“Star Wars” Library Coming to Your Datapad…er…eReader!


387px-Versafunction88_DatapadGot an eReader of some sort? Bet you do. Most Star Wars fans aren’t afraid of new technology.

Heck, I bet that the first thing that your typical Star Wars fan would say upon hearing of a UFO landing would be “Great! When do we meet ’em?” followed by “I hope those tentacled freaks brought enough blasters to share with everyone.”

Me? I’ve got three: a Kindle 3, a NookColor and a Sony Reader – four if you count my wife’s iPad. I can trace my enthusiasm for electronics directly to Star Wars. Ever since I saw my first computer in A New Hope I wanted one of my own. I don’t know if this is typical of Star Wars fans of – ahem…a certain age – but when I was a little boy I used to make what looked like little pocket computers out of construction paper and cardboard. Yeah, I was the kid who wandered the playground making “bleep bleep bloop” noises with my paper “computers” and a fistful of Star Wars figures. Is it any wonder that I’m working at Unbound Worlds.com?

My painfully awkward geek childhood aside, if you’re a Star Wars fan who owns your own “Datapad” you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll soon be able to purchase most of the Del Rey and Spectra Star Wars library for your device by June 28, according to parent company Random House and our friends at LucasFilm. You can read more about it here. I can’t wait, personally. Even though I love paper books, I read a ton of stuff on my eReaders. I just find it convenient to carry all of the books I’m reading at one time wherever I go without all of the resulting back strain and weird looks I’d get were I to try and haul the “dead tree” copies around.

I’ve got my eyes on a digital copy of Alan Dean Foster’s A Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, but there are also some of the newer series of books that I’d like to catch up on. What about you? What will you be buying when that Galaxy Far, Far Away comes to your favorite electronic reading device?

  • Instant buy of Joe Schreiber’s books, I have them on audio, but I’d love to actually read them.

    Also, I’m curious of the Darth Bane novels by Drew Karpyshyn, I’ll give those a try.

  • Executor78

    The 2 series’ I want most are Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy and Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy trilogy.

  • Josh

    I would get the entire X-wing series.

  • Martin

    It would be great if there was a way to get the books for those eReaders for free if you purchase a paperback or hardcover of the same book… because given that the eReaders carry a ton of books there is a certain feel when you have an actual book in your hand. So it would be nice if there was like a “COMBO” offer like they do for DVDs and Blu-Rays where the movie comes with a digital copy. And what would be even better is if you could get your already existing library (since you already paid a ton of money for all the books) digitalized for free… It’s just some ideas for the near future…

  • Troy McGruder

    An application with a list of all books would be great. Then we could keep track of all the books own. and have a list of the ones we want or need replaced. we can track if its a data pad copy, hardcover copy, or paper back. then makee the app. for bothall smart phones.

  • Keith

    Check out the app “Star Wars Books” in the app store. It’s inexpensive and can track what you own and what you want to get.

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