Cage Match 2011: The Final is Set!



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At 5:00 pm today, Quick Ben took down what was probably the prohibitive “favorite”* to make it to the finals, Perrin Aybara. And not just beat him–but did so by over 2,000 votes, a substantial margin. On the other side of the bracket, Vin was able to defeat a slightly more contested match against the other “favorite,” Jon Snow.

What this does is relieve Brandon Sanderson of having to figure out how to back two characters he really cares about, and instead sets up a final of Vin versus Quick Ben–a final I can already anticipate some strong sentiments on both sides of the aisle.

Something that’s really cool about this final is that it pits two characters that you had suggested after last year’s Cage Match. So if you have suggestions for next year, make sure to check out the forum we have set up to talk about who we missed and what we can do to improve the Cage Match.

The final itself will be going up this Wednesday (April 6) at 11 AM. The consolation match, between Perrin and Jon Snow, will also be going up then, and this is another chance for your input to be heard. Just like last year, we’re going to give you all the opportunity to provide the “How we think the fight will happen” section of the third-place fight.

Two will be chosen–one that supports Perrin, and one that supports Jon–by us here at Unbound Worlds, and will be put up on the site. It will also be included in the “Best of Cage Match 2011” eBook (you can check out the 2010 eBook in our Free Library).

In order to be considered, please send your Perrin vs. Jon Snow write-up to spectratwitterfb@gmail.com with the subject line “Cage Match 2011 3rd Place.”

Send them in by 2:00 PM ET, Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 for a chance to have your story considered.

You must be 18 or older to enter your story.

Again, thanks so much from everyone here at Unbound Worlds, and I can’t wait to see how the final shakes out–or to read your stories!

*To be clear, when I say “favorite,” I mean that, based on previous voting patterns, the characters from the these two series tend to go much farther than other characters–regardless of power.

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  • Archon

    Big thanks to everyone out there who helped prove that, while popular votes do indeed happen, this is NOT actually a simple popularity contest! πŸ˜‰

  • Valan

    This is freakin sweet, I think Quick Ben would win the final, but Vin definitely has a chance, she did defeat the Lord Ruler after all. Looking forward to the write ups for this one!

  • Misteater

    Give Vin the mist!

  • Jabber

    This Final proves that it is not a “popularity contest” and to the jerks who insisted all along it was. Pssttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rekhyt

    Well, this will certainly be an interesting final. Quick Ben has the step up in power, but Vin’s atium will certainly throw him for a loop. I can’t wait to read the writeup!

  • Whiskeyjack

    Quick versus Vin. Damn.

    That’s all i can say. Damn.

  • Dead Troll

    I am very happy to see Perrin dead and buried. No more of this T’avarin foolishness. Frankly, I do not understand how he made it as far as he did. Last year Rand made since. Although I am not at all a fan, I must admit that him being in the finals was only fitting. This Perrin fellow though?????? Well he did manage to beat the mouse. I’m voting Vin on this one, but only because she took off the bronze earing and there is plenty of mist around. Oh yeah. she has atium also.

  • Mike

    Not sure how this proves its not a popularity contest. It’s not as if Mistborn and Malazan are these unknown/unpopular series. Not to mention I happen to think popularity is important, without it the contest would either need two writeups for each cage match (one in support of each character but then it would just seem a contest of which was better written) or characters of arguably comparable abilites, which would probably pretty boring (at least to me personally).

  • It doesn’t exactly prove it’s not a popularity contest, but if it was strictly about popularity then Perrin and Snow would have been in the finals – WOT vs ASOIAF just like last year. But some of us who are WOT and ASOIAF fans voted for the character who would actually win rather than our favorite series, and that made the difference.

    I’m doing a contest for best Vin vs QB write-up. Prize is a personalized copy of TWOK.


  • Urthor

    I’m very happy that the cage match has produced such an even fight, may this continue to happen in the future cage matches as well. And to Mike I would say that while Quick Ben is from a popular series he is also very powerful (coincidently like Rand) and he was also under seeded from a lack of Suvudu knowledge of Malazan.

    In other news the Suvudu spell checker doesn’t do Suvudu as everyone has probably noticed

  • @Urthor – Dunno about everyone else, but my spellchecker belongs to Firefox.

  • Terez

    I can’t comment on Perrin vs QB, so I’m just testing.

  • Barryl

    Quick is nothing like Rand lol

    Now if you said Hood vs Rand that’d be simliar. If you’ve read TCG you”ll know what I mean from a comment by a ‘bad guy’ that got pwned by him in awesome fashion.

  • Cj

    Despite being disappointed by Perrin not reaching the finals, =/, I think it’s better this way for people, like me, who wouldn’t be able to choose between Vin or Perrin.

    And I think this cage match will be one for the ages. =]

  • DES

    I’m super excited to read this match up! Love both series it’s gonna be great. And what is everyone problem with Perrin I think that he’s a good character, and besides Jon Snow probably shouldn’t have made it to the Semi finals either. I really like his character too. And though i don’t think they should have made it so far i think that the consolation match between them is going to be pretty cool.

  • woweventhispostisbiased

    the prohibitive β€œfavorite”*……
    why use the word prohibitive…..

    if only you would secure the voting, require log in, account creation, anything, then you wouldn’t have to say prohibitive, you could just say favorite. Imagine a world without cheating….

    uh, why is suvudu so biased?

    Congrats to both QB and Vin for having the greatest number of voters willing to delete cookies and cache to win…..That’s correct! I’m calling out all you voters who cheated to push both these characters into the final. Archon and Jabber, you’re both idiots. This is such a popularity contest its scary. Multi Vote to win! So, I want to know which side is going to cheat more in this match…..hmmmmm, I’m going to say vin…..

    I estimate that we will see something ridiculous in this match….maybe 20/25k votes….suvudu….do you even receive that many different IPs in a week…….hmmmm

    ‘and the monkey flips the switch’

  • Jabber

    Stick it you Twilight girl like obsessed monkey boy. Your characters lost and like them, you are a loser.

  • breadedwit


    Honestly if it bothers you dont deal with cage match at all. Its your fault for subjecting yourself to the entire thing. I enjoy the write-ups and I like to learn more about series I have never read. I read Game of Thrones because of this and now Quick Ben’s Series is next on my list.

    Oh and side not I am pretty sure that poll daddy uses IP address and deleting cache and cookies wouldn’t do a thing.

  • AHEM

    Funny, so many people call this a popularity contest and b*tch endlessly at those of us who actually want the logical victors to rightfully win, but then when their favorites lose the voting, they whine that it was only because of cheating.

    Anyway, I’m very glad that it came to this, and excited for this match-up. I’ll be supporting Vin and pushing for her to win, but Quick Ben is exceptionally powerful and very intelligent with using his powers, so if he wins here, I’m fine with it. Vin making it all the way to the finals and defeating Jon Snow was enough to do justice to Vin’s epic action girl badassery . . . but a win for the whole tournament would be even better.

  • john

    Vin For The Win!

  • AHEM

    Has anyone else noticed that Vin has been the last female character in the cage match for some time now? Tally went out in round 1, and Molly and Katniss went down in round 2. Vin was the only female in both the quarterfinals and the semifinals, and now she’s the only one in the finals.

    Now that it’s down to just Vin and Quick Ben, I think this marks the first time that there is an equal ratio of male and female contestants left in the cage match.

  • mcfries

    This is not my suggested final.
    I was thinking of Vin vs. Paul Atreides.
    Don’t know how Wolfman came past this messiah-guy with his sandworms and fedeykin – was a close fight at least.
    May be the fight wasn’t on dune and Paul suffered “LackofSpice”-Agony.

    So what elso to say? Well, Quick Ben is cool, but GO VIN! MIST HIM DOWN!

  • Tim J

    As a huge Wheel of Time fan and Perrin fan, I’m glad he didn’t make the finals. While I like Perrin, he stands no chance verse ‘magic’ users like Ben and Vin. Only caveat was if the battle was in the World of Dreams, then he could put up a good fight.

    I’m just excited we still get to see Perrin v. Jon Snow. Wolfbrother vs Dire Wolf. Should be a good match.

  • fictionnerd

    I am sooooo excited for this match-up! The Cage Match has been epic this year…it’s prompted me to re-read the Mistborn books, which I hadn’t done in a while. And my re-read has only bolstered my support of Vin. Just got through the part (in book two) where she literally head-butts a guys head off. Vin FTW! Let’s make her the first female champion!

  • Christine

    re: Tim J
    I agree. I’m almost more excited to see the Perrin vs. Jon Snow battle than I am the Vin vs. Quick Ben. But that could be because I have read WoT and am currently reading ASoIaF. Although I have also read Mistborn and LOVE Vin, I’ve not read the series with Quick Ben in it, though I plan on adding it to my list after I finish Martin’s books.

  • Jason

    I dont know how Vin can win this, Yes she is very strong but if we assume that both her and QB have access to all their respective powers Vin’s does have obvious limitations where as QB’s are (at least as far as i am in the series) unquantifiable. Shit all he has to do is open a warren to some other world and take vin with him into the middle of a desert with no metal and oh look, game over. Thats if he wanted to play with her, the simple fact is he could blast her to pieces in seconds

  • Daemonwolf

    I’m glad to have seen this cage match and have enjoyed them.

    I’m personally voting for Quick Ben, partially because the malazan novels are quite high on my list of favorite series. But I do see him as being a serious contender in any fight against anyone.

    For anyone not familiar with the Malazan books, Quick Ben is one of the most often written characters throughout the series and a total mystery at the same time. Several of the gods in the series hate, fear, respect, and avoid him as he is very devious and very powerful.

    Arguably, as powerful as he is in his craft (the extent of which is never solid, due to his constant desire to be as unnoticeable as possible) his true excellence is his intellect and ability outthink and trap his opponents into defeating themselves.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Archon

    @ woweventhispostisbiased

    Yes… the 2 LESS popular characters defeated the MORE popular characters and you say that WE’RE idiots because we can’t see that it’s absolutely a popularity contest… go take your meds now… it will all be better when you wake up…

    Except for the fact that we’re all dumber for having read your post…


    i expect that vin do a grat fight πŸ˜€
    but i have a question where i can find the fight of vin vs jon snow i look periodically the page for the fights but never see this one or neither the quick ben against perrin so anyone have voted for any of this matchs? and wher i can see the “how we think the fight goes” if anyone can response me i would be thankfull

  • I am SUPER AWESOMELY EXCITED for the final. My first year and my favorite series is in the Finals! Booyah! Vin will win! The Mist will triumph!

    @woweventhispostisbiased Go troll somewhere else, will you?

  • Orange Turnip

    I love Perrin but if he made it to the final I would have lost all respect for the cage matches – stand him against non-magical beings and sure, I’d back him everytime, stand him against magical beings and while I would still back him I would know we were doomed to fail.

    I’m glad Vin and Quick Ben made the final.

    Like a lot of others – these cage matches have inspired me to read series I haven’t yet read and didn’t know about. I’m working my way through the third book of the Malazan series and I have to say I am liking Quick Ben’s chances of winning. However, it all depends on how it plays out – as I have mention elsewhere – I believe in a realistic fight Quick Ben would appear to be taking Vin on one-on-one but have Kalam or another bridgeburner standing off in the shadows with a knife or blade made from that magic deadening metal. But, a purely one-on-one match could go either way – I feel Quick Ben would win, badly bruised and full of respect for Vin simply because he is devious, cunning, practical and doesn’t think in standard battle terms. I mean, he made a hole in the ground under Kallor where I’m sure Vin would have engaged him in battle. Quick Ben is all about survival and he is powerful and clever enough to ensure it time after time.

    That being said, I may end up voting for Vin depending on the write up – I have a coin on standby in case I have to flip for it.

    On another note, it was on a WoT fan site that I first saw anything about cheating so just because Perrin lost don’t go accusing the otherside when you not only cheated yourselves but you posted about it on a public website that anyone could see. If you want to be indignant, fine, just don’t be a hypocrite. And personally, I think it is a good thing everyone knows about it now because it means that fans of less known characters and authors now have a chance to get the votes they need. It is more about dedicated fans now and not about how well-known a series or author is. I personally think that is a better victory.

    Still, would have been nice to have a WoT character make it all the way. It’s a shame Rand was in it last year. Perhaps next year we could have Moiraine or Graendal in the comp.

  • Sorkatani Loki

    @Orange Turnip

    Didn’t know about?! Didn’t know!?! I have been trying to get you to read Gardens of the Moon for YEARS! I put it in your school bag enough times for you to threaten to through it on the train tracks if I did it again! And now you are reading the third book?! And you didn’t even tell me!

    Well, I’m sorry Ivy but this is just not acceptable and you WILL be voting for Quick Ben because I still remember where you live.

    *Isn’t above resorting to threats in order to ensure victory*


  • Wolfejohn

    I personally would still like to see a write up between Perrin and Vin….
    It all would (Probably) Depend on if Thor’s…. I mean Perrin’s hammer can be Pushed or Pulled…. And with it being power forged…. Who knows…. Then again….. Perrin definitely weighs a lot more than Vin…. So for her to successfully Push or Pull it….. She would need an anchor for it…. Still…. It would be quite the interesting match-up…. Even though Perrin isn’t in the Finals….

  • Orange Turnip


    I thought that would get a reaction from you. I only started reading them after you bombarded me with requests to vote in these polls and considering the level of pain you described that would befall me if I didn’t support your character I figured I best do so, if not to ensure our friendship to at least ensure my continuing existence, and I wanted to know who I was voting for. I kinda thought your description of Quick Ben may have been, oh I don’t know, extremely bias πŸ˜‰

    Though, it turns out he is pretty awesome.

  • caladanbrood

    This is definitely the best possible matchup combination. Quick against Jon or Vin against Perrin would be ridiculous fights, because the mages in each match would rightly thrash the fighters. This way round we get to see and uber-mage showdown and the wolf-warriors, which is probably even more interesting.

    And this will certainly get me to read Mistborn, simply because I really want to know what the hell Atium is!

  • Tal

    Bleh. I’m a little baffled, to be honest. What’s with all of this fervor for Mistborn? I mean, it was a cute little series (if a touch simplistic) and it did pretty well, but I never thought it had this many fans. If anything, I thought Malazan fans would be swamping this thing, crowing Quick Ben’s praises.

  • @Tal – We’re just excited that Quick has a real opponent, as opposed to Perrin or Jon Snow. πŸ˜‰

  • I think that so long as Vin has access to Atium and/or the mists then she’ll win. I mean seeing into the future is a huge advantage!!!

    Oh and don’t forget that she’s defeated people with Atium before, when she doesn’t have any if you remember Zane in the Well of Ascension.

  • Brandon said early in the matches that he was taking atium out of her repertoire ‘for now’, but that if she had to face Zedd, then all bets were off. And of course, she used atium against Zedd. Anyway, I think he took atium out of her repertoire because he knows it makes her essentially undefeatable, but that’s not really true when QB is attacking from a distance with something she has no way to counter.

  • This is how I think it will go


    saying that I don’t know Quick Ben, so I’ve had to go on what fans and other sources have said, please let me know what you think!

    And no it’s not just Vin shooting a coin through his head before they even do anything!

  • Thanks Laura! Yours is the first submission. I’m wondering if it would be tacky to change my mind about the deadline and move it up a couple of days before the match ends. I’d hate for them to all come in once it’s over.

  • btowl1818

    Tal, we don’t need to be crowing Quick Ben’s praises…that would draw the wrong kinds of attention. Besides, “Quick Ben > awesome” is a universal truth, understood by all.

  • Archon

    @ Tal

    Hard to sing any praises about QB that haven’t already been sung at this point… If people haven’t read the books, it’s nearly impossible to accurately explain QB’s awsomeness… much like for people that haven’t read about Vin trying to figure out exacly how powerful this meta-burning really makes her…

  • TrypB

    Quick Ben is not the focus of the Malazan series, unlike a Rand or Richard (aka free market messiah). Where in each book they have to squeak out a new plot for something that sounds so much more awful than the last book, and lay yet another laurel, and another skill set at the feet of the titanic main character. The fact that Vin apparently ends the series as a god or godlike equivalent, is not surprising but the predictable result of the main character grind. Malazan series is dripping with extremely powerful characters all after their own goals, and even more insidious an unstoppable tide of tragic miss chance to really crank up the pathos. QB will have certainly seen worse than vin, and probably had to beat that threat under the clock.

    I’m sure the Mistborn is a fine series, and I”ll crack it as soon as I aggro a bookstore. But given a challenge between any Malazan character and halfway reasonable counterpart I’d lay odds on the Erickson creation, the world is that much up to eleven. (Epic stock brokers, epic indentured servants, comic relief necromancers…..)

  • Radmer van der Mei

    Great match, I really love both serie’s and i think both have some of the best endings i ever read. How magnificent was the crippled god and the outcome of the Hero of ages was more then perfect in my eyes. It’s a hard choice but if you compare both of them I think I have to go with Quick Ben. He is just to strong, I mean atium helps only a little and just don’t think there is a thing Vin can throw a Quick to give him more than a scratch. On the other hand, real strength doesn’t really matter. it’s just us voting but it will be a great fight and i’m curius. atium, oteral, warrens, bridgeburners, bonehunters, kalam, Sazed, Eland, kelsier, Ganoes Paran, Shaved knuckle. I’m wondering what it will be. OO yeah thank you al for letting vin defeat Jon Snow, I mean Perrin was not a power full Character but he has his taver’n, his wolf dream and his hammer. Jon Snow is just a teenage basterd with averige fighting skill and an albino wolf come on. So thank you al

  • Dave

    The problem with the Vin vs. Quick Ben cage match is that doing a good write up is going to be hard, because an extended fight isn’t very plausible. If Vin wins, she’s going to win fast, burning through her metals to get within melee range with atium burning (at which point, scratch one Quick Ben). And if Quick survives Vin’s initial rush, then he’s got a lot of tricks she can’t counter except by knowing them in advance and getting otu of the way (which takes atium, which she almost certainly doesn’t have a lot of).

  • Kyle

    I like both characters a lot, although I have a preference for Vin as a character. Having read all the Mistborn Books and up to \Toll the Hounds\ in the Malazan series, I’m of the opinion that Vin has had more exciting fights and has been able to show off a lot more (although I probably would chalk this up to the fact that I find the creative acrobatics and mixture of melee and magic that Mistborn magic provides more than the slightly more straightforward warren magic of Erikson’s world). However, Quick Ben is definitely in possession of more raw power, not to mention the fact that he has tremendous intelligence, craftiness, and the ability to choose the battlefield through his warrens. I would say Quick is outmatched when it comes to close-range combat and raw speed and strength though. However Vin would likely find it hard to bring such advantages to bear against someone who could probably toast her before it came to in-fighting, so I think I’ll give it to Quick.