D&D Valentine’s Day Card Scores Critical Hit to the Heart


While the rest of us were fighting the hordes for the last few boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses earlier this week, artist and gamer Jessica Sheron stayed at home and whipped up this awesome Dungeons & Dragons Valentine’s Day card for her boyfriend. I caught up with Jessica to discuss the card and get some advice for the geeky and lovelorn.

Do you work as a professional artist, or is this something that you do on the side?

I am an actually a dental assistant during the day, but an artist by night! My goal is to be a comic book creator/ cartoonist. I am currently working on a superhero book I’m hoping to send to some publishers this year.

How did you get into D&D?

My boyfriend, for whom I made the card, is the Dungeon Master for our group! Our first date was playing D&D. I’ve always been into fantasy so it was easy to get into.

What inspired the card?

One day my boyfriend came up with the idea to play a game where all of our characters were kobolds. What’s weaker and more pathetic than a kobold? No one even likes them! They are really fun to play though, dodgy, sneaky, backstabbing, dragon-worshiping little lizard dudes. Our games can regularly end in disaster though. Poor little kobolds!

Any advice to lonely folks out there for finding the geek of their dreams?

If there is geeky guy or girl you know who seems to really like you or gets really nervous around you, but never asks you out, they probably have the hugest crush on you and are too shy to say anything. So be bold! Channel your inner hero and make the first move! Also, as far as first dates go Dungeons & Dragons is pretty fun.

Want to see more from Jessica? Check out her Tumblr page, here.