Cage Match 2011: Vin versus Logen Ninefingers


The Contestants


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Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Obsidian knives; coins

Logen Ninefingers
The Bloody-Nine
Age: 30s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Whatever he can get his hands on, usually a sword and knives
Goes beserk and kills everything

The Breakdown


  • An incredibly talented Mistborn Allomancer
  • Hardened from life on the streets
  • Skilled hand-to-hand fighter

  • A fantastic warrior
  • Can fight with any weapon
  • He’s the Bloody-Nine

  • She’s tiny

  • Well, he only has nine fingers…

  • N/A

  • N/A

Click here to see what Brandon Sanderson has to say about Cage Match!

How we think the fight will go

Vin burned pewter and dropped a coin on the grass of the empty field, Pushing herself into the air at a slight arc, perfectly aimed to drop down atop the barbarian standing before her.

No time for pleasantries—not that she was feeling particularly pleasant this evening.

As she descended, she dropped two more coins and Pushed down on them, effectively keeping her in mid air as the brass circles shot down at tremendous speed.


Logen looked up, unsure as to what exactly was going on. He could see a small girl floating in the air, and two shiny objects hurtling towards him. He didn’t need to understand magic to know it when he saw it, and if he’d learned anything from Bayaz, it was don’t mess with magicians.

He tucked himself into a roll just as the coins whispered by, landing on the ground as if permanently affixed there. He didn’t spend too much time thinking about that, because every fiber in his being told him that this little girl wasn’t about to let bygones be bygones—even if he’d never done anything to her in the first place.

She kind of reminded him of Ferro in that regard.


He’s quick, she thought. But she knew he wasn’t burning atium, because she would have sensed it. No, this man was simply a well-trained fighter.

Let’s see how fast he is now. She was still falling down from her last Push, so she reached into her coin pouch and threw a handful down at the swordsman. Once again, she Pushed, the scattered coins practically creating a sheet of raining metal.

She watched as he quickly lifted a large round shield over his head just in time to catch the coins in its leather covering.

As he did, she Pulled on those very coins, causing them to descend rapidly, and she landed feet first onto the upraised shield before he had time to lower it, the force causing the man’s knees to buckle. He stumbled, and she burned a bit more pewter, flipping adroitly off the shield so that she was standing behind him.

She pulled two obsidian daggers from hidden sheathes in her sleeves…



How she was able to move at such speed was unnerving. And though she didn’t weigh all that much, Logen hadn’t expected to be deflecting a body with his shield, and his left arm was now dangling uselessly. It wasn’t broken, he could tell, but it definitely felt like his arm had popped out of its socket.

Still, he spun to his right, his sword leading, just in time to catch the slashing of two black knives.

Are those made of stone?

He didn’t have time to contemplate it for too long, because she was a dervish with those blades, and even though he was able to parry her attacks, each time his steel caught the stones, it was all he could do to hold his ground.

“You’re awfully strong, little girl,” he muttered.


That was new—it had been a long time since Vin could remember an opponent say anything to her in the middle of a fight. And it was an even longer time since someone had dared call her “little girl.”

She feinted with the knife in her left hand, at the same time burning iron and pulling on his sword. He hadn’t fallen for the feint, but he still wasn’t prepared for the sudden tug on his sword. And yet, it wasn’t wrenched from his hands, as she had expected—his grip, though casual, was clearly much tighter than it appeared, and with his weight, she found herself being pulled towards him, even as he stumbled.

She burned more iron, hoping to find metal to either side with which to pull herself off her current course, but it was an empty field. The only blue lines that she saw were the coins she had shot down, and there wasn’t anything to Push them against in order to brace a Pull…


The girl crashed into him even as he struggled to maintain his hold on his sword. The Pulling stopped, but the girl was spinning off him before he could get his arms around her. One of her knives sliced into his side, but that was nothing compared to the agony of his injured arm as the shield—seemingly of its own accord—flew across his body…


Vin had drawn first blood, and she Pushed away from the warrior using the rivets in his shield.

No one in the Final Empire would use metal in their shields. Who is this idiot?

The Push created some distance between them, and she knew she needed to take his sword out of the equation. She switched her focus from the shield to the sword, and this time burned duralumin as well, the metal enhancing the effects of steel and giving her enough power to cause the sword to go flying across the field.

Her steel drained—as well as her duralimun—she quickly replaced a knife in its sheath and withdrew a small vial of alchohol and metal shavings. Vin downed its contents.

She took out the rest of her coins and using her new steel, Pushed them at man, at the same time burning bronze. Vin knew she couldn’t Soothe him into being docile, but sometimes getting an opponent riled up would force him to do something rash, and all she needed was for him to not react so quickly.

Not think so clearly.


Logen cursed every woman he’d ever met as his sword was wrenched from his hand. He cursed Bethod for forcing him to fight, Bayaz for keeping him alive, and every ancestor and god who had ever thought to get involved in his life.

When the coins tore into his flesh, he cursed his luck.

The coins had slammed into his back and side, but it was something else that seemed to slam into his heart—an anger so profound that he wasn’t sure he could see straight.

He wasn’t sure if he was Logen anymore…


That should have killed him, she thought.

Instead, the crazy bastard was charging at her, like a koloss in a blood frenzy.

The bronze…

She immediately stopped burning it, but it didn’t seem to have an effect. She reached into her pouch for a coin to use to launch herself into the air, but the pouch was empty.

All of her coins were scattered across the field…or inside the man running towards her, his left arm hanging off his body like an empty sleeve.

She burned atium, and rolled to her left.


Everything was red.

Everything needed to die.

She rolled to her left, but he didn’t care. He swung his shield at her tiny head, ignoring the fact that he had to twist his hips in order to make his left arm move at all. With no control, the shield didn’t raise up high enough, and it only caught her in the chest.

It felt like he had punched a stone wall.

He growled, dropping the shield and using his momentum to spin backwards, the back of his right hand smashing into her face.


How is he hitting me?

Vin was burning atium, and though she could see his moves, they were blurry, as if he wasn’t sure himself what he was going to do.

As if he was planning his moves—and that his instincts were faster than the future the atium should be predicting.

It was only because of her pewter that she was able to withstand his blows. First the shield, then his fist.

And then his fist again.

And again.

He was pounding on her, and though she wasn’t taking much damage, the pain was still there. Maybe not as intense, but definitely enough to make her realize she was going to be burning a lot of pewter in the next few days…if she got out of here alive.


He punched her again, satisfied to finally see blood fly from her lip.

That’s right, little girl. The Nine want their blood!

His right hand shot out again, but rather than punching, he caught her throat in an iron grip.

He squeezed.


Vin’s pewter was running out…and so was her air. She tried to Push off the man, but there was no more metal on his body—he might have had steel in his shield, but there was no belt buckle or buttons on his simple clothes and furs. She tried to Soothe, calming him from this fury, but it was almost as if there was nothing to hold onto.

He had only one emotion, and it was rage.


He could feel the life ebbing from the girl in his hand. Her throat was getting softer, his grip closing gradually around the windpipe.

It would collapse—he was certain of that. Certain enough, that is, to not worry about the stone dagger plunging stabbing into his chest.


She was weakening. Her arm felt like lead—another useless metal—as it plunged her obsidian knife into the monster who was crushing the life out of her.

So like a koloss.

It was hard to think straight. Hard to even think of Elend, or Sazed, or Ham, or Breeze.

She could only think of air. The lack of it, and the lack of strength…


His hand opened of its own accord, much like his sword and shield had.

The witch…

But it wasn’t magic—at least, not magic directed at his hand.

He looked down, the red draining from his vision, being replaced by black.

Standing before him, gasping and choking, was the little girl. Her right arm was thrust forward, and he tried to comprehend its path.

It led directly towards him.

Directly into him.


The second vial.

Another bit of duralimun.

The last bit of pewter.

Vin’s arm was almost through him, and in fact—had she been able to see behind him—she would have found the tip of her blade poking through his back.

His look was one of bewilderment…and happiness.

“Thank you,” he whispered, collapsing to the ground, dragging her with him.

She lay there, gasping for breath, too tired to withdraw her arm from the body it had stolen the life from.

Just like after her fight with the Lord Ruler, she was left with a dead foe and cryptic words.

There was little comfort in that thought.

Predicted Winner: Vin


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Vin is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson; Logen Ninefingers is a character from the The First Law trilogy by Joe Abercrombie.

Vin image courtesy of Chris McGrath. Logen Ninefingers image courtesy of Chris McGrath.

  • The Bloody-Nine should win quite easily, but since it’s a known fact that the gregarious sanderson has no known natural enemies (within its own habitat), the prediction will probably prove to be correct… sadly.

  • Chalky

    Someone should galvanise the abercrombie fans, to avert disaster

  • Ezio Cauthon

    Yeah, that’s about how I’d have expected it to go. Although, personally, I wouldn’t list Vin’s size as a disadvantage; after all, I’ve seen myself how one or two small sparrows easily fight off a hawk that’s at least 4 times their size. I say, if you know how to use it, like Vin obviously does, a smaller size can be one of your biggest assets in a fight. Otherwise, that scenario is spot-on.

  • R One-Eye

    Someone should galvanise the Vin fans, to avert disaster

  • Shannon

    No way. Logen “You can never have too many daggers” Ninefingers? Fight wouldn’t last nearly this long. Vin’d flip a few of those daggers into him while she’s still hovering in the air and that would be that.

  • Fish

    Damn, can’t belive the Bloody-Nine is loosing 🙁 as much as i love Mistobrn and would vote for Kelsier if he was in this, i like Logen more then Vin

  • AHEM

    Awesome write up! Best one yet, easily. I was breathless by the end. Only point I would disagree with would be Vin not taking Logen down as soon as she used Atium; just burning Atium increases her natural reflexes so that she can more easily respond to their movements and counter their every attack. Still, it made for a more dramatic finish.

  • andygal

    voted for Vin cause I don’t know who that guy is. And also cause Sanderson is awesome.

  • PK

    No surprise here. People should not be allowed to vote if they haven’t read the books. Hmm.

  • Ali

    Yeah, as someone else said earlier – Vin would immediately turn Logen’s weapons against him. If she can take out an army of koloss, this guy is cake!

  • Max

    No doubt Vin would win (I’ve red both books) But if it was on who was a better character, better written and depth, then Logan would be the champion without a doubt in my mind.

  • DH

    Vin would probably appear to win (since she is Vin, it’s a Vin-Win situation you know), but then Logen would go Bloody-Nine on her and be The Great Leveler. Seriously? Sanderson has a lot of rules for how allomancy works, but Abercrombie has never really reveled how the Bloody-Nine works. Is it just berserk or is he possessed by a demon? The lack of rules should allow him to cheat and at least come out alive. Say one for Logen Ninefingers, say he likes to beat up little girls 😉

  • I’m pretty sure that Logen would feed that allomancer about four feet of steel. “Burn” that. 😉

  • Hey, great match! Loved it. I do have one clarification to make though (sorry, you guys must get this a lot. Firstly, Brass soothes and Zinc riots. Bronze, which you have Vin using to soothe, is what seekers use to sense other allomancers. Also, burning Duralumin only drains the other metals, not the Duralumin itself.

    Thanks for this match-up, and the diverse bracket. The cage match last year was a high light, and this one is looking even better.

  • Minister of Death

    Awesome! I really like both Vin and Logen. But had to vote for Vin on this one.

  • Dandin Storm

    Looks like Vin has this one in the bag, pity, everyone wanted Logen in the cage matches, and now hes getting destroyed.

  • TRH

    Allomancy is just too powerful against a physical combatant who uses metal weapons.

    Vin should win.

  • Comatose

    One advantage Logen would have over Vin is that Obsidian is just volcanic glass. I’m not sure how it compares to conventional glass in terms how brittle and sharp it is, but the daggers would likely shatter when hit with Logen’s sword. They’re quick stabby weapons, but they are no good or parrying.

    That said, even without her daggers, Vin is a force to be reckoned with, especially when atium and duralumin are brought into play.

  • CrunchCapt

    I don’t care how brittle glass daggers may be, they will not shatter against Logen’s sword. Logen’s sword will be in Vin’s hands about 2 seconds after the fight starts. That’s just how allomancers fight. I love Logen, but he was set up for failure here. I’m disappointed that he wasn’t paired off against someone else for round 1. He stands a chance against most competitors, but going against a really good allomancer is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Or in this case – bullet-like-projectile-coin fight.

  • Dunno

    Welllllll….technically, Vin has to use her own weight, so if Logen is in the grip of a berserker rage, it’s possible that he could hang onto the sword and Vin would just be dragged straight into him. If he managed a swing just then and caught her off guard…

    Yeah, it’s POSSIBLE, I guess. If Vin was a little more arrogant, I’d say Logen might even have an outside chance. But…she’s not. She’s paranoid and cautious and would almost certainly just Push away again if that happened and blast coins through him until he collapsed.

  • AHEM

    Obsidian weapons are sharper than steel. They just aren’t as good in the long run because they are brittle, and thus tend to break and can’t be repaired. However, that disadvantage is ruled mute because, as CrunchCapt said, Vin’s ability to manipulate metal would render all of Logen’s very metal weapons worse than useless. The swords and daggers he carries would become weaknesses and liabilities that cannot get anywhere near Vin, and simultaneously would give her ammunition to turn against him.

    I have to agree fully with Brandon Sanderson’s thoughts, here. Vin without atium is already more than a match for Logen, and with atium (as it is in this match up) the fight simply turns into a slaughter.

  • Jyrnn

    Say one thing about Logen Ninefingers, say this: He’s big enough to accidentally smother an exhausted allomancer with his dead body.

  • DH

    As Vin walks away Logen stabs her in the back. You can never have to many knives. After all, you have to be realistic about these things.

  • Spencer

    Why didn’t she just burn brass and duralumin. Now I’m not familiar with logan ninefingers, but it sounded like he had a pretty sweet berserk state. While I’m a tad skeptical about it counteracting atium, that just adds to the power level of it in my mind. So when he went into that, she was freaking screwed. But she’s used the brass-duralumin combo before to make someone feel absolutely no emotions at all. While it might not have done that on such a powerful rage, I think it would have been strong enough to end the berserk state and render him impotent.

    I found her stabbing him while she was being choked to death a rather unsatisfying way for him to die. she could have done a brass-duralumin push on his rage, or she could have scattered coins around and danced through the air pelting him with coins. We’ve seen her sparing matches with the watcher. She could have used that to decimate him. I don’t know, I just found his death unsatisfying and fans of Logan probably felt a tad cheated. I think Vin would have won hands down, but I think it would only be through clever use of alomancy. Not a dagger to the chest while the opponent was crushing her with a berserker rage.

  • smeej

    I’m not sure why Logen would thank someone who killed him. Not really in keeping with the character, or really any of Abercrombie’s characters (aside from maybe, maybe Glokta). In the face of certain defeat, he chooses ALMOST certainly lethal escape methods.

    Not saying he’d beat whatever crazy unstoppable witch this is, just disputing some minor pieces. Low-fantasy barbarians don’t stand much of a chance around here, I imagine.

  • This is definitely the best write-up of the battles, I definitely enjoyed it. The only discrepancy I noticed was when Vin couldn’t find any more metal on Logen, when any reader of the First Law trilogy knows he always keeps a multitude of daggers on him, he can never have too many. Since these are two of my favorite authors and characters, so I’ll have to go with Vin because she definitely has the advantage from her world’s system of magic.

  • PTAshark

    The bloody-nine will win. That is what he does best. He’ll be cut up by the coins, lose all his weapons, probably be ready to pass out from blood loss, then he’ll rip out her throat with his teeth.

    No contest.

  • Oranges

    Ninefingers would have won in a real fight. And Abercrombie is also a better writer. Sorry, Sanderson fans.

  • Mike

    I’ve always thought of Logens Rage as more of a split personality, he’s never in control and thats what make the bloody nine deadly as his emotions can’t really be taken advantage of. That said this battle was always going to be a little one sided, Abercrombies books are a totally different beast to Sanderson! The characters are mainly normal with either skills or rage, the magic of Bayaz or superhuman powers of the Eaters never really plays a big part in the majority of events. Even though Bayaz is behind a lot of things and is playing everyone against each other!

  • 8 fingers

    I don’t know who this girl is but she sounds strong- most who have read both seem ta side with her-

    However i have ta say i reckon Logen’s uncanny jammy-ness and nack for survival would win out IF she let him live long enough to figure out metal is trouble-
    even with the several daggers he hides impaling him instantly at the beginning of the fight, Ninefingers may fail but the Bloodynine has proven that he would keep marching on with an endless bloodlust for the little bitch… Result? Skewer her with her own broken femur….

  • Shadow

    Great write-up and I wanted Ninefingers to win but such is life. He fought like a true berserker and no shame in losing to Vin.

  • dead troll

    Vin should win handily. She could press on his emotions stopping any berserker rage making Login as docile as a kitten. She may not be able to stop him from fighting her but I would be surprised if he could work his rage up to berserker levels. She is faster and far more maneuverable being that she can jump by pulling and pushing metals. She can also rip his body to shreds with those same metals. She can throw his body around like a toy because of the fact that he will not know he can not wear metals. Her pewter would no doubt make her faster than him and possibly even stronger than him to. If all else fails she could burn atium. This would allow her to know what he was going to do, and counter any attack he could hope to make. He does not stand a chance against Vin. Few people in this competition do.

  • Lepus

    It’s a pity Logen got this match. He’s really a great character and could handily beat many of the other people this year. Sadly, his first enemy is immune to metal, which really compromises most of his repertoire. And while I am a huge Sanderson fan and voted for Vin, I’m going to be sorry to see Logen go.

  • Samantha

    I would have voted for Vin had I not forgotten about this until today, but reading all these comments here really makes me want to read the other book. Putting on my “to read” list.

    So hey, win.

  • Oraymw

    Read both, Vin wins. Hands down. Its not even close, unfortunately. The problem is that Allomancers are just so freaking tough in one-on-one combat. She could kill Logen in the blink of an eye, even without Atium.

    Which is too bad, because he would have been a good person to have later in the competition. Just bad beats.

  • Many of these comments perfectly demonstrate why I despise magic “systems.” Everybody sounds like they’re reading from a frickin’ “Allomancy for Dummies” manual.

  • Ben

    Man I wish the bloody nine was in another bracket. A matchup with perrin or jon or any other sword wielder would’ve been epic. Alas i had to vote for vin 🙁

  • dakkon

    reading the write-up and the comments here, this character Vin is superman. and i effing hate those kind of characters. i certainly wont read Mistborn,

  • Nir

    Say one thing for logen ninefingers,say he’s a surviver.this is not a fair battle.logen is a physical fighter and no magical support.his berserkness doesnt give him any more power,while vin is full of magic.they should have brought bayaz to fight with vin.this is so bloody unfair.

  • Tarun

    It is really unfair pairing off Vin against Logain. He may be a demonic berserker but he stands absolutely no chance against a talented Misborn like Vin. And all his weapons and daggers will be turned against him. Not much of a fight and in reality it wouldn’t even last long enough for Loghin to go into his berserrker rage. He would be dead very quickly.

  • Crab

    I dunno man. \Nothing can stop the Bloody-Nine. It’d be easier to divert the Whiteflow.\ I think it’d be a double-KO. The bloody-nine can’t die, might die after all was said and done, but not before. As long as there’s a fight to be had, ain’t no stoppin’ Logen fuckin’ Ninefingers.

  • Adrian

    I don’t think she can win against the Bloody-nine, against Logen alone, maybe, but the Bloody-nine is more of a spirit/demon who posses Logen, magic which works on humans won’t work on him, also, in Before they are Hanged, The Blood-nine smashed a shanka head open with his fists, even without a weapon, if he gets close, you are dead.

  • Will

    Well I think this would be incredibly close. Logen isn’t just some ‘Berserker.’ There is every indication he is super naturally enhanced to monstrous levels when the Bloody Nine takes over. He’s vastly strong and ridiculously fast and merciless. He’s also incredibly resistant to physical damage and pain is no issue at all. I’m not convinced burning Atium would safely predict the actions of the Bloody Nine either. Might just come down to luck in the end.

  • MhBlis

    Actually the fact is overlooked that Logan carries the Makers blade which is like no other metal. Vin may not even be able to manipulate it in any way. This same sword regularly shears through other solid objects so that’s her daggers out.

    The Logan is touched in some way since he not only has the bloody nine but also speaks to spirits. So how effective her allomancy would be is again debatable.

    The fight would be her pelting him at range because getting within striking distance is outright suicide.

    In the end this felt a little rigged. A nice write up but lopsided from the start by stacking the deck in Vin’s favor. I’d have to second the statement that this would really come down to blind luck. My vote would be in Logan’s favor.

  • Czech JA fan

    I can’t but feel a little disappointed in the way this is written. Logen does have that incredible range of catchphrases and cynical pesimistic comments, it could be such fun to parody/rewrite him, and I do not feel this really lived up to the possibilities. That is also one of the reasons he cannot win this matchup.

    The way it is here, he is just an incredibly strong barbarian lunatic, and as such, he has no chance against such a powerful magician.

    The way I see him, when he is the Bloody-Nine, he is a natural disaster, a primeval force in human body, the Grim Reaper itself walking the mountain valleys. Logen Ninefingers, he killed more men than the plague, and had less pitty doing it than the winter. The Great Leveller they call him, he does not care whether he kills men, women, or children. Under his sword they are all equal. There is real mythical ethos to him when he changes, poetics that transform the whole language of the book. He basically becomes something like those legendary heroes from Irish folklore able to single handedly defend the country, or at least beat an army.

    Even in Abercrombie you get powerful mages, and I would never be sure that they could stand rage of the Bloody-Nine. There is some knowledge, a connection to the old world he has, that is past even Bayaz, and when he becomes the Bloody-Nine this connection always re-emerges. He becomes one of these elements.

    You have to be realistic about these things. So, to make it short, say one thing for the Bloody-Nine, say he will rip your throat with his teeth if he has no easier way, but say he will always get to it.

  • Sunrider

    if this were a “fair” fight and Logen is allowed to fight with anything he chooses and is told of Vins ability to affect metal…than I think the fight is much closer. Logen is an elite warrior. But he isn’t necessarily the “best”. Harding Grim ran him through with a spear during their challenge and he was thought to be dead…then the “Bloody Nine” took over. This isn’t some kinda ability unleashed when his rage meter is full. The Bloody Nine takes over when Logen has lost. A literal demon that disregards all injuries and fatigue, and feels neither doubt nor mercy. He views everyone he sees in this state as either ‘dead’ or ‘soon to be dead’ and holds no care for logens friends or foes. They all die (like his father or tul duru). The dislocated arm should have meant nothing once the demon took over. If vin manages to keep her distanceor has enough metal around…she wins. But when the Bloody Nine had his hand around her throat she was done.

  • Archon

    If I were a “glass is half full” kind of guy, I would find it really cool that people were so interested in this that they are still debating it 3 years later… If I were a “glass is half empty” sort of guy, I would say “Let it go”…

    Unfortunately, I usually seem to lose my glass entirely… so I have no idea which kind of guy I am…

  • Svota

    This is a poorly executed fight. This is my first encounter with Vin, and as such I don’t know what she is truly capable of or what her greatest feats have been. I do know a thing or two about Ninefingers.

    The problem with this fight is that when Logen transformed into the Bloody Nine, his arm would have started to work, as the Bloody Nine feels no pain or physical infirmity. You also have to take into account that Logen could probably choke her out pretty quick in his natural state, as he is like 6’5″ or so and powerfully built and conditioned to battle. The Bloody Nine is on a whole other level of strength and speed. As the Bloody Nine he would probably have snapped her neck the second he got a hold of it. There wouldn’t be a slow choking giving her time to stab him to death. I wouldn’t be surprised if a solid straight right to her face practically killed her. This fight massively underestimates his strength, speed, cunning, and pain and fatigue immunity while in the heightened state. Not only that, but the Bloody Nine would not have been brought down by a little girl stabbing him with daggers. This just wouldn’t happen. He’s taken a spear clean through him. He’s had metal rammed through his face while simultaneously slowly impaling a giant, ancient, half invulnerable warrior.

    I’m not saying that Vin can’t beat the Bloody Nine, but that this fight is setup in a way that disregards a lot of aspects to the Bloody Nine and why he is so brutally scary.

  • Guy

    If she’s a magic user then she should be pitted against her own class – another magic user.

    Vin vs Bayaz.

    Vin explodes into a gory mess. The end.

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