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It’s the last excerpt before the Del Rey Spectra team heads out for a little meet and greet with fans known as Comic-Con International. We’ll be there along with our Unbound Worlds friends (Kyle, Matt, and Shawn) to talk shop on all things science fiction, fantasy, and so on. But also know that the 50 PF machine always moves, no matter what! We’ll have a brand new excerpt coming for you next Friday, as always.

I also wanted to highlight a comment on last week’s 50 PF edition from Leigh, who mentioned that the excerpt of Dead Witch Walking was under 50 pages. Indeed, last week’s excerpt was under 50 pages, and for that we apologize. Moving forward, we’ll keep a closer eye on excerpt length. Note that after looking back at all of the excerpts in the 50 PF catalogue, most of them are at least 50 pages and some are significantly beyond that (60-plus).

Star Wars and Timothy Zahn. For the legions of Star Wars books readers, those words just go together. They feel right. Tim wrote the classic Heir To The Empire 20 years ago (look for our annotated edition in September!) and through that book re-kindled interest in what was going on a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

After taking a bit of a break from the Star Wars galaxies, Tim is back with Choices of One. Here’s what Star Wars editor Shelly Shapiro had to say about the book:

“In Choices of One (Tim Zahn’s follow-up to Allegiance), classic characters Luke, Han, and Leia are on a mission for the Rebel Alliance, while Mara Jade is investigating rumors for the Emperor.  This time, she brings with her the rogue group of stormtroopers she adopted in Allegiance, and the extra firepower comes in handy as all come afoul of the military and political ploys of would-be invader Nuso Esva, an alien warlord from the edge of Wild Space who has been attacking worlds at the fringe of Thrawn’s Empire of the Hand, with hit-and-run tactics on defenses and shipping and also with attempts to bribe or otherwise suborn the officials on those worlds. With a common enemy, all are working toward the same end…but very different goals.  And once again, Luke and Mara Jade dance around each other, coming ever so close to meeting, then missing each opportunity by a hair!

Like Allegiance, Choices of One is a hugely fun book.  We enjoyed the rogue stormtroopers, the opportunity to see more of Mara Jade in action, and, of course, further adventures of the young Han, Luke, and Leia in Allegiance, and so a second book set in that era and involving the same cast of characters was a no-brainer.  Adding Thrawn to the mix was icing on the cake!”

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Again, please enjoy this extensive excerpt of Star Wars: Choices of One, available Tuesday, July 19, 2011 in eBook and hard cover.

STAR WARS: CHOICES OF ONE by Timothy Zahn, excerpt