Your 2011 Cage Match Contenders [VIDEO]


Unbound Worlds Cage Match! 2011 Bracket

Cage Match 2011 is back with a vengeance! With Rand al Thor declared the big winner in last year’s Championship, it’s time for a new champion to arise. So we have a whole new slew of science fiction and fantasy heroes–and villains–ready to raise their swords… or wands… or claws… you get the picture.

David and Joe share the big reveal. Who do you think will make it past the round of 32?


Check out the first match here

  • AllanonFan

    This is so cool! I hope Allanon wins the whole thing! Bring on the fights!

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  • Mndrew

    Because there is no horse so tired, that a good beating won’t get another mile out of it.
    What’s next, “Cage Match 2011.5, with Variant Covers!!!”?

  • AHEM

    The characters who have the best chance of winning based on powers and fighting prowess alone are Pug, Quick Ben, and Paul Atreides. Vin, Corvis Rebaine, and Thomas Covenant also stand a good chance. However, based on popularity, Jon Snow is probably going to go far.

    I predict the final four will be Jon, Vin, Pug or Quick Ben, and Paul Atreides. As much as I like Jon, I hope he isn’t the winner. I would be very disappointed if the winner of this Cage Match makes it by sheer popularity power, as Jaime Lannister almost did. Ideal finals would be Vin against Paul Atreides. If they both make it to the finals, then I’m happy no matter who wins. ; )

  • Archon

    I know it’s not sexy to pick such base physical rationale for victory potential… but any of those super-powered guys that you mentioned could easily have their neck snapped by Lestat before they even knew what happened… He moves faster than the human eye can follow and he’s way stronger… If I had my druthers though, it would be Quick Ben vs Pug in the Finals… a pity that Druss has to face Quick Ben so soon…

  • Archon

    I mean a pity that Druss has to face Pug so soon…

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless

    I personally think that this cage match is much weaker than the first. I have to agree with Mndrew that this is not working so well anymore…the villians one was a stretch for me (and I still think Murtagh should have beat Darth Vader). The first one was awesome and it looked like it could have been the start of something really great, but now that the novelty of it has worn off…
    This year’s cast of characters is pretty weak too. Just saying…

  • Ty

    Vin is a mother fucking bad ass

  • Vin looks like she has a pretty good run through to the semi-finals with Zedd likely to be her biggest challenge. You would think Jon Snow would get through in the Rama division, but Alvin Maker and Arlen could pose a threat. Pug should do it easy in the New Crobuzon division, maybe Snape could be threat. There will be blood in the Ankh-Morpork division with Perrin, Paul, Allanon, Katniss, Martin and Fitz all a chance to go through.

  • Yresh

    We will see Vin vs Jon & Perrin vs Quick Ben/Snape. But it will finally come down to Jon vs Perrin & there will be blood because unlike the previous time, these two perfectly match.

    I would very much love to see Quick Ben kick some Lestat butt.

  • archon

    I agree the novelty has gone, as it will always and forever be once something is no longer new… but just because they are delving into some characters that are not super popular does not make this a “weaker” tourny… nor does it mean it’s not working so well… if anything, it has the appeal of the NFL (pre-CB agreement issues of course) where it’s actually pretty interesting as opposed to going Infinite god X or Steven Segal Character Y will win, so there is no point in bothering… Plus, top-to-bottom, I actually think that this field is stronger on average than the first bracket. If we actaully seeded these guys accordingly, I’d bet that they would win more than half the fights against their equally seeded counterparts from the first bracket.

  • archon

    @ Ryan

    Pug easy through his division?! Somebody hasn’t read their Steven Erickson Malazan books… Pug vs Quick Ben is a second round match that would make a great final… And although the whole “swordsman vs sorcery” issue tends to favor the sorcerers, Druss might very well be the best pure warrior type in the field.

  • @ archon

    My apologies but I just haven’t had the opportunity to read Steven Erickson. It seems that for every book that I read there are three that I am missing out on.

    In this cage match I would have loved to have seen Ziani Vaatzes from KJ Parker’s Engineer Trilogy, Z from Steve Cash’s The Meq Series, and Suth Carnelian from Ricardo Pinto’s Stone Dance of the Chameleon

  • @archon

    While I really like Druss, I just think that Pug has too many of the right things going for him.

    For the final, I think we will again see Robert Jordan vs George R R Maring with Perrin Vs John Snow. with John Snow to avenge Jaime Lannister (who would have thought) by taking out the Cage Mage

  • While I really like Druss, I just think that Pug has too many of the right things going for him.

    For the final, I think we will again see Robert Jordan vs George R R Maring with Perrin Vs John Snow. with John Snow to avenge Jaime Lannister (who would have thought) by taking out the Cage Mage


    I think its a dam shame Druss drew the short straw and has to fight Pug first.

  • blake

    arlen bales could beat most easly with the powers to heal instantly wile turning into mist and he cant be touched. not to mention hes filled with demonic power so his skins harder than rock and he can move faster than any man draw wards in the air to cast spells

  • Shannon

    Vin is going to have a field day with Logen Ninefingers. He’s a tough guy, but “you can never have too many daggers” — and unless someone warns him that you have to go without metal to fight a Mistborn? — she’ll push and pull him around, squish him flat, and waltz to the 2nd round. Say one thing for Logen Ninefingers, say he’s no Hazekiller.

  • Samantha

    Awesome. Loved this last time, looking forward to the “bloodshed.” 😛

    I can’t see Arlen going too far, I don’t think Warded Man has been too widely read, though it is absolutely excellent. He’s quite talented and if he were “actually” pitted against most of these characters could win a lot of the time, but there’s a certain “popularity contest” aspect of these competitions that’s just unavoidable.

  • PK

    Ninefingers all the way. Love ASOIAF, but Jon Snow don’t deserve to win. Let’s hope WOT-fanboys won’t come out victorious this time.

  • Fish

    Here is for hoping the Bloody Nine wins this

  • Amber

    Really happy that they chose Quick Ben! He’s my favourite character from the books! Hope he will kick some ass 😉

    And finally Fitzi Fitz is in it! Yeah!

  • AHEM

    Zedd is the greatest threat to Vin? What?

    By the time he could lift his hands to cast wizard’s fire, Vin will already have predicted his attack in advance with atium and evaded it with her enhanced reflexes. Given that Zedd never really shields his body, all it would take would be one coin propelled by a precise steel-push to put him out of commission. And that’s assuming that the general contempt for the Sword of Truth series doesn’t get Zedd unfairly killed in one of the first two rounds.

  • AHEM

    Right now I’m thinking that the semifinals will be Jon Snow vs. Vin and Pug/Quick Ben against Paul Atreides.

    Looks like Brandon Sanderson and George R.R. Martin are going to get a little rematch of authors in the semifinals.

  • Rudyralishaz

    The fact that they didn’t seed these matches based on power has resulted in some really uneven distrubition of talent in some of the brackets. It’s kind of a let down to see some of the people who could be put out so early on who otherwise might have went deep in the tourney.

  • jtw0521

    @Rudy: At the same time, it helps to switch things up, to prevent a clear, boring, and predictable outcome for the semi/final rounds

  • Gemini

    @Ahem: If it was ever a match of authors, George R. R. Martin never would have lost last year. 😉

  • AHEM

    I must agree. I was really looking forward to see who would get seeded where, and I was a little disappointed when it was decided randomly. New Crobuzon seems to be where much of the power is concentrated, with both Pug and Quick Ben there, and set for a collision with each other as early as Round 2.

    It’s not ”just” a match of authors, but with them getting involved and writing scenarios for victory and such, it’s definitely a factor.

  • Gemini

    @Ahem: Fair enough. Part of me is looking forward to more GRRM write-ups this year, but another part would really like to see that release date made into a reality. I wonder how many authors will actually get involved…

  • Shadow’s Bane

    I m bloody sure this will be a Jon Vs Perrin finals….i m a die hard WoT fan and i m not gonna let perrin loose…..anyways…Perrin isnt a Channeler(like a Magician) but he isnt a weakling…who wouldnt know what to do against Magic…Perrin is a WolfBrother that means he can see, hear and smell things like Wolves and also has wolf instincts and can talk to wolves and he is a Ta’varen…and now he has Big Power Wought War Hammer…..he might now be the strongest of the characters here….but he is no eaisy meat.

  • ” I wonder how many authors will actually get involved…”

    *raises hand*

    At least one. 😉

    I have no illusions. I know that Corvis Rebaine isn’t nearly as popular/widely known a character as many of these others. But I’m involved for as long as he’s in, and I’d love to at least see him make a decent showing.

  • Gemini

    @Ari Marmell

    Luck to you and Corvis. I look forward to reading the write-ups.

  • AllanonFan

    @Shadow’s Bane: Pug, Quick Ben, Atreides or Allanon would take out Perrin quite easily. Druss alone could hand him is head. I hope Perrin is knocked out early and we don’t have to suffer another popularity contest. Let the true champion who deserves to win come forth. I like that the Cage Fights are random. There are quite a few interesting matches like the Youngblood and Everdeen fight, the wizard and knight fight and we may get a great fight with Pug and Quick Ben!

  • trench

    For anyone who thinks power is what will rule these matches. I point at the Jaime vs Cthuluhu match. It aint gonna happen, just becaue your powerful doesn’t mean you beat melee characters hands down. If you want to win you have to mobilize fans or stump durring the actual matches. It doensn’t matter how many gods Quick Ben has made to look like fools, or if Pug hits you with a friggin moon. What rules the day is Fans.

  • Shadow’sBane

    i have never read the above characters but perrin is a ta’veren ….that means the reality molds itself arround him to turn the thing arround in his favaour.
    allanon , pug ,druss may be powerful characters but Perrin is not gonna go down eaisly……anyways Cage Match is a popularity contest…..JAime Lannister won against Chutulu……Kvothe won against Aslan……Gregor Clegane Won against Reaper…and…so…on
    the character that has more fans wins.

  • Shadow’sBane

    And one more thing Perrin Vs Gruss will be a Good fight but Perrin will Win.

  • Jason

    I’m really suprised Alvin Maker isn’t getting more love as a favorite. The guy can do anything. He’s like a folk-lore Jesus, literally.

  • AHEM

    Right now I’m thinking that Perrin should go down in the second round. He should be able to beat Burrfoot without any problems, even without the influence of popularity/fandom, but in the second round he’ll fight either Paul Atreides or Allanon, and the only way he could really beat either of them would be fanboyism.

  • Allanon Fan

    “i have never read the above characters” That is ignorance. “JAime Lannister won against Chutulu……Kvothe won against Aslan……Gregor Clegane Won against Reaper”. They never should have as that is fanboyism. “Perrin Vs Gruss will be a Good fight” It is Druss not Gruss! Please show some respect to the characters and not show your obvious fanboyism.
    @ AHEM

  • Dunno

    Heh heh…I want to see Northman smack down Jacob Black. Then he can die, because Harris’s books aren’t much better.

    And…just so that he actually has someone rooting for him, somewhere….I know he’s not the most popular or powerful or even actually that well known, but…for everyone who remembers being a 12-year-old sitting under a lamp on a stormy night and reading old-school sci/fi camp…(well, maybe just me)…


  • Samuel

    Actually, a lot of these first round matches seem pretty easy to call in advance. I expect I’ll be surprised a few times, but overall, it’s not that hard to guess. Quick Ben will beat Solomon Kane. Lestat will beat Percy Jackson. For the most part, the heavy hitters and fan favs are kind of spread out: I guess we’re eliminating the chaff early on this time.

    The only really explosive matches I can see are…well, maybe Martin v. Fitz, because of Jacques’s recent death. But the big ones are Atreides v. Allanon and….drumroll…Vin vs. the Bloody Nine.

    Those are going to be MASSIVE conflagrations, I’d say. I somehow see Allanon and Logen coming out on top in the end due to fan strength alone, but we shall see. Could go either way in both cases.

  • Shadow’s Bane

    @Allanon Fan
    Srry about the Typing error….and I do respect the Characters……and I m a FanBoy….lol…man these Cage Matches are more of a popularity contests than any real contest of strength.

  • johthohar


    I assume you were referring to the A Dance with Dragons release date. Thought you might like to know that it IS a reality. They announced it on Friday morning. He’s not quite done writing but the release date is set in stone “barring tsunamis or meteor strikes” for July 12 this year. Already available for preoder on Amazon.com both Hardback and kindle. WINTER IS COMING!!!

  • johthohar

    @Allanon Fan

    Anybody who gets that upset over something like this is a fanboy hands down in my book. You don’t have to mock other fans just because they haven’t read every decent series or standalone novel in the genre. It’s not like he’s willfully ignorant. And really, I’m kind of tired of all the bile that gets spewed at WoT fans. It’s a great series by a gifted author. Just because it isn’t that dark, gritty fatalistic fantasy that’s so popular these days doesn’t make it unworthy of praise. That being said, it’s true. Even with ta’veren influence Quick would beat Perrin hands down. Anyone who can escape the wrath of a god like Shadowthrone twice is pretty badass.

  • johthohar


    I doubt Logen beats Vin. The WoT fan community is massive and they will rally for her as well as Perrin because she’s a Sanderson character. Who has a pretty broad fanbase by his own right. I’m not familiar with First Law. I did do a little research on all the characters I don’t know so I could fill out the bracket based on who I think will when (I get bored at work sometimes) and realistically I don’t think the dude stands a chance against a mistborn even if fan support wasn’t a factor. Vin is a badass and not shy about killing…. mercilessly.

  • johthohar

    I find myself wanting to pull for Jon Snow. That bias is probably some psychological thing based on the fact that I only recently read ASoIaF and the fact that the next book AND an HBO Series adaptation are coming out soon. Not to mention the fact that he’s a really likable character even if he can be a little whiny. Perrin will be a force to be reckoned with mostly due to fan support. Not so much as Rand was as there is quite a bit of contempt for his character among fans. Just pray Matrim Cauthon is never added to the ranks of Cage Match or nobody else will stand a chance. Fans will show up for him by the thousands! I only just started the Malazan (quarter way through the second book) series but Quick Ben is one of my favorites so far. “You’ll not have me, Lord, because you can’t.” He’s my favorite after Jon.

  • Gemini

    johthohar: Believe me, I know. I’m just really looking forward to reading that “the dance is done” update. 🙂

  • johthohar

    Me too! Freaking stoked!

  • Samuel

    @ johthohar:

    You could be right about that, I suppose. I kind of hope you are, actually, as I was (gasp!) never a big fan of the Bloody Nine and Vin could probably bring him down, objectively. But that said, WoT fans are WoT fans…they’re mercurial about everything but WoT. It’s hard to say how many of them are supporting Sanderson and how many don’t give a rat’s ass who the writer is and are just voting for Perrin or Rand because they’ve been reading about those guys for twenty years.

    Maybe they’ll stick with Sanderson…but Mistborn and Vin aren’t nearly as much big news in the “who’s the biggest badass” quarters as are First Law and Logen. And Abercrombie’s got a legion of fans who haven’t been given the opportunity to come out in force yet. Logen Ninefingers is pretty big news in some places…

    But as for me…come on, Vin…

  • mujtaba

    Three cheers for Perrin

  • AllanonFan

    I would not say I am tired of the WoT fan specifically but for fans who vote blindly and illogically. I may be a FanBoy but I am an “informed” FanBoy and I am informed on whom I vote for. Hell, let’s vote for Jacob Black to appease all the crazy Twilight girl fans if we are going to be that silly. Perrin is not powerful and there is no way he should even get pass the second round. Perrin is part of a a great series but there has to be some measure of reality and logic. How could Perrin defeat Quick or Paul? At least you admit that he would not beat Quick. You show some common sense. ” Just because it isn’t that dark, gritty fatalistic fantasy that’s so popular these days doesn’t make it unworthy of praise. That being said, it’s true. Even with ta’veren influence Quick would beat Perrin hands down. Anyone who can escape the wrath of a god like Shadowthrone twice is pretty badass.” I agree with all that you said at the end of your post.

  • PerrinIsWeak

    @Shadow’s Bane
    If you think this is just a popularity contest then you should be even more silly and vote like a silly, misinformed Twilight girl for Jacob Black. Ahaaaa, ahaaaaa,
    Three jeers for Perrin!

  • AHEM

    It all begins tomorrow . . .

    I’m psyched. I can barely wait.

  • AHEM

    I hope that more people will approach these decisions logically, instead of just voting for whatever character they like best. Fanboying it drains much of the fun, intelligent, imaginative part to these cage matches away. There was too much of that last year, with Jaime defeating Cthulhu and such.

  • Resh

    I, for one, will vote Vin just because Sanderson’s exceptional job with WoT and I know a lot others who would do the same(as long as she stays out of Perrins way).

    I also agree with those who say this is a popularity contest. Even Suvudu would agree. That’s the only way to justify Quick Ben’s and few others’ presence. Why would Quick even think of fighting Jon or Perrin or Ninefingers if it’s otherwise?

  • Shadow’sBane

    lol Dude…Silly Twilight fan Girl….that quite an insult….But dude no matter how much powerful the character is…The Character with most votes win….that is what is meant by A Popularity contest….If u still insist that Suvudu Cage Matches are not Populatity contest …then u r the one Behaving like a Silly Little Twight Fan Girl.
    Any one will vote for the character one likes or the character one has read about…instead of voting for some random character…that bloody human logic.
    Of couse every WoT fan will also vote for vin…coz of BS works in WoT.

  • AllanonFan

    You are exactly right. Fanboying takes a lot of fun out of the fights and people think it should be a popularity contest. If that is the case then the Twilight girls would go crazy and bombard Jacob Black with votes. That would be sweet justice for the WoT Fanboys to have a taste of their own medicine!

  • trench

    So let me get this staight. The “Cage Matches” between fictional characters, should be aproached in a logical and itelligent way?

    I mean c’mon. get off you high horses here people. Cage matches are nothing but irrevernt fun. Every person here is a fanboy or girl. The fools running around saying I dont like WOT I hope it loses and anyone who votes for it is just a fanboy. Its pathetic that some of you think the only reasons for voting for a character is a statistical breakdown of powers.

    This is all make believe, not an actual competition or even a rough fight to the death it a cage match of fictional fantasy and sci-fi characters, try not to take it to seriously

  • Shadow’sBane

    ……dude if u r considering Powerful character should be the winner then Rand Won Fair in Last cage match,…..He was in the second most powerful character i.e after Aslan….u should be critizing aSoIaF fans….not us….that’s just stupidity.

  • Yocxl

    What Trench said… Don’t take it too seriously, it’s all in fun. If you’re honestly voting based on logic and skill then where’s the fun in it? I think the idea of say, Jaime beating Cthulhu is hilarious. Sure, if it was completely logical Cthulhu would probably destroy everybody since he’s pretty much a god, isn’t he? I don’t read Lovecraft.

    Anyways… If the voting is done by logic, the matches are pretty much predetermined and it’s not fun at all. I think the far more interesting route is rallying behind your favorite characters and thinking up ways for them to pull off the unlikely win, not going you know, this character’s basically a demigod, he logically wins every time. Sure, Rand would logically destroy Gregor Clegane, but I wouldn’t have been too disappointed had Gregor won because that would’ve been arguably a more interesting read. Forget logic, just have fun, be a fanboy, this is basically a SFF fan website, is it not?

  • Shannon

    Well at least there are a few more women this time. But seriously, you guys do know that females do exist in sci-fi and fantasy, right? And most of the, are pretty bad ass.

  • amy

    Go Perrin!!!

  • Ian

    I cant believe they Pug and Quick Ben have to fight in the round of 16. Quite possibly the best match in the whole bracket in the round of 16. Horseshit

  • Nathan

    Pug don’t stand a chance against Druss, in fact I wouldn’t be suprised if Druss wins the hole shebang.

  • I haven’t read the majority of the books listed here, so I don’t think it makes sense to try to do this in a “logical” fashion. I voting for the ones I’ve read and liked and voting against Jacob Black. That’s all there is to it, really.

    See if you can guess my preferred challenger from my awful campaign slogan.
    “She’s VIN it to WIN it!”
    Man, I am such a fanboy.

  • jessemb

    Yes, let’s get all SRS BSNS about a cage match contest which includes Tasslehoff Burrfoot and a freaking MOUSE.

    My only regret is that Suvudu chose Perrin for the contest instead of Moiraine, Egwene, or Nynaeve.

  • Archon

    @ Nathan

    I’ve read all of David Gemmel’s Drenai Novels… I probably made at least one of his mortgage payments with all of his books that I bought… I was stunned for a week when he died a couple years back. Druss is a freaking awesome CHARCTER, and he is probably the most talented/skilled fighter in the field (that being, how well he fights with a weapon considering he has no innate magical or supernatural abilities and/or devices/insturments/weapons)… but in the end, he is still just a axe basher with no magical or supernatural abilites or items that would matter at all against Pug… Snaga is not going to protect him from what Pug will do… I’d far rather read a book about Druss than Pug any day of the week… but Druss would have no chance in a cage match against Pug unless he got to start off with his hand on him.

  • Archon


    I would vomit if I had to read about any of the WoT women in this cagematch… I’ve read enough about all of the browbeating and icy glares they constantly throw down to last me several lifetimes… If the last book had Rand getting treated the way these women always treat him, but this time he balefired them out of existence when they did it, I would bronze that book and make the centerpiece of my mantel arraingment…

  • TheAman

    Martin the Warrior is clearly going to win this. Nobody in the bracket can beat him.

  • Me

    I want to see Vin vs Lestat!

  • Ermph

    Wow… doesn’t seem like the fights have even started and already people are at each others throats. I’m just going to go sit in a corner and giggle my way through this.

  • JoeH42

    I think they really need to seperate this into a magic users contest and a physical fighters contest (altho there are a few people that blur the line and you’d just have to make a decision on it, but it’d be clear that someone like Vin would fall into the physical category even if she can push and pull and etc.) I like Druss as much as the next Gemmell fan but what the heck is he really going to do against a master magician like Pug? Sure Pug would lose in a fistfight, duel, or pretty much any physical match but when you’ve got a massively powerful wizard vs. a warrior, the wizard is going to win barring some sort of “oh the warrior gets the jump on him!” baloney. I don’t think it’s really reasonable to expect any physical fighter to defeat any of the truly powerful magicians on the list (sorry but Allanon isn’t really that powerful so he doesn’t make that list). Rand al Thor won last time but it wasn’t on the basis of his sword fighting skills, formidable as they might be. And let’s face it, he’d get owned in a sword/axe fight against any number of people on this list including Druss (let alone Skilgannon, Decado, Bane, etc.)

  • Chris

    I’m not too surprised they chose Perrin, really, its clear they won’t want a WoT character winning, so they chose one of the less powerful and less popular one, but Faile would have been a far better choice in that regard, if far harder to justify. Either way Perrin (probably) won’t win, he doesn’t have Rand’s fanbase.

    Personally I’ll onyl vote for characters I know, but I won’t vote for a clear loser (Perrin vs any (non Harry-Potter) magic user, he just doesn’t stand a chance

  • litg

    I like the picks, but come on, Suvudu, when is Anasurimbor Kellhus going to get some love?

  • Wahl

    I am looking forward to the match-ups and seeing who makes it to the top of the heap, but I’m kind of disappointed in the roster. Only four women, out of 30 combatants? And only 7 female authors? Come on, I think we can do a little better than that.

  • cjon71

    For those of you that think Perrin has no power. Per Brandon Sanderson’s Blog:

    “Perrin is an extremely skilled fighter whose very nature (being ta’veren) causes probability to warp around him and bring to him the things and people he needs at the moments he needs them. He has a power-forged hammer, the allegiance of tens of thousands of trained soldiers, and the ability to call upon hundreds of wolves if he really needed to. He is a berserker on the battlefield, and has the power to move in the world of dreams, where he has near-absolute control of his surroundings. He is guarded by Aiel warriors and two powerful Asha’man who can wield the One Power that made Rand such a force in the previous tournament.”


  • Majicou

    For me, it’s not so much that I think it should be a popularity contest; rather, it’s that I don’t see how it can be anything other than a popularity contest. I don’t mean each match should be decided by book sales figures; I mean that of course everyone’s just going to vote for the character he/she thinks is cooler in any given match. Imagining how these fights might go can be a fun and creative exercise, sure, but you can’t act as though you can crunch the (usually nonexistent) numbers on these widely disparate characters and come up with a serious, meaningful result. It’s all about what the voter imagines to be more dramatic and awesome. That’s all it really can be about. And that imagination is bound to be driven by what works and characters the voter likes best. “Fanboyism” isn’t the cancer here; it’s the body.

  • TRH

    To those not a fan of Perrin’s chances…

    I ask this. Does he stand there like a buffoon not utilizing his greatest strength? Or does he attack in the world of dreams?

    I don’t see many people in that entire bracket who would hold up against Perrin in Tel’aran’rhiod.

  • Rob

    Vin vs. Lestat is my pick, I’m going with Vin to win it all, with the idea of an unlimited supply of atium. Atium wins.

  • Archon

    I also suspect that the more even nature of the matchups this year will alleviate some of the fanboyism… some people vote for an extreme underdog just to keep an extreme favorite away from their favorite character… Arthur Dent was one of the weakest characters the cage match has seen, and he aquited himself pretty well…

  • Yocxl

    If Faile were in it she’s probably have as much chance as Martin or Tasselhoff.

    EVERYBODY hates Faile (bar a few, including myself). Perrin is a great choice because he’s generally liked, but there are a lot of people who don’t like him or didn’t like him for a period of time… He’s not as universally liked, so he’s got a chance but he’s not a guaranteed win. If they chose, say, Mat or Moiraine or somebody they’d destroy like Rand did. If they’re gonna put a WoT woman in, if they want a challenge they should put in Egwene. She’s not universally loved.

  • MrEllipsis

    I would love to see Vin vs Paul in the finals. That would be crazy awesome.

  • Mikey

    I confess that I am a WOT fan boy (also ASOIAF one). I gotta say Perrin ain’t gonna make it past Paul. If Paul can get out of the first round (and I think he pounds Allanon flat) then he cannot be stopped until the final four. I mean really! Dude has got sandworms. Sandworms>Wolves anyday

  • Julian

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Katniss is OBVIOUSLY going to take this. She’s arguably one of the most real, badass people.

  • Shane

    I’m sorry people. Perrin or Vin is going to win. I honestly see this being Vin VS Perrin at the end. The WoT series is to close to conclusion and Sanderson has become to popular of an author for it not to happen imo. I see all this argueing that people should vote on skill and power, but all these contests have ever been is a popularity contest.

    Until the last match, then its like…really how can they expect us to suspend disbelief at this point and think X could beat Y? Then maybe, MAYBE will it be voted on by skill, power or whatever and not popularity.

  • Shane

    Meh it cut me off early for some reason.

    To finish, because the series is almost over its going to drive the fans out of the woodworks, both for WoT as a series and for Sanderson himself.

  • tiltingwindward

    Not to throw a wrench into everybody’s fangeekery, but where are the women? I mean, seriously: out of 30 contestants, we’ve only got four female contenders, and at least two of them are under the age of 18, so technically still girls. Katniss Everdeen is awesome, but are the Mighty and August Suvudu Overseers so strapped for women that they’re pitting a 16-year-old girl against the masters of the ages?

    I’ve seen a couple comments raising (and dismissing) WoT females, but there are a lot of tough, smart, interesting women in fantasy who deserve to have their chance in the ring. If you want to go classic, why not Morgaine (C.J. Cherryh’s Morgaine Cycle), Lauren Olamina (Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents), or just Eowyn (LoTR)? If you’re looking for something more recent, The Crow Girls (Charles de Lint), Cimorene (Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles), or Mara (Raymond Feist & Janny Wurts Empire trilogy) are all strong candidates. In the young woman category, there’s Sabriel (Garth Nix’s Abhorsen trilogy), Arya Stark or Daenerys Targaryen (George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire), or Aerin Dragon-Killer (Robin McKinley’s Hero and the Crown).

    This isn’t a complete list by any stretch of the imagination…just some quick ideas. The point is, you don’t have to be a semi-immortal god-king with shoulders the width of the Ephel Duath to know what to do in a fight.

  • likepilateihaveadog

    It is dawn on the cool spring day of the Suvudu tourney. All around the field, confident champions of their respective lands are sharpening swords and preparing magics for the upcoming trial, of which there can be only one victor. And each contestant knows absolutely that they are the one who will prevail.
    It all falls silent as the Druid known as Allanon falls to his knees. The contestants are aware the presence of a mighty Being has joined them. Instinctively they know this Being to be Terry Brooks, Creator and Lord of Allanon’s home world.
    Allanon begins to offer praises to his creator, for surely he cannot fail with such power on his side! He is stopped short, however, when he senses another presence enter the field. All instantly know this Being as Robert Jordan, and Perrin falls on his face in rapture.
    Other Creators make their presence known now. The one known as Stephen R. Donaldson has arrived, as well as the mighty GRRM. The air seems ready to ignite from the sheer power of the gods known as Erickson, Herbert, and Weis-N-Hickman as they join the field.
    Soon all of the Gods have come. Save one. Eru Iluvatar, known in some realities as Tolkien, joins the field last. His grace and power are immeasurable, so much so that the other creators themselves bow to him, for he is their father, and is Lord Of The Rings.
    Tolkien speaks with mighty voice “You are all of my bloodline, and I shall not allow this butchery to commence.” Tolkien then takes the cowering Gollum in his mighty hand, and holds the pitiful creature up high. “The day shall belong to Smeagol, for his torment and suffering have inspired you all.”

  • ginnungagap

    Allanon and Pug(milamber) are in my opinion the two most powerful characters on the list. Though if put on this bracket Dr. Manhattan from watchmen would destroy them all.

  • JJ

    Ok, so I’ve not read many of the ooks and most would consider me a WoT fanboy here, lol. No worries, I’d also say that about everyone else in here. To everyone who has mentioned that Character X vs. Character Y would be a better matchup, you are right… and you have no idea what these bracketology systems do. Let’s face it, bracket match-ups are always Strongest vs. Weakest and then 2nd vs. 2nd-to-last and so on. In this matchup, I personally think Pug would wipe the floor unless written otherwise, but I’m not the one writing this so I really have nothing to say about it. It’s fun, it’s cute, but it does nothing to the series or the characters… if they die here, they are not dead in their individual stories… live in the fun.

  • Radmer van der Mei

    Still wondering how pug will ever beat paul, in my eyes the strongest contestant. My hope is quick Ben, also a more powerfull wizard then pug, especially if you have read the crippled god. But I think that Steven Erikson is to complex to have enough followers. so it probebly will be jon snow vs Perrin aybarra. Last Year was a big joke with Jamie Lannister in the final( I understand that many people like the series but come on there is not one character in ASOIAF that should reach the second round let stand the final. So it;s only a popularity contest, real power doesn’t matter. a shame but he what else do you expect.

  • Gemini

    @Radmer van der Mei

    I actually disagree that there aren’t ANY characters in ASOIAF that could stand on their own strength as opposed to just the power of the fans. Maybe that’s not exactly Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow, I fully admit. The character that most comes to mind for me is Melisandre. Not really a main character, but still powerful as all heck.

  • Keese

    What is sad is that Beowulf the one and only Beowulf seems to be losing out to all of Martin’s Fan Boys. Snow is cool, but he by no means could rip the arm off a monster. lets get some logical thinking going.
    and in that vein support martin!

  • Radmer van der Mei

    @Gemini, Ok you’re right on that one and it’s also quite logic that ASOIAF had a contestant because it’s a well written and very populair fantasy serie. But my point is that there is no real contest because of the popularity of some characters and there fanbase.

  • oh, wow, tland and the pack…..

    don’t forget, Goldeneyes has to make it to the last battle….so even if he was in trouble, the pattern would twist to keep him alive till then. This has been, and always shall be a pop contest. Deal.

    BTW, who wants a CREATURE CAGE MATCH!???? It would have to include the worm from Dune…..Alien from Alien…..who/what else?

  • Wahl

    I agree. It is total crap that they can’t come up with more than four female characters (and only 6 female authors) out of thirty. I think the next cage match should be all women, if only to show there are plenty of them around. In fact, I’ll give them a hand and start the list:
    Firekeeper (Jane Lindskold, Firekeeper series)
    Ophelia, Vivacia or Tintanglia (Robin Hobb, Liveship Traders)
    Elphaba (Gregory Maguire, Wicked)
    Ishbel Brunelle or Ravenna (Sara Douglass, Dark Glass Mountain)
    Karis (Laurie J. Marks, Fire Logic/ Earth Logic)
    Parrish Plessis (Marianne de Pierres, Parrish Plessis novels)
    Shan Frankland (Karen Traviss, City of Pearl, etc.)
    Honor Harrington (David Weber, Honor Harrington series)
    Beka Rosselini-Metadi (Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald, Mageworlds)
    Loup Garron (Jaqueline Carey, Santa Olivia)
    Cordelia Naismith (Lois McMaster Bujold, Shards of Honor, etc)
    Margaret Bain (Sherri S. Tepper, The Margarets)
    Thursday Next (Jasper Fforde, Thursday Next novels)
    Deenie (Karen Miller, The Reluctant Mage)

    That is pulling books randomly off my bookshelf. And look, I also found lots of female authors, too!

  • Samuel

    Hell, a bunch of the book series already up there could have included female charries instead…

    Aviendha (Wheel of Time)
    Brienne of Tarth (A Song of Ice and Fire)
    Tattersail (The Malazan Book of the Fallen)
    Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings)
    Minerva McGonagall (The Harry Potter Series)
    Mariel of Redwall (The Redwall Series)

    Also, I’m just saying…at SOME point, Luthien Tinuviel has to show up. She’s a single-handed argument against sexism in Tolkien’s works, and even judging by the little we know about her, she could conceivably give even Quick Ben or Allanon a run for his money.

  • Felnor


    I’m going to assume that these battles have no bearing on the universe that each character is drawn from and as such once this cage match an event that takes place outside the reality of all of these universes im going to assume that the characters would be placed back into their world safeand sound meaning being need at the last battle wont save Perrin, besides each and every one of these character has an important destiny in their world. Besides it’s not a battle of who’s destiny is more important its an actual battle where prowess of arms, tactics, and special abilities are the deciding factor.

    Also the Dune Sand Worm would just about own everything.

  • Jeff

    man I would have loved to see the Dominator and/or any 1 of the 10 who were taken from The Black Company series included….oh well maybe next time!

  • SuvuduWriteupsSuck

    I’d like to say that I’m extremely disappointed in this year’s bracket. All fanboys/girls aside, there are a lot of people who haven’t read the books for a lot of the characters and so they depend upon the stats and writeups from the Suvudu team… HOWEVER, the Suvudu team is constantly leaving out extremely important facts about characters and severely underrating them, thus giving extremely inaccurate writeups and swaying the decisions of the “unread” voters. So, as far as I’m concerned, the only matches I’m voting on anymore are the ones with Jon Snow in them. The bracket is screwed anyway so I might as well push my favorite to the top.

  • Eric

    Personally, I either want to see Vin or Martin the Warrior win. Vin is on a similar power level with Paul Atreides, and Redwall holds a special place in my heart as the first fantasy book series I ever read. I’ve been a Redwall fan for over two-thirds of my life (around a decade and a half), and Martin is not only easy to underestimate, he’s the bravest character in the entire tournament. REDWAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dajomas


    How do you think Martin will get past Perrin and his wolfs????

    But I have to agree with you on Vin, she’s my fav to win the title this year. Can you imagine the matchup between Perrin and Vin what a day for Brandon Sanderson that will be 😀

  • Aero182


  • Dajomas

    @the cage match schedule maintainer:

    The quarter finals of the right half are linking to the wrong pages. Can anybody fix that?


  • Dajomas


    Recently I have been pointed at the Suvudu 2011 Cage Match and I must say I have become a big fan! Great idea!!!

    However, now that the quarterfinals are up I noticed that the link for the right bracket aren’t linking to the correct pages.

    Can you please correct that? Thanx.

  • Cloglord

    I’m more interested to see if Perrin Aybara can talk to Jon Snow’s Direwolf,……

  • amy

    Speaking of women, I’d like very much to have Moiraine in next year’s cage match! Please! *_*

  • malazanite

    im sorry guys, but no one can stand next to quick ben, the man puts gods in their place, he is almost beyond genius lvl intelligence, he has access to tons of magic, and is the mage of high house dark…. its a no brainier….

  • Valan

    Yeah I think Quick’s got to take it this tournament, as big a fan I am of WoT and Mistborn, Quick would tear Perrin to pieces. And as for Vin… what can I say? Quick doesn’t play fair.

  • Ray

    O man! I love WoT so gotta route for Perrin but I just discovered the Malazan books… Idon’t see how he could possibly get past quick ben! BTW… Serverus Snape Vs Quick Ben?? please… Snape will be bleeding out his eye sockets before he can even mutter his first curse…

  • Ray

    I would liked to see Quick Ben Vs Rand Al Thor that would be sweet!

  • Matt

    Jon “The Warg” Snow versus Perrin “The Wolfbrother” Aybara.

    Now that’s a write-up I’d like to read.

  • Bared

    I’m super disappointed Karsa Orlong isnt in this. “Witness”. Or Fiddler. Or Rake. So much more interesting (imo) characters from Malazan Book of the Fallen.

  • Retrick

    I have read about every book listed there. There is no a single character on that list that could stand a chance against Arlen Bales the deliverer from the Demon Cycle except possibly Zeddicus. That too is indeed doubtful it would depend on if Zed counted unmaking the universe a win.

    Arlen vs Rand Al Thor would be a good match up. Beowolf winning vs the deliverer is a horrible joke. The “breakdown” for the fight was horribly wrong. ^^ Anyone who has read all the books from every series up there could tell you that. Just my opinion of course but Arlen is pretty darn invincible.

    I am a fan of many of the series up there but it would be pretty obvious no contest.

    The only ways I can think of Arlen being killed is if he was somehow dropped into a star or possibly bale fire.. Again there is Rand..

  • Scott

    A pity that these contests always de-evolve into popularity contests in the end. I don’t know how someone who is not voting the fanboy line could seriously vote for Jon Snow over Beowulf or Perrin over Paul. This is coming from someone who has read all of the WoT and Ice and Fire books! It really makes me shake my head to see this sort of thing.

  • Dave

    Quick Ben all the way.
    As much as I love the WoT characters, Perrin especially, and Vin, fantastic character, I dont see any way that they can top the smarts, the raw power and the sneakyness of Quick. As Malazanite said, he put gods in their place, and not little ones too, some serious gods are in his debt [although I have yet to finish the last 3 books].
    go ben go

  • LF

    I love Quick Ben, But I back Vin in this one, she is just an amazing character. I actually would love to see a Vin vs Quick Ben final battle, that would be epic

  • Brian

    I love Perrin, he’s one of my favorite characters, but unless the fights took place in the world of dreams there’s no way he would stand a chance against serious magic users. In the event he could somehow pull them into the world of dreams though, he wins in a landslide. That not being likely, he probably shouldn’t have made it this far. Then again, neither should John Snow, whom I also love as a character, or this mouse.

  • LF

    PS: by the way, when will the next combat start?

  • Demon In Me

    Personally I’d like to see Jaenelle (at the height of her powers) or Daemon Sadi from Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels trilogy. Both would make for interesting write-ups with even some of the more powerful characters.

    Personally, I vote for my favorites. The fact is it’s incredibly unfair to some of the characters to have such a mix and mash of weight classes. You have heavyweights (god-like mages) vs light weights (fantastical swordsman/heroes) vs mixed martial artists (sci fi and technology based characters) etc., that ultimately to think about it logically would make for some boring matches.

    I had been considering gathering a more logical grouping of characters and translating them into D&D terms with equipment and abilities laid out and then conducting pitched battles between them with two players taking control of the characters but it’s a lot of work for a passing fancing… Regardless, given the current setup of the Suvudu Cage Matches it’s honestly more fun, at least for me, to suspend belief, vote for my favorites, and try to enjoy the better write-ups.

  • Chris

    Can someone update the bracket to add Vin Vs Snow? We all know the match is going on -.-

  • Athrolaxle

    Next year, I wanna see some Jarlaxle.

  • ken

    perrin over paul atreides? Muad’dib?!?!!? Come on now. Perrin never even learned how to fight.

  • Demon In Me

    Next year I’d like to see Jaenelle or Daemon Sadi from Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy. However, if the final match-up ends up being Vin vs Perrin, and they allow another WoT/Sanderson character next year, I will be boycotting this cage match until it makes more ….sense.

    Now, this is an excellent idea, but the Suvudu team has executed it horribly. The current match-ups are a mix and mash of weight classes, with heavy-weights fighting lightweights fighting mixed martial artists. In addition, many of the write-ups seem to have been done by someone who has a strong bias or has read one/or neither of the series involved.

    The fact is, the Cage Matches are currently neither a popularity contest or a contest based on a logical analysis of the facts. If it’s a popularity contest, start taking out the winners for a year, because it’s boring and annoying to have Sanderson/Jordan win every year. And I like Sanderson’s books. C’mon, you have a good chance it will be Vin vs. Perrin in the finals! If it’s a logical analysis of the facts, first off, have the writers read the books. Second, seperate them into a realistic grouping of characters. Third, very carefully lay out in the match what is and is not usable by the characters.

    That said, I don’t think either will be done. At the very least, take out Sanderson/Jordan and maybe even Martin for a year. And for the record, I love Martin, and I enjoy Sanderson, but as it stands right now those three authors are dominating because of a previously established fanbase that dwarfs anything that any of the other authors have.

  • Rune

    A thing that has been bugging me.

    I’m a huge WoT fan (and ditto aSoIaF), It seems they have booth beaten odds they shouldn’t have (i.e. Beowulf and Paul Atreidis), an I must say that I’m shocked that they have come this far, I don’t see any of them winning (even though it would have been so funny with Perrin being able to talk to Ghost and all that – could have made for an interesting match).
    But the people here at suvudu are missing an important point about Perrin. He is able to walk in the-wolf-dream. A place where he would be pretty much able to wipe the floor with any of the contestants (maybe even with last years winner), and is it so weird if he was fighting for his life that he would try to fight the battle in Tel’aran’rhiod?

  • Lasse

    Please Suvudu, next year leave off any characters from A Song of Ice and Fire and Wheel of Time. You can clearly see that it doesn’t matter how far down the ranks you go, none of these characters can lose. With the Martin characters, I attribute the fan loyalty to the great skill with which the characters have been developed by the author. The ridiculous victories of the characters from Wheel of Time can be attributed to the deus ex machina nonsense that occurs every time they are faced with legitimate peril (which actually means that they are never faced with legitimate peril). The magic system in WoT is, to a certain extent, childish. It is very reminiscent of the games we played when young, wherein we were always saved at the last minute by an ability or trick created on the spot and never mentioned before. Great fun for children, not so much for the adult storyline of an epic fantasy series … or a cage match!

  • Nate

    You have GOT to be kidding me! Druss defeated in the first match? Jesus, people, how did that happen?

    *shakes head in despair*

  • S4m

    Can someone finally update the bracket for the finals??????

  • Nafro


    Dues Ex machina in WoT? You gotta be kidding me. You must be the type that has to hate on something just because it is extremely popular. I bet you love Malazan and Erickson’s ridiculously horrible, borderline unreadable sentence structure. It must mean its much more refined. But I have to agree, Perrin is a total wimp. Vin owns this one.

  • Elanya Rodillia

    @Rune – Perrin couldn’t fight this in Tel’aran’rhiod unless the person he was fighting against also had access, or the match was already set there. He can’t channel, so he can’t force or take others into the wolf dream with him. He also can’t get there physically, so he has to go to sleep to enter it. If he tried that, his body would be asleep and he’d be an easy target.

    As for the the final match, I have to say I don’t see how Vin could beat Quick Ben. I’ve been a fan of WoT for the last 15 years, and I’ve recently really started to enjoy Sanderson’s works, but Vin is too young and too straight forward in her thinking to be able to defeat Ben Adaephon Delat. He’s a High Mage with more years of experience practicing his craft than Vin has been alive. I can easily see him being smart enough to outlast any supply of atium Vin would have, and once that’s gone she’s very little threat. Besides, atium shows the actions of a person – how they will move – and I don’t think that it would necessarily give her the ability to anticipate his magic.

    I think Rand vs Quick Ben would be an interesting match. I’d have to think for awhile about that one before I could decide who would win.

  • Terracapri

    I want to see Wizzard rincewind from discworld take on some serious magickers 😀

  • Furrymoose

    Ah. I am sorry to see that I missed this year’s cage match. The 2010 match was truly a pleasure and I am proud I shared a part in it. I am planning on taking part in the next, though! However, I do want to know why some of my favorites were not entered this year. Is a whole new cast chosen every year? I do miss seeing Rand Al’Thor and Kvothe in there, as I am sure they would have done quite well. Aslan as well. I do hope they will be in the next one, but I am sure it will be enjoyable even without their presence!

  • Curios

    How come there was never a Championship match between Quick Bee vs Rand Al’Thor? How come there has not been another villains cage match tournament?