Video: Terry Brooks – Setting As Character


brooks-terryFor the last four days I’ve been visiting author Terry Brooks and his wife at their new home on the Oregon Coast. It’s been a nice reprieve. While I love Seattle and doubt I’ll ever move from there, I need to get away every once in a while. To recharge my batteries when it comes to web work and writing. To explore. To surrounded myself with new environments and people. And to learn more about this wondrous world we live in.

Visiting the Oregon coast has been the perfect getaway. We luckily had two days of sun and two days of driving, stormy rain. I love both. With its energy, the ocean has reinvigorated me. My friends helped too.

Which means I have to work again.

It couldn’t have come at a better time. The real reason I chose this weekend to visit Terry was an event he took part in Saturday for the Cannon Beach Library. He asked if I could video tape the talk he would be giving. I thought it a perfect opportunity to leave Seattle and help his fans and fans of the craft of writing. Because the talk he wanted to give swirls around an aspect that he and many other authors get asked about all of the time:

Setting As Character.

Fantasy and especially epic fantasy relies heavily on believable world building. If done poorly, world building can kill a book. People need a certain level of believability in the fantasy world, things we know to be true about our world that should transcend into our fantasy. If done properly, the world can become a character as real as any that are living and breathing in the tale.

New writers, this might be for you. Here is almost an hour of Terry talking about Setting As Character as well as answering questions from people who attended the event.

Untitled from Unbound Worlds on Vimeo.