Cage Match 2011: Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander versus Vin


The Contestants


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Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander
First Wizard
Age: Unknown, but pretty old
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: none
Wizard’s Fire

Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Obsidian knives; coins

The Breakdown


  • Experienced battle-wizard
  • He can use magic

    • An incredibly talented Mistborn Allomancer
    • Hardened from life on the streets
    • Skilled hand-to-hand fighter

    • Has to stop at four in the afternoon in order to make the early-bird dinner

    • She’s tiny

    • Mandorallen
      Might be too stupid to even know he’s dead yet
    • Severian
      Time to close his chapter in the Book of the New Sun

    Brandon Sanderson provides a different take on this fight

    How we think the fight will go

    She knew it had to be quick, but that wasn’t the way the wizard was letting her play it out.

    Not since she had killed the Lord Ruler had Vin experienced such doubt about a fight–it was if the man below her was made to fight a Mistborn.

    The arena they were in was something she hadn’t anticipated, and although she had the ability to go up, her lateral movements were limited by the walls. Very little metal about, too.

    They’re making me fight fair, she thought. How is that fair?

    She was floating above him–the man called, strangely, Zeddicus. From up high, she could see a harbor full of ships in whatever strange land they were fighting in. She could also see the spectators were separated from the wall of the arena by a wide moat. And although she was burning atium, it didn’t seem to matter:

    Knowing where his attacks were coming from didn’t stop them from doing damage.

    That was because Zeddicus wasn’t focusing on her. Rather, he was focusing on the coins she was dropping to keep herself out of harms way.

    The Wizard’s Fire spouted from his hand again, and as the intense heat covered the copper penny she was Pushing off of to keep aloft, it slowly began to melt. It wasn’t as if the melted metal didn’t still allow her to Push, but it was melting into the earth, spreading, becoming thinner.

    Making it more and more difficult for her to focus her Push.

    She wobbled and start to descend.

    Just as bad, the flames–though not reaching her, yet–were below her, and the heat was almost too much. She was able to dodge when he shot it at her, but the arena was acting almost like a stone oven–the water in the moat giving off steam, but it’s insulating properties apparent, now–and if wasn’t for her pewter, she would have been overcome long ago.

    She Pulled on an iron torch-sconce in the stands, and flew across the stadium, the relief from not being roasted almost distracting.

    Safe for the moment, it didn’t help Vin realize something: She was running out of options.

    She threw a spread of coins at the wizard, and a casual flick of his hand sent them flying in other directions. This wasn’t a matter of allomantic strength, but a power she didn’t think someone could possess.

    Before he did it, Vin saw another spurt of flame shoot from his hand, and so she was already moving in the other direction, running as fast as her pewter would allow her. Creating a little space, she downed three vials of pewter, feeling her body lagging with all the exertion. It was dangerous to take in so much metal, but it was dangerous just being here.

    She couldn’t keep this up.

    Burning duralumin, she flared both pewter and and iron, her eyes focused on something beyond what any of the spectators could see. Vin was concentrating so hard that she didn’t hear the crowd gasp, and didn’t even see Zeddicus aim his flames at her.

    The fires leapt at her, a dancing inferno which pummeled her mistcloak, her hair, her body. Her pewter burning strong, she felt the heat, but didn’t succumb, though her clothes fell to the ground like the ash that Ashmounts deposited on the Final Empire. Her extra metals exploded as the alcohol in the vials turned them into tiny bombs.

    Still she concentrated, her back firmly against the stone wall.

    Her pewter was running out–she could feel it. But she Pulled anyway, reaching, doing something she never would have thought possible. Vin knew she had no choice, though.

    It was going to take the impossible.

    The fires grew hotter, her pewter almost gone. A rumbling sound echoed from the far side of the stadium. The spectators screamed, but again their screams meant nothing.

    She flared the rest of her pewter and iron–the duralumin intensifying her strength–and Pulled.

    With a crash, a tremendous anchor burst through the wall of the arena, killing many of the men and women watching the fight.

    More importantly, though, it was coming straight at Vin–with Zeddicus between them.

    He turned in time to feel the impact of the massive hunk of metal crush him to a pulp, even as it flew inexorably towards Vin.

    Her burns so grievous, she didn’t even seem to care. She was beyond exhaustion, her pewter used up and the pain excruciating.

    The anchor kept coming.

    She watched it come, almost welcoming her fate, knowing she had won…

    Only to see it fall just feet before her sprawled out body.

    Her iron had run out, and without the Pull–and the momentum lost by crashing through arena and wizard–it’s weight was just too much to keep coming at Vin.

    She lay on the ground, staring at the anchor, not caring as the destroyed wizard’s body dripped gore on to her.

    All she cared was whether or not Elend would bring her pewter in time.

    Predicted Winner: Vin


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    Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander is a character from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind; Vin is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

    Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander image courtesy of ABC Studios. Vin image courtesy of Chris McGrath