The Steampunk Art of Friston Hookano


Fans of the whimsical world of Steampunk will no doubt find much to love in the intricate jewelry and other one-of-a-kind items created by Steampunk creator Friston Hookano.

The Hawaiian artist and florist says he is inspired by both British Victoriana and the Hawaii’s own royal past. He uses vintage clockwork and other discarded items to create his beautiful art.

Check out an article on Hookano in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and when you’re done drop by his Etsy store to purchase something of your own.

  • I know it’s a late response, but I thank you for mentioning my work! I just found this when I Googled, and I didn’t realize that you kindly mentioned the featured story by Lee Cataluna on my Steampunk Jewelry/Art. Much Mahalo!!! Please come back to my shop…most of my work is all brand new since the article came out last month…it’s flying out the door and a lot more Hawaii people are realizing that I’m here…in Hawaii 🙂

    –Friston 🙂

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