Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays: Jennifer Fallon


Every Friday, we here @ Del Rey Spectra will place a 50 page excerpt of a selected title on Unbound Worlds. Whether it be science fiction, epic fantasy, alternate history, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, the possibilities are endless.

This week’s excerpt features a lovely title from the Spectra backlist, THE LION OF SENET by Jennifer Fallon. If you’re looking for another fantasy series to read, you need to give this one a shot. And don’t just take my word for it. You see, we usually have the 50 PF schedule planned out several weeks in advance, but this week has been open for a while. So the DRS team got together and bounced books off each other, literally. On Wednesday we just threw paperbacks at one another. Joking! But we did have a discussion and came to the agreement that the first book of Jennifer Fallon’s wondrous fantasy series. And to lead us in the discussion as to why this is so, I give the floor to DRS editorus superis Anne Groell:

“The truly fabulous HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones on the air, and all of us geeks are glued to the TV every Sunday night getting our fantasy fix, which is a wondrous thing.  And, as the sales numbers seem to be showing us, when many of you are not watching, you are reading, burning through the existing four books of George’s series in a mad effort to find out What Happens Next.

But, in many ways, my whole point today is What Happens Next?  What happens when you’ve finished all four Ice and Fire books, the next episode of Game of Thrones is yet to come, and it is still not yet July 12th, when A DANCE WITH DRAGONS debuts?  How to get your fantasy fix then?

Well, that is what I am hopefully here to help with today…and over the next few months.  Back in 2002, a fantasy trilogy by Jennifer Fallon was published in the Australian market that caught our attention in the US.  My assistant at the time, who was helping his overloaded boss with her submission pile, was the first to find it, and loved it too much to let it go.  When I read it, I was desperately jealous that he has found it before me and would get to work on it.  We published the first book, THE LION OF SENET, in April 2004, followed immediately thereafter by EYE OF THE LABYRINTH in May, and LORD OF THE SHADOWS in June—so that folks, like us, who got so wildly hooked wouldn’t have to wait so long to find out What Happened Next.

I wish more people had gotten hooked, but it is never too late.  I still think this tale of one young man and the lengths he is willing to go to save the world—even if it costs him everything he cares about—is one of the finest fantasies I have ever read.  So herewith is a 50 page sample of THE LION OF SENET…along with my fond hopes that you get as hooked as I did, and come to treasure this series as one of the true fantasy greats.”

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Again, please enjoy this extensive excerpt of THE LION OF SENET, available now in eBook and paperback.

THE LION OF SENET by Jennifer Fallon, Excerpt