SDCC Ask the Author: Brandon Sanderson


sdcc-brandonsandersonUnbound Worlds is attending the 2011 San Diego Comic Con!

Why? Because Unbound Worlds is like Comic Con all year ’round!

The crazy thing is, the convention is only a week away. Soon I will be flying out of Seattle to join my other Unbound Worlds contributors in SoCal. There are also dozens of fantasy and sci-fi authors attending the convention. To use a word from The Three Amigos, a plethora. That means Unbound Worlds will be surrounded by some of the best in the business—not to mention 120,000 geeking fans.

That’s where you come in!

Not everyone can attend Comic Con. They have limited space. Therefore, I am video interviewing a number of authors while in San Diego and one of them is the essential Brandon Sanderson!

So post your questions for Brandon below in the comments field. I’ll try my best to ask him as many as possible in the time we have allotted—on video, even!

Also, if any of you are going to 2011 Comic Con, be sure to find the Random House / Unbound Worlds #1514 aisle. We’ll be in the thick of it. Stop by and say hello. Who knows? We may even want to sit you down for a video interview of your own about the convention, what you’ve purchased, who you’ve met and what you’ve gotten signed!

More in a week! Stay tuned!

  • Kyle

    If cuendillar is in the way of a closing gateway, what would happen? Would the cuendillar be cut or would it force the gateway to stay open?

  • Strakul

    A lot of attention is on the new Mistborn book and the Wheel of Time, but what can you tell us about The Rithmatist and future Stormlight Archive novels?

  • Peter Ahlstrom

    I think the quote below from a Q&A sufficiently answers the cuendillar question. Though it’s talking about a gateway opening rather than closing, I think the effect would be the same. So I wouldn’t ask Brandon.

    Crossroads of Twilight book tour 16 January 2003, Dayton OH – Michael Martin reporting

    Q: What happens to a piece of heartstone if a gateway is opened across it?

    RJ: Heartstone is pushed aside, gateway remains intact. (He appeared fairly amused by this one.)

  • Jason Koelewyn

    Peter, that is not the same thing at all, that is a great question!
    How about \Why has NO armor been found made from heartstone, or even Powerwraught steel?\
    Or any weapons with power like Perrin’s Hammer? Is that a ‘New’ talent?

  • gwendolyn polk

    I am a diehard Wheel of Time fan and have recently begun reading Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. My questions are simple: 1st – does the ending of the Wheel of Time series leave you feeling satisfied or does it leave questions unanswered and leave you feeling disgruntled and wishing for more. 2nd – The Way of Kings truly is an amazing novel, I have been fully converted to a Sanderson fan with this magnificent work of art and I was just curious if Dalinar and Kaladin ever cross ways and if so, hopefully Kaladin will be able to overcome his severe hatred for lighteyes, at least for Dalinar.

  • So. In the annotations of Mistborn the Final Empire, you mention that you didn’t want to start out the book with a giant Allomancy battle. Why did you feel that it was the right move to start out Way of Kings with a giant magic battle?

    Is Skai’s shard Unity?

    I know that right now there aren’t annotations to Way of Kings. Do you have plans on writing them at some point? When do you think we could see them?

  • Is Aona’s Shard called Devotion?

  • Joe H42

    First, a question I’m not sure he’ll answer since I think he wants to keep Hoid fairly mysterious, but is Hoid a single person or is perhaps the name more of a title that could be used by multiple people or a group of people?

    Alternative question: Besides using allomancy, how else could you figure out that someone has been replaced by a Kandra? I suppose you could try to make them kill someone..

    Another question: I’ve noticed we’ve got 3 main female characters now all with ‘S’ names, Siri, Sarene, and Shalan (forgive any mis-spellings I listen to the audiobooks). Do you just like S names for female characters or does it go any deeper than that? Note, with 95% of authors I’d just assume it was that they like S names but with Brandon… you never know… 🙂

    @Gwendolyn By the time you reach the end of Way of Kings your question about Kaladin and Dalinar will be answered.

  • If an Elantrian tattooed another Elantrian with the Aon Rao, would the Elantrian with the tattoo be of equal power, no matter where he went, to Elantrians close to the city of Elantris?

  • Gordon Goesch

    So… Tien. Not actually Kaladin’s brother?

  • Andrea Digney

    Which gender is Endowment?
    is Cultivation still alive (probably going to get RAFO’d)
    what was the hardest scene to write in WoK?

  • Person A gives his/her Breath to Person B. Person A is killed in a freak chariot accident. Does Person B still have Person A’s Breath, or does it dissipate when Person A dies?

  • Windrunner

    Why are Mistwraiths different from the other creatures the Lord Ruler created? The koloss, kandra, and Inquisitors require Hemalurgic spikes to be created. If the Lord Ruler had the power to create creatures without Hemalurgy then why didn’t he create the kandra, koloss, and Inquisitors in the same way as the mistwraiths?

  • Hi, this is Paige from New Mexico… what’s up, Brandon?!

    I don’t have a book-specific question, though I am wondering if it’s been difficult either from a professional or a personal standpoint to put your own work aside -or at the least, delay it- in order to finish The Wheel of Time.

    We all know that the WoT fan in you is dedicated to finishing the series and the rest of the WoT fandom is forever grateful, but I believe it has taken significantly longer than you expected. Considering the impressive number of books you HAVE published since taking up RJ’s mantle, I just wonder what impact the WoT has had on your own work & if it’s slowed you down at all.

    Thanks, and have a good time at the Con!

  • Andrea Digney

    Oh, AAlSO just for fun, I think that if Kelsier was in a Hogwarts house he’d be in Slytherin, as he’s cunning, ambitious, and capable of being ruthless. What do you think? Ask the other questions I posted first, but ask this one if there’s time.

  • Dusty

    I have some questions about Portal Stones, not sure if it is too late to ask them but here goes!

    There seems to be some confusion about Mirror Worlds and Parallel Worlds and their relation to the Wheel from what I’ve read around the web. We are told Mirror Worlds are infinite past, present and future reflections of events that branch off of Real Events. As for Parallel Worlds, we are not told much beyond that they are other worlds akin to the Real World, where creatures/people (that have souls) live, such as the Ogier and Finn. Robert Jordan has said that Mirror Worlds and Parallel Worlds are different, so here are some crazy thoughts I had:

    We know real flesh and blood people/creatures with souls inhabit Parallel Worlds and that they can travel to Randland (such as with the Ogier.) What about Mirror World inhabitants? Do they have souls? Can they travel to (or be brought back) and live and survive and propagate in a Real World (the Seanchan animals were said to have come from a Parallel World…yet via Portal Stones, something that makes this very confusing)? In the same way, maybe a more simple example, can a Real person visit a Mirror World, dig up a plant native to that Mirror World and bring it back to the Real World and plant it and grow that Mirror World plant in the Real World? Or even more fun, can a Real World person impregnate a Mirror World person or vice versa? And one last thought about Parallel Worlds and Mirror Worlds, we know that Jordan said that Portal Stones lead to Mirror Worlds. However, were there any Portal Stones created on any Parallel Worlds to connect that Parallel World to its own Mirror Worlds?

    Also, Lanfear implied to Loial that one could visit a Mirror World and meet oneself? However, we see Rand and his company become themselves in a myriad of lives when Rand traveled to Toman Head via Portal Stone (which took months if I recall correctly.) Was Lanfear wrong? Or was Lanfear talking about “meeting” oneself as in, becoming oneself? If Rand traveled directly to a Mirror World where his Mirror Self existed, would he become himself and be trapped there? If he became himself in that instance, when he died, would the Real Rand die too? Or would he return to the Real World at a Portal Stone having lost a little time in the Real World? And in this same line of thoughts, in what way is Rand connected to his Mirror World reflections? Is each Mirror World variation of oneself connected by the soul, such as a soul ID or some such mechanism for the Wheel to connect them together? In other words, how was Rand paired with his own Mirror lives?

    Okay, going more nuts here, but I hope I don’t lose you!

    If someone visits a Mirror World, and they know how to enter the Tower of Ghenjei, upon entering where would they go? Would they be transported to the actual Parallel Worlds/Crossroad of the Finn? Or would they be transported to the Mirror World variation of the Finn Worlds/Crossroads? And about Travel, is it possible to use the One Power to open a gateway from a Mirror World back to the Real World as we see is possible to do in and out of Tel’aran’rhiod?

    Ok…I’ll stop now. 🙂

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