it comes soon.

    Good luck to all that entered!

  • Jade Fox

    Right, so who won? Where can I see that?