Terry Brooks Reviews: Incarceron


fisher-incarceronTime for a new review!

One of the new additions I’ve installed on the Terry Brooks website is the ability to follow his reviews on Goodreads. He gets asked what he’s reading all of the time—on the road, in online chats, on Ask Terry, and on Facebook—and we thought it would be a great thing to start posting what he’s reading along with his answers.

What did Terry read last month? Incarceron and Sapphique by Catherine Fisher!

Here is Terry’s review:

“This month I am going to recommend another young adult fantasy contained in a two book set – INCARCERON and SAPPHIQUE by Catherine Fisher. In these stories, we follow the efforts of three prisoners held captive in a prison as large as an entire world to find a way out. Only one man has ever escaped, and he has become a legend to the prison populace. On the outside of the prison, the daughter of the Warden – who tends to the prison and its population – attempts to discover the secret of Incarceron, which she begins to discover it isn’t at all what anyone outside thought it to be. Exciting, rapid-paced and filled with intriguing ideas, this pair of books will keep readers turning the pages and wondering what is going to happen next.”

There you have it. The twelfth and thirteenth Goodreads reviews by Terry Brooks. Terry is fairly discriminatory when it comes to what he reads and what he lauds, so it’s safe to say that Incarceron and its sequel are great books.

Hope you find out for yourself!

Until next month!