Hot Download: “The Pound” Issue One (Free!)


thepound-001-idw-preview-1If you like horror comics you’re going to love The Pound, a new creator-owned comic from IDW and Frozen Beach Studios. The brainchild of Stephan Nilson and Charles Pritchett, The Pound is the story of two animal control officers who discover that there’s something supernatural afoot (a’four foot?) in their city. Issue one is absolutely free to download via Frozen Beach Studios’ website!

I recently spoke with Pritchett about The Pound, and here’s what he had to say:

“The short story is that two unemployed, municipal animal control specialists discover Cleveland is lousy with monsters. Underpaid, under-budgeted, and in way over their heads they take it upon themselves to stop a plot to turn Cleveland’s citizens into werewolves. The book is a five issue mini series and we’re currently operating on a digital-first basis. The first issue is available on our site (and asap in the IDW iTunes app) and the following issues will be available exclusively digital in the IDW app. We’re the first original digital content that they’ve published and we’re happy to lead the way. We’ll be going to print in last summer/early fall as an OGN but right now are concentrating on the serial digital releases with the second issue coming out in 2 weeks, May 10th.”

What are you waiting for? Get over there and get it NOW!