The GRRM T-Shirt To Wear!


keychain-lannisterI am a merchandise whore.

That’s put about as bluntly as I can. I don’t buy every piece of merchandize that I see, of course; I’m very particular in what I purchase and surround myself with at home. To be honest, the looking for cool stuff is almost as much fun as actually owning it. That’s why when I go to a Comic Con, I walk the entire floor and yet only come home with one or two items. It’s also the reason why I’m not a pauper.

But those one or two items…? They are usually special to me.

When HBO bought the rights to produce George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire into a live action adaptation, I knew they would not shirk the merchandise. It’s a huge opportunity for additional revenue. It also helps establish a brand in the mainstream culture, a free form of extra publicity that goes beyond dollars thrown on billboards and into commercials.

The merchandise HBO has created thus far has been hit and miss for me. If you visit the HBO Game of Thrones store, you can see it all for yourself. Books and posters. Mugs and glasses. Plaques and jewelry. It is the beginning of what I’m sure will be a far-reaching merchandising effort by HBO to conquer the Westeros universe and bring it into our own.

I don’t care for much of it, to be honest. It just doesn’t appeal to me. But there are a few items I will definitely be buying soon and here they are:

Lannister Keychain: I’m a Tyrion fan. Therefore, I sadly am a fan of House Lannister. Well, at least part of it. And I like keychains. I think they say something about the person just like a book does. There are several different keychains from the major houses on HBO. Definitely check them out!

Night’s Watch Oath T-Shirt: Like many GRRM fans, I love the Night’s Watch. Mostly because of Jon Snow but also just the idea of this giant Wall separating two very different worlds and the romance of giving up one’s life in service to its protection is very cool. HBO was smart in producing this t-shirt!


Night’s Watch Weirwood T-Shirt: Like the previous t-shirt, this is a must have! Love the white background and the weirwood emblazoned on it. Also like the one line from the Night’s Watch oath. I have been waiting for HBO to produce a white t-shirt I would wear and this it!


Of course, there are several dozen t-shirt designs to choose from, all very different to appeal to the largest fan base possible. To see them all, click HERE. I like many of the shirts bearing the sigils of each house, so perhaps I’ll buy one or two of them as well.

Got a favorite? Love merchandise? Buying any of this? Would love to hear from some of you about what you like and why!

Winter is coming…