Lightsaber Fight Results in Suspension for Two High School Seniors


A Star Wars themed prank has resulted in suspensions for two Westfield, Mass. high school seniors. They’ve been suspended for ten days, and further, the two students won’t be allowed to walk at their graduation. Local news station WWLT 22 has the story.

  • jamie dees

    i agree that they should understand the dangers of doing something like this. but do not think it is fair that these students not be allowed to walk at there graduation because of one harmless prank .no one got hurt and no damage was done they earned the right to walk down and accept their diploma .

  • Ty

    lol right down the road

  • Cal Jedi

    Man, I probably would do something like this!!:) 😛 I mean its not like anyone got hurt.

  • Giovanni

    I think the punishment is definitely too harsh, I do understand that there are possible dangers, but it really isn’t as harmful as the administration may pose it to be. I think the administration may be over dramatizing it, they are not little kids and I am pretty positive they are smart enough to know not to be reckless about it. Believe it or not, in my French class, my teacher would have a Star Wars lightsaber duels between him and another student or between two students and believe me, there was never really any harm, it was actually incredibly enjoyable.

  • I think it’s very obvious that their school adminstrators are Trekkies. Well, all I can say is . . . , live long and prosper (with five fingers converted to three) because the force is definitely not with you.

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