Only Five More Days Until ‘Star Wars’ E-Books!

Wow! Time flies! A month or so ago readers of this website learned that the entire line of Star Wars novels published by Bantam and Del Rey would soon be available for their favorite e-reading devices, and here we are with only five days to go! Think about it: you’ll be able to carry the entire literary saga in the palm of your hand, from the newest, hottest titles to the old classics. I have to believe that Luke Skywalker himself would be impressed. The magic happens on June 28. Want a sneak peek?

What books are you going to get first? What are going to be your “gotta have” titles? Even better, what would you recommend to a Star Wars novel newb, now that they can get any book they want in seconds?

Let me know in the comments below.

  • Any Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, or Aaron Allston is worth owning.

  • I like Zahn books, although I will note that his first Star Wars book The Heir to The Empire is bein reprinted with a 20th anniversary edition in September which might be worth waitin for.
    I also liked the Brian Daley Han Solo adventures.

    I’ve created a list of all the Star Wars books being published on June 28th on my blog in one page with no covers, which I think makes it a little easier to see what is being published with a glance (based on the Kindle listings)

  • I second that anything by Zahn is good. I would normally recommend starting with Heir to the Empire (as pictured above), but since a 20th anniversary version is coming out in September, I’d probably wait for that one. I would also like to recommend the Brian Daley ‘Han Solo Adventures’. They were published before Zahn’s book revived the Star Wars line, and were very good.

    I actually have a tabular list of all the Star Wars books being published on Kindle next week at on my blog. It’s on a single page which makes it easier to see how massive the entire list of books being published next week is.

  • John

    Is it free?

  • John

    Is it going to be free?

  • Peter

    Again, I have to go with anything Timothy Zahn, but i also really enjoyed the Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy.

  • Tobiasj

    The first ones I am going to buy are:”Splinter of the Minds Eye” and “Han Solo at Stars End”, “Han Solo’s Revenge”, “Han Solo and the Lost Legacy” I read them years and years ago and haven’t been able to find them since.

  • Matt Staggs

    Hey Tobiasj, I loved those, too! I read them years ago when I was a kid. I’ve got my Kindle ready to go!

  • Tobiasj

    Matt Staggs,
    Yeah, I read them as a kid too, the first Star Wars books I ever read. I wonder if books like Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology will be published as well, I have always wanted to have the Essential series in eBook…

  • Brad

    I am going to grab the X-Wing series right out of the gate. I keep coming back to these again and again. The characters are great and the action never ends.

    The Thrawn trilogy by Zahn is great as well. Chronology plays a big part in the SW universe so leave Thrawn until you can enjoy it.

    One book that I really enjoyed on a philosophical level was Yoda: Dark Rendezvous! The image of Yoda as a mentor, healer, and friend is just sublime.

  • Tobiasj

    Well it’s official. I know own those 4 books in e-format. (mobi to be exact…) I am going to sit back and start Han Solo at Stars’ End right now. I would also like to point out that the Han Solo books were a great deal as you got all three in a collection for 7.99 instead of buying them at 7.99 each!

  • I’d like to point out that Balance Point (book six of the New Jedi Order series) is nowhere to be found as an ebook on Amazon Kindle, maybe it’s an omission, since it is available on B&N Nook and Apple iBooks.

  • Matt

    Are these ebooks going to be released on Amazon UK? There’s still only a small selection of Star Wars novels available there.

  • Melanie Flynn

    Vector Prime is a must have for me, I would and do recommend The Courtship of Princess Leia and The Bounty Hunter Wars to first time readers. Another must have for me would be the rogue and wraith squadron books, but I will have them all!!!!!

  • y sarma

    i love star wars and want to read the books on my iphone in the uk but it seems only a small selection is available . does anyone know if the uk will all the titles

  • J Blaze

    I STILL can’t find any of the Star Wars novels in the Canadian Apple iBookstore. Looks like Canada gets screwed again.

  • W Mair

    I own a whole stack of Star Wars paperbacks and would love to get them in ebook form. What is the cost likely to be to replace all the ones I have?

  • Andrew Cook

    There are still no real developments here – a very limited line of books are available from Amazon, why would you only release less than half a (Kyp’s) dozen NJOE books from a 19 book series..? And what about the older titles we have been promised ?

  • Benjamin

    First time checking out your site. As of last week I pretty much own every SW tpb. minus the X-Wing series. eBooks publishing is great news! For a completionist collector such as myself, the older, hard to get books would be a great plus.

    How about that Junior Jedi Knights series published in late 1990’s about the adventures of Jasen and Jaina?

  • DanP101

    Does anyone know where they will actually be available from though? I follow all sorts of links and seem to go round in circles non-stop.

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