SDCC 2011 Video Panel: Putting the ‘Epic’ into Epic Fantasy


The 2011 San Diego Comic Con may have come and gone but there is still a great deal to see!

When the convention released its schedule, epic fantasy fans automatically gravitated toward one panel: Putting the ‘Epic’ into Epic Fantasy. Normally this is a staple at Comic Con but this year it was different. Why? The talent on the panel. Who was there? George R. R. Martin. Brandon Sanderson. Kevin J. Anderson. Christopher Paolini. Peter Orullian. Patrick Rothfuss. And K.J. Taylor. That is one helluva panel.

As Kevin J. Anderson said afterward, “If the panel had been struck by a meteor, epic fantasy would never have recovered.”

I had numerous people ask me around the internet(s) to tape the panel. I partially succeeded. My camera caught 102 minutes of the panel but when I moved the video over to my laptop for editing I only got 1/2 hour. I’m hoping the camera—which is now in NYC—will yield the other 1/2 hour when it is unearthed.

Until then, here is the first 1/2 hour from the Putting the ‘Epic’ into Epic Fantasy panel! Enjoy!

2011 Comic Con: “Putting the ‘Epic’ into Epic Fantasy” Panel from Unbound Worlds on Vimeo.

2011 Comic Con: “Putting the ‘Epic’ into Epic Fantasy” Panel – Part II from Unbound Worlds on Vimeo.

  • Thanks for posting the videos, I hope you’re able to get the other 30 minutes, it’s really interesting to hear how vastly different the authors are in their approaches to world building/character building/etc

  • Fish

    Thx so much for this, was surprised no one filmed this and posted on youtube, it’s the most interesting panel of the entire comic con for me

    Will pray that the later part is recoverable

  • Kevin

    Aw man what a great panel. I really hope the rest of this surfaces sometime.