STAR WARS CRAFT BOOK – Club Jade’s Craft-athlon


Our friends at Club Jade have put together a really fun contest to challenge your crafting skills and support the release of Bonnie Burton’s new book, The Star Wars Craft Book, which will be published on March 29 by Del Rey and LucasBooks. The Star Wars Craft Book features step-by-step instructions and hundreds of full color photos for a variety of fun Star Wars theme crafts for all ages and skill levels. Learn to make a cuddly plush Bantha, a Chewbacca tissue box cover, an Ewok fleece hat, an AT-AT herb garden planter, finger puppets, snow globes, and much more (see sample pages and photos of finished crafts below).

The Club Jade Craft-athlon will challenge your own crafting skills and imagination in a series of events:

Event #1: Paper Bag Puppet
The craft challenge is to turn a paper bag (lunch size) into a Star Wars-themed hand puppet.

Event #2: Recycled Designs
The craft challenge is to turn household recyclable materials into a Star Wars starship, vehicle or creature. For the base, use materials such as empty containers (boxes, cans, cartons, bottles) and other items that are typically disposed or recycled (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.).

Event #3: Food for Thought
The craft challenge is to make a Star Wars-themed anything primarily using food items. The final craft doesn’t need to be edible, but the main artistic components should be recognizable food items. For instance, you can make 2-d art using candy, beans, or dried pasta, or make a sculpture using carved fruits or vegetables, or make and decorate cooked or baked goods.

Event #4: Star Wars Roll Model
The craft challenge is to turn a single empty toilet paper roll into a Star Wars character.

Event #5: Vader’s Custom Tee
The craft challenge is to use an old Star Wars t-shirt or other geeky apparel item to make into something new. What can you make with an old Star Wars shirt?

Prizes including autographed Star Wars books and copies of The Star Wars Craft Book will be awarded. Please visit Club Jade’s official Craft-athlon rules page for due dates, submission instructions, and all rules. This promises to be a lot of fun, for the crafters and readers alike.

May the Force, and your crafting skills, be with you!

Pre-order your copy of Bonnie Burton’s The Star Wars Craft Book at your favorite book retailer now.

Club Jade is a group of (mostly) female fans who love Star Wars and other things of that nature.

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