The Dragon has landed! (aka, George R.R. Martin’s epic arrives!)


ADWD finished book

Today is an epic day. No, it is not July 12th yet. But it is the day that I get to see finished copies of A Dance with Dragons after several weeks of frantic work that would have left me completely grey under my nice dye job if I weren’t there already.

Yes, it is really here. A really real, very solid book filled with many excellent words! It is pretty. And shiny. And big. And it weighs a ton!

Which latter might be a good thing, since I may need to use it to beat off all the eager fans desperate for an early copy. Since word went out that the book was done, I have become the most popular girl in the universe. Every day, I get at least one mail for a friend or colleague, begging for an early copy.

To all which I have one word: EMBARGOED! Yes, we have embargoed the book. That means that only a few select reviewers get to read it early, and only then if they sign a non-disclosure agreement. Everyone else… Well, I’m sorry, but you just have to wait.

Three weeks and one day; that is not so long. You can do it; I know you can. Meanwhile, I will hide my copy away in a deep, dark place, and take it out only to admire it in quiet corners. (“Yessss. My preciousssss…”)

Now, if only it would fit into my pocketses!

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