Read an Excerpt from Vernor Vinge’s ‘A Fire Upon the Deep’ Sequel, ‘Children of the Sky’


childre-of-the-sky-coverOur friends at have uploaded an excerpt from Vernor Vinge’s new novel Children of the Sky, a sequel to his Hugo Award-winning 1991 novel A Fire Upon the Deep.

A Fire Upon the Deep is the story of humanity’s struggle against the Blight: a newly awakened artificial intelligence intent upon destroying civilization. Researchers fleeing from the Blight set in motion a series of events that result in a ship full of children in suspended animation crashing on a primitive planet whose inhabitants live in a feudal society. An expedition sets out to locate the children in hope that they’ll have information that could lead to the defeat of the Blight. Children of the Sky picks up immediately after the events of the first novel.

Read the excerpt here.

  • Lucas

    Hi, sorry, this is completely off topic, but I just noticed the authors stories on the Jaime vs. Kvothe cagematch page doesn’t show anymore. Is there any chance this could be repaired? It would be much appreciated as I really loved those. Rothfuss’ story made me try out The Name of the Wind, and since then I’ve devoured both it and The Wise Man’s Fear multiple times. I’d say it perhaps even has become my favorite fantasy series of all time.

  • Lucas

    Excellent! Rothfuss’ story (Kvothe vs. Jaime) was just as good as I remembered it. There also was a lot that I didn’t fully get the first time around, as I hadn’t yet read the books. Also really enjoyed Kvothe vs. Aslan. Thanks for your quick response!

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