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July/August 2011 edition of F&SFEvery month Unbound Worlds offers a free story reprinted from the latest issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine. July’s offering is by Peter David, who probably needs no introduction to Unbound Worlds followers. His outspoken and often hilarious column, “But I Digress…” appeared for years in Comic Buyer’s Guide, and he continues to delight his fans via his blog. I got to know Peter best by publishing his wonderful novel Tigerheart. So I’m delighted to have the chance to reprint Peter’s story “Bronsky’s Dates With Death,” which showcases his inimitable sense of humor. Enjoy!!!

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  • Sean Brodrick

    Peter David’s story was brilliant! Well done!

  • mike weber

    It’s not first-person, and it’s not written all in present tense …

    …but it reminds me irresistibly of Damon Runyon.

    Probably the first paragraph sets the tone that way, but i kept “hearing” it being narrated out of the corner of his mouth by Sheldon Leonard.

  • Peter David

    If you liked this novelette of mine, I would recommend you check out the website where you can find info about my most recent novel, “The Camelot Papers,” available right now!


  • I loved the ending. There was a slow build-up in the beginning which make me nervous, because at those times I have to ‘trust’ the writer. But I felt you were creating sympathy for the main character, making me like him, so I continued reading and I’m so glad I did. I won’t give spoilers, but there is a lot of heart to this story, an underlying current of family bonds interwoven throughout, which makes the humor all the more satisfying.

  • Peter David

    Thanks. Glad you liked it. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies and make them into friends!


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