Greetings from ICON 30: Day 1



Where’s the bus?

Haha–that was my first impression of day one at ICON 30, waiting for a bus to shuttle me back to the hotel.  But that’s not really what is important.

What is important is what ICON is: a sci-Fi and fantasy convention at Stony Brook University (Long Island) that’s been going on for 30 years.

That’s a lot of nerd history (He said lovingly).

So far, I’ve done one panel, last night, with two authors: Chris Berman and William Freedman.  Our topic?  Social media.  

While I’m certainly no expert, I think the discussion did have some useful moments about what authors can do to further their cause using social media.  We tended to focus on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, but also delved into YouTube, MySpace (which, I’m not sure, but does anyone still use that?), Goodreads (and its like), and even reviews on Amazon and as areas to explore when trying to promote books.

And obviously we talked about Unbound Worlds.

It was pretty fun, but at the end of the long workday, I really wanted to relax afterward.  There was a mixer at the hotel which sounded like a good idea…

But I couldn’t find the bus!

Found it this morning, though, and I’m on my way to Day 2, where I’ll be talking about villains, publishing, and Cage Match (although not necessarily at the same time.

As we say in the biz:

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