I thought I had seen it all…


George RR Martin

I thought I had seen the weirdest of the responses to our recently announced pub date for A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, but George’s UK editor just brought this to my attention.

Apparently, to paraphrase Ygritte: “You know nothing, Anne Groell.”

I am awed and humbled at the surreality of all this. It almost leaves me speechless:

But not quite.

I know there are still some doubting Thomases out there who don’t think the mansucript exists. Believe me, it exists. It might not be entirely done, but a large chunk of it exists.

Okay, enough with the understatement. A GIGANTIC chunk of it exists!


It is big.

It is exceedingly heavy. (I do like holding it, though.)

Anne Groell with ADWD ms

Since it is a gorgeous day, and I’m feeling like sharing, I’ll even let you read the first page, if your screen resolution is good enough.

ADWD ms - page showing

Every other page–and there are many to savor!–is equally good, if not better. Could this be George’s best book yet? For me, the answer is a resonding: “Yes!” Folks, it is magnificent. WELL worth the wait, in my humble opinion.

We’ve come a long way, George and I, since the bad old days of the A GAME OF THRONES book launch at BEA!

Anne and George on the throne

Even if I did beat him to delivery by a walking, talking human being.