Cage Match 2011: Pug versus Quick Ben


The Contestants


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Age: In his 80s, but since he ages more slowly than normal humans, he is physically still in his 30s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Old magic; new magic; dragon magic

Ben Adaephon Delat
Quick Ben
Age: Indeterminate
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Body contains twelve souls; magic
Special attack? Try special attacks. As a master of twelve warrens of magic, Ben can bring the pain in dozens of ways.

The Breakdown


  • Magic
  • Uh, magic
  • Did we mention he’s really good at magic?

  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Can access seven of his twelve warrens of magic at the same time
  • Combat-experienced, unlikely to shy away from a fight

  • Underestimates the power of simple warriors, as evidenced by how he constantly says, “So you really don’t want to learn magic? Really?” to his soldier son

  • Like in an interview, we think he’d answer this by saying “My only disadvantage is that I’m perhaps a bit too powerful.”

  • Druss
    At least he didn’t blow up your planet

How we think the fight will go

The two powerful magicians had no desire to end the world, which they knew a fight between them could certainly cause. And yet they also had a strange compulsion to test each other. Whether it was the summons they had received or their own natural proclivities, a contest between Pug and Quick Ben had to happen…

“…twice, three…shoot!”

The two voices mirrored each other, and with “shoot!” their hands sprang forth. Pug looked triumphant with his fist held in front of him. But his face fell as Quick Ben’s dark hand was held out flat, palm down.

“Paper covers rock,” he said, smiling.

“Damn!” Pug shook his head and rolled his shoulders, regaining his composure.

“Ready?” Quick asked.

“You know it.”

Together, they chanted: “Once, twice, three…shoot!”

Two scissors.

“Once, twice, three…shoot!”

“Yes!” His two fingers pointing at Quick, Pug was excited to see the High Mage once again holding his hand palm down. “One to one.”

Quick nodded.

“Once, twice, three…shoot!”

Pug’s smile broadened, as his rock smashed into Quick Ben’s scissors. He looked into his oppenents eyes. “Two to one.”

“Once, twice, three…shoot!”

Paper and paper.

“Once, twice, three…shoot!”

Rock and rock.

“Once, twice, three…shoot!”

Now it was Quick Ben’s turn to smile, as he smoothly covered Pug’s fist with his hand. “Next one wins.”

Pug nodded.

“Once, twice, three…shoot!”

Pug’s shoulders slumped, and he turned away. Walking out of the stadium, the image of Quick Ben’s scissors cutting into his paper would forever haunt him.


Note: As much as we would have wanted to be fully conversant in these two series, unfortunately that just wasn’t the case. It’s one of the reasons we wanted to include these characters, though—to expose readers (like ourselves) to works and authors we haven’t explored yet.

As such, we didn’t want to put up a match that once again angered you (although we’re pretty sure this is going to anger some of you), and what we encourage you to do is—if you have a better idea of how the fight would go—post it in the comments. If one blows us away, we’ll put it up here on the main write-up.


Predicted Winner: Quick Ben


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Pug is a character from the Riftwar Saga series by Raymond E. Feist; Quick Ben is a character from the The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson.

Pug image courtesy of Brett Booth and Marvel. Quick Ben image courtesy of Michael Komarck

  • Lambada

    Why is there nothing showing on the “cage match 2011” tag page?

  • dpomerico

    The link should be working–you just might need to clear your cache.

  • Lambada

    It shows me exactly two posts.
    – The “It’s Coming” post from February
    – And one that isn’t a post but links straight back to the same tag page.

    My cache is fine – I clear it out regularly and it’s been like that for longer than my last clear out.

  • Lambada

    The link shows me just the “its coming” post from february, and something that appears to link straight back to itself.

    My cache is fine – It’s been going on longer than my last cache clearing session.

  • Gordon Fremen

    Cop out. I think this is more a case of NO ONE HAVING READ THE SERIES IN WHICH THESE CHARACTERS ARE INVOLVED than having any desire to avoid angering fans.

    It only takes like two people. Or three. One to write, and one person who’s read each series. if people at Suvudu can’t do that, then I dunno wtf they have a sf/f site for.

    In any case, Quick Ben would still destroy Pug in a seriously kickass, multifaceted magical showdown. It would be like the end of Memories of Ice or Midnight Tides but on crack. it would be like Superman fighting God. It would be like lolomg Pug fighting Quick Ben.

    Shit, I volunteer to supervise all upcoming Quick Ben write-ups, so long as we don’t get another rock paper scissors match.

  • johthohar

    Hilarious writeup! If I knew much at all about Pug I might attempt one but I have very little tallent writting fiction as it is.

  • Ben

    The thing that would have made this writeup complete is if they said that Quick used Mockra to convince Pug that he won. Not only would this writeup be hilarious, it would also be exactly how I’d expect Quick to win.

  • Tsiar

    I think it is hard to judge them in terms of row power: we now only that both are almost god-mighty, but have very little knowledge about their potential limits; I could give here some advantage to Pug, but only to make the fight a little bit fairer – because if QB fights someone of equal power, he wins. It’s as simple as that: he always has backup plans, shaved knuckles and other surprises.
    But I might be underestimating Pug – I read only few books from Feist’s universum. Nevertheless, I think there is a nice point in this write-up: the real question for this duel is not “who wins”, but rather “does the world explode?” (or “how many worlds are destroyed”).

  • Jaiden

    Haha nice, as much as i like Quick Ben though, Pug definitely has the Superior power. Quick Ben will have to trick him in some manner

  • Archon

    While it’s certainly no masterpiece, I far prefer this sort of write-up to one that is totally butchered because the writer doesn’t actually know anything about the characters…

  • kaostoste

    Kicking through ashes and charred long-bones, Pug peered into the dust-veiled expanses of the wasteland surrounding him. Somewhere out there, Quick Ben was waiting. Likely uneasy with the idea of inviting Pug’s wrath upon his home world, the wizard had fled through a portal into this devastated realm. The place troubled Pug, with its carpet of bones and the way the ashes were wont to shift and slide at the slightest touch. Pushing his hands outward from his chest, he cleared an area about size of a castle courtyard, resolving to simply wait for Quick Ben to come to him.

    While he waited, he examined the ground he had revealed. Blackened and pitted, it appeared to be nothing more than compacted layers of ash. Here and there, shards of bone and rusted metal protruded from the ghastly surface. Shaken, Pug once again raised his eyes to the uncertain horizon, trying to judge just how far the devastation extended.

    “This was once a thriving empire,” said a voice from behind him.

    Whirling, Pug discovered that Quick Ben had somehow managed to sneak up on him, “How did you do that?” he demanded.

    The wizard acted as though he had not heard Pug, “It took him a long time, but Kallor did eventually figure out how to activate the K’Chain mechanisms. After that it was only a matter of waiting for his rightful comeuppance.”

    “Enough of this,” Pug said, asserting his point by sending a ball of fire to engulf the dark-skinned man. But the fire seemed to shatter as it impacted, bursting away in all directions, and when it cleared, Quick Ben stood unharmed.

    With a strange grin, the other man raised his hands and a broad wave of crackling argent energy roared to life, threatening to roll over Pug. Without thinking, Pug teleported out of its path. Laughing at Quick Ben’s sudden disorientation, he conjured up a score of massive boulders, firing them at his opponent in quick succession.

    Yet Quick Ben was true to his name, destroying each projectile in turn with a blast of cold darkness that shattered the boulders to gravel. Then the man flickered, and disappeared. Unconcerned, Pug waited for him to reappear, a dozen defensive spells prepared in his mind. But the seconds began to stretch, and still the Ben had not reappeared. Had he teleported to some distant locale to gather his strength? He had not seemed terribly taxed by his efforts so far.

    Suddenly, Pug felt the ground buck beneath him and he lost his footing, pounding hard onto the ground. Regaining his feet, he barely dodged a stream of fire that appeared as if from nowhere. Quick Ben hadn’t teleported, he was invisible!

    Snarling, he encased himself in a bubble of power, which was assaulted almost immediately from another direction. In the face of the churning wave of golden fire, his defenses almost shattered and in a rage, Pug created a shining ball of ice that detonated, shooting razor sharp shards in all directions. Hearing a gasp, he turned and saw the wizard reappear, suspended a mans height above the ground.

    Gritting his teeth, Pug charged the still-grinning wizard, firing off shards of ice with every step. Eyes wide, Ben became desperately occupied deflected the ice, and so was unprepared when Pug sprinted up a set of shimmering silver stairs to land a savage punch right on his nose.

    Blood bursting from his nostrils, the wizard fell to the ground, where he moaned in pain. Smiling in grim triumph, Pug mocked, “Soar like a bird now, you smug bastard.”

    Quick Ben flashed him a grin, and billowing shadows leapt upward, reaching for Pug and wrapping around his ankles. They felt cold and immediately began to sap his strength. Alarmed, he attempted to teleport, but the shadows seemed to hold him in a grip tighter than a trolls. Grunting as he struggled, he glanced back to where Quick Ben was, but the man had disappeared again. In growing panic he shot fire, lightning, ice, everything he could think of at the shadows, but their grip did not relent and they continued to swarm over his legs.

    The shadows reached his waist and suddenly dissipated, revealing that he was now encased in a pillar of rock, black and shining like obsidian. The cold was like nothing he had ever experienced, and seemed to burn like the fires of a sun. He searched desperately for his opponent but could find him nowhere.

    Then there came a bubbling of laughter from behind him, on his left. Craning his neck, he finally caught a glimpse of Quick Ben. He was holding a black sceptre in his hand, pointing it toward the outcrop of rock that trapped Pug. Desperate, Pug tried to hit the wizard with a fireball, a bolt of energy, anything, but they were all deflected, and the cold, black rock climbed higher. It was past his waist now, and his thoughts seemed to be slowing as the cold leached into his arms.

    How? How was his will being stolen away so thoroughly? What sorcery was this?

    He must have spoken, for Quick Ben’s voice drifted from somewhere into the increasing gloom that was encroaching on Pug’s senses, “Kurald Galain, Pug. The Elder Warren of Darkness. Pure negation.”

    As Pug felt his chest being encased in a suffocating weight, Quick Ben’s face appeared before him. It seemed to be looking on him with regret. Pug sucked in what he knew would be his last breath, and his killer spoke again, “I’m sorry it had to be this way, Pug. I think the two of us could have been friends. Two of a kind. Damn those bastards at Suvudu.”

    And as his final breath rattled from his throat, Pug’s thoughts echoed Quick’s words.


    Feist fans, feel free to rip into me for any inconsistencies or inaccuracies. I haven’t read any Feist and just went off of the wikipedia and midkemia wiki pages, along with Pug’s first battle. I tried to make it as balanced as I could, while still staying true to my belief that Quick would win in any one of these match-ups. Go ahead and show me up with a superior interpretation of the match if you like. =)

  • Valan

    Suvudu, that write-up is pretty hilarious, but kaostoste’s write up is better. Granted I’ve never read Feist, but his/her Quick is not bad.

  • Paul

    Loving kaostoste’s write up. I’ve read both series and I think Quick Ben would have the edge on his own territory as written, if he was on Midkemia? Who knows….

  • Damon

    I’ve gotta voice my disappointment with Pug and Quick Ben meeting up here in the second round. How does this happen??? These two are, IMO, clearly the two most powerful in the entire bracket. How the heck did Quick get a 15 seed anyway?

    Oh well, it’s here and there’s nothing we an do about it. I have to give the suvudu people credit for the amusing write up they did. A contest between two mages with god-like power being decided by an RPS contest.

    kaostoste, I thought you did a pretty good job, especially considering you’ve never read Feist’s books. Obviously this tips the scales in Quick’s favor ;-), but that’s how it goes. Pug is far more powerful than you give him credit for, I’ll provide some examples at the end of this… All in all, I think you did a good job of making the contest fairly even. My one criticism is that you made Pug’s magic too mundane. He can do much more than launch fire/lighting/ice attacks, see the following for examples.

    *** SPOILER ALERT **** for Feist’s books
    Some quick examples as to how powerful Pug really is….

    Soon after his training as a greater path magician is finished he attends this world’s weekly gladiator matches. He decides this isn’t in the realms best interest so he decides to voice his opinion by raining fire from the heavens, splitting the earth beneath the stadium as well as creating a number of other biblical style judgments… All this despite being challenged by dozens, maybe even hundreds of other greater path magicians.

    At another point he and some friends are trapped in a sort of time warping, magic dampening well which they cannot escape. The only way to get out is to leave before the well ever existed. To accomplish this Pug reverses the flow of time, simply by willing it to occur, until it reaches a point when the well did not exist… this is the dawn of time itself. Of course, after they exit the well he has to speed up time in order to bring it back to his present day.

    One last example is where his special attack of planet-smashing comes into play… I haven’t read this part of the books, but from what I am told, there is a whole planet which has been overrun by evil demons. Rather than risking an attack on the planet, Pug uses his magic to literally throw a moon into the planet in order to kill the demons.

    Is all this enough to take down Quick Ben? Maybe not. But one this is for sure… when Quick Ben and Pug match their skills in a contest, the world as anyone knows it could very well be destroyed in the process.

  • dpomerico

    Hi everyone–keep the write-ups coming!

    @Damon: they actually weren’t seeded this time around, but were randomly chosen to face each other (we explain it here: It was something we were trying, and I think next year we’ll go back to seeding–clearly these two wouldn’t meet until at least the Elite 8 in this bracket, if not the Final Four.

  • kaostoste

    @Damon and others

    appreciate the feedback. i was certain that no matter what i did, i would probably shoot wide with some of Pug’s abilities, but i can live with it knowing that i just wasn’t imaginative or knowledgeable enough. after all, if i could replicate Pug to a T without having read any Feist, i’d be some kind of freaky thought-stealer.

  • Dandin Storm

    I would have suggested a dick-comparing contest, but rock-paper-scissors works.

  • dead troll

    In my opinion seeding should be based on book sales and not the actual power of the characters. It does not matter how powerful you are if ASOIAF and WOT characters are involved. Arya Stark would probably reach the final four. And I am not even going to bring up that mouse. Oops. I just did.

  • Samantha

    I’m rather horrified that Pug is losing, but once again this match has piqued my interest in reading the other series, so there’s that. 🙂

  • Cj

    Ok, I’m pretty shocked that Pug lost, but for the next tourney, I wouldn’t mind seeing Macros (With all his powers). I’m sure he would pwn face =p

  • archon

    Can’t do that though because some of those numbers would be severely skewed… By that logic, Any Baggins would be a top 3 seed… But they wouldn’t perform that well nor would they deserve to.

  • archon

    My previous comment was to Dead Troll…

    @ Samantha

    You won’t be disappointed… but you need to have your reading game on when you start, because ol’ Steve Erickson doesn’t dwell long on some very complex aspects of his world, and he doesn’t slow down for you to catch up 😉

  • Daniel

    I don’t know I think I would rather see Nakor in a duel. He has a much wider range of skills. And although his actual power is perhaps much less then pugs his knowledge and ability to use what he has makes him perhaps one of the most dangerous people on midkemia.

    Or for a non magician from midkemia I would love to see Jimmy the Hand as he is probably my favorite character from all of Feists books.

  • Jeff

    I’d like to say… I’ve read both sets of books, and I think Quick Ben would come out on top.

    Pug has much more raw power, but I think Quick Ben is quite a bit more formidable. Quick is much more cunning and prone to use his power more efficiently, and if needed, in a far more brutal fashion. Pug seems much more scholarly at times, than prone to using his magic, in later books. (And he’s well past 80, mind you.)

    Quick Ben is quick to act and react as his name suggests, no matter the situation.

    Just my two cents. Definitely, though, from what I’ve read, the most powerful of the people in this entire list. It’s like putting unarmed children against nuke wielding adults.

  • Adam

    Quick Ben has been my pick to win since the bracket was released. With all the warrens at his disposal and the awesome power he can wield, he should decimate the competition. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he lost to Jon Snow however, GRRM’s ASoIaF fans tend to have that effect.

  • Luci

    Jeff, I’m not sure I agree with you.
    Not saying I think Pug would win, I’m just not confident of either having enough over the other to call it.
    For instance Pug as you mentioned is more powerful, but less crafty. Quick is more ruthless and his craftiness is possibly unrivalled.


    I really enjoyed Kaostoste’s write up, but he didn’t quite grasp the extent of Pug’s agressive power. I do however think taking Pug to the imperial warren would be a mistake. Once he got frustrated, and being in a relam of ash and bone he would have no compunction using country-shattering levels of magic. Widespread rains of fire, rock, and/or needles of ice, or sundering the ground.

    Damon’s examples are good, though his last example is slightly misleading. He throws the moon at a an indestructable demon and his army to SLOW THEM DOWN while he vacated the and then vaporized the ENTIRE REALM.
    However, as epic as that was, that was a pre-prepared contingency spell. He is powerful, but he cannot just do that on a whim, that took a lot of preparation and possibly much of his mastery of both the greater (raw magic spells) and lesser (enchanting and ritual) paths of magic.

    I could still see Quick winning of course (and that is who I voted for :P), and part of that could simply be him taking them to somewhere like Unta, where, with so many innocents around Pug would be unwilling to literally blow up the building to swat a wasp, as it were. And also where, with his illusions, Quick could be any of those fleeing terrified innocents.

  • Damon

    My apologies for mixing up that last example. As I said I hadn’t read it and was going on information from someone who had. Thanks for the clarification Luci.

    That said, Pug still has the ability to pull out some ridiculously powerful magic just on a whim. Look at my first two examples for starters. And *** MODERATE SPOILER ALERT *** let us not forget that throughout the books when Pug is faced with a life or death situation (which is exactly what this cagematch is), he invariably pulls out something that he himself didn’t even know he could do in order to come out on top. Heck, as a boy barely 10 years old, before anyone even recognized he had potential, he managed to call on some magic to instantly kill a couple of beasts that were attacking him and his companion (I believe the picture used as Pug’s avatar here is depicting that scene, could be wrong though). Then there was another time when he had been captured and was being tortured by a magician of the greater path and couldn’t use his own greater path magic due to some artifact. So what does he do? He accesses his abilities in the lesser path to control the other mage’s mind and free himself. At the point this occurred, nobody had ever known a magician who could access both the greater and lesser paths.

    *** END SPOILERS ***

    All I’m saying is when put into a tight spot, Pug is able to dig deep and he usually comes up with some crazy solution on the spot which nobody has ever heard of before.

    This isn’t to take anything away from Quick. I’m reading the books now and completely agree with almost everything that’s been said about him. All I really know for sure is that this match should have been for the championship… not in the second round!

    Oh, by the way, did anyone knows that Quick’s initials are BAD? 😉

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless


  • Lepus

    I actually started reading Malazan because of Cage Match. I’m intrigued by the magnificent complexity of the world but also really discouraged by having to learn the history and culture of a ridiculously detailed series. Right now I’m just hoping I’ll understand enough soon to let me go back and start over a bit wiser than before.

    Because of this, voting for Quick Ben on principal and the challenge of figuring out who, precisely, he is.

  • Caitlin

    I haven’t read anything about Quick Ben, but I have followed Pug since his first adventure as a youth to his current age.

    The first thing about Pug that’s very important, is that he can’t be killed. At least that’s how it still stands in the series. *spoiler alert* Pug made a deal with the gods that he couldn’t die until he had seen everyone one that he loved die first. *spoiler end*

    Pug has massive magical capabilities, , he is also the most intelligent person born on his planet ever.

    Ultimately Pug should have won.

  • Awesomeness

    Then Quick ben could chain him like the elder gods did Otas’Aral. After all, pug does not negate magic and could not ward of QB’s mockra

  • Greyhawk

    Pug is one of my favorite fantasy characters. I agree with those who think Suvudu missed an opportunity by not seeding these two characters better–this could easily have been the championship match. And while I think the write up was pretty funny (and in a lucky way may actually reflect how these two might have dealt with the situation) it would have been nice to see a well researched duel description. Kaostoste, congrats on a good write up-not sure I would agree with the outcome, but some good stuff. One point to add, Pug is a master of rift magic (among others) which is essentially the ability to travel between worlds and even planes of existence–and has experience dealing with beings that literally are the opposite of our form of life–so I think he would have been able to deal with Kural Galain. The vote was pretty close, but Malazan has more buzz right now (and it is a great series, I am on the 5th book) and Feist is living on the quality of his earlier works and these things are about what is hot right now. Just wish my guy was able to go a little farther–damm seeding committee screwed my team again. . . oh wait, that is a different bracket.

  • Rodney

    I have never read anything about Quick Ben but I intend too. I am however a huge fan of Pug/ REF. I would have to say that Suvudu’s write up would have to be the best because if Quick Ben is anything like Pug, I don’t see either one of them walking away from this. Destruction on a massive scale. If Pug felt the need to fight Quick, then its worth his life. Ben may kill Pug but Pug will take him with him.

  • Ivan

    I don’t know anything about Quick Ben, but it seems he’s popular, which surprises me because if he were truly more powerful than Pug, I don’t see why he would be a likable character. I stopped reading Feist’s books because it went way overboard with characters power levels. Pug was absolutely ridiculous. The idea that he could destroy a planet is not an exaggeration, but why limit him to that: It’s misleading. Pug could pretty much do anything. The magic scheme of those books don’t limit his capabilities in any way, and then there’s the point made earlier that he can’t be killed until after certain conditions–that must be more ridiculousness added to him after I stopped reading. Ben on the other hand has descriptions of his magic–he can use all 12 of something or other all at once–which says to me there are things he can’t do, like using 13, 14, or 1000 of whatever it is. I suppose I’m saying that according to what I’ve been exposed to in fantasy, I wouldn’t match anyone against pug. not Raistlin, not Rand, not Belgarath, not Gandalf, Saruman, and Sauron all at once. The way I was reading it, Pug was just that much overboard; unquestionably the most powerful magic user I’ve ever read about. So if Ben is more powerful, good for him. That explains why I haven’t read any books about him. I don’t see how overly powerful characters with no, or fluke (kriptonite anyone?) limitation could be worth reading about. Rand might be powerful but not overly so–he does have abundant weaknesses and limitations, and I can even buy Raistlin being powerful enough to destroy gods; but Pug?

  • Aaron Mcgruder

    Quite frankly, every single time Pug finds a magic system that he can’t beat, he almost always just learns it. Freakishly quickly, he is being beaten by greater magic, so he picks it up. A group beats him and puts him in a cell with no greater magic, so he picks up lesser magic, even though he had massive issues with it earlier. He finds evil elves, and learns elven magic. He was offered to be the avatar of a God, thus making him made of win.
    There was serious discussion as to whether or not he was more powerful than Nakor for a while, who as we later found out (big spoiler) was a god himself. And as was noted before, Pug cannot die until the rest of his family dies. And Caleb is still there. And if Caleb were to die at the hands of Quick Ben, yes Pug’s immortality would drop. But his anger would rise.

  • SamarDev

    Re Lepus: have you checked out the reread of the Malazan Books on It started last summer and has just entered book 3. It is doing quite a well job by restraining from huge spoilers, while pointing to important details to ‘file away’. So both newbies and vets are enjoying the discussions.
    Oh, and Quick Ben isn’t just massive power, its the combination of wits and power that makes him so powerful.

  • Terracapri

    Hilarious! I have read the whole Malazan series (Quick Ben’s) and will get around to reading REF sometime this year on my Kindle, but if Pug’s as powerful and Intelligent as portrayed here, I believe this is exactly how they would handle such a match.

    Re: Ivan
    Quick Ben is a squad-mage of malazan army, not even a high-mage and is NOT the most powerful character in the Malazan world. In the first book itself, Anomander Rake (archmage,ascendent,could have been but refused to be a god) dwarfs all others in terms of sheer power and character.
    What makes QB interesting and likeable is his audacity to challenge gods, a matching intellect to outmanoeuver them and an awesome squad to support him.
    Its much later in the series when most of his original squad is dead, that he starts excersizing his magic muscles to bring down the high and mighty, but by then he is just a side character.
    This book is about the fallen, no matter how powerful you are, you can fall and even gods can be torn asunder.
    What I want to say is that this series is a damn good read and may seem over the top with our fanboy rantings. Go over the reviews of other series, that’s what this match is about 😉

  • Tarun

    In a proper magical cage match contest and not some stupid game, Pug would win. He is the greatest magician of his world and has the capability to reverse time itself. Quick Ben can throw all his warrens, Pug can negate all of them and even turn them back on Ben.

  • Horus22

    Yeah Pug wins hands down. Has a major trump card in his favor……and since I can’t reveal spoilers, you’ll just have to read the books! 🙂

  • no one survives in the malazan worlds just because of their power as powerful immortal beings are trapped/imprisoned and left to rot for ever. serious brain power is needed to survive and pug would be seriously out matched as its a basic rule in the malazan world that power draws power ie you cant win just by througing your weight around as nastier powers show up. quick ben and his friend are used to taking on and beating much more powerful and nasty beings.

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