SDCC Ask the Author: Timothy Zahn


sdcc-timzahnUnbound Worlds is attending the 2011 San Diego Comic Con!

Why? Because Unbound Worlds is like Comic Con all year ’round!

The crazy thing is, the convention is only a week away. Soon I will be flying out of Seattle to join my other Unbound Worlds contributors in SoCal. There are also dozens of fantasy and sci-fi authors attending the convention. To use a word from The Three Amigos, a plethora. That means Unbound Worlds will be surrounded by some of the best in the business—not to mention 120,000 geeking fans.

That’s where you come in!

Not everyone can attend Comic Con. They have limited space. Therefore, I am video interviewing a number of authors while in San Diego and one of them is the Star Wars literary giant, Timothy Zahn!!

So post your questions for Tim below in the comments field. I’ll try my best to ask him as many as possible in the time we have allotted—on video, even!

Also, if any of you are going to 2011 Comic Con, be sure to find the Random House / Unbound Worlds aisle. We’ll be in the thick of it. Stop by and say hello. Who knows? We may even want to sit you down for a video interview of your own about the convention, what you’ve purchased, who you’ve met and what you’ve gotten signed!

More in a week! Stay tuned!

  • Cal Jedi

    My question is if Timothy is going to stay with Rebellion era type writing or if he’s going to write a novel in the Old Republic series or something.

  • Michael Warford

    I know that Luke has search for his mom, I do think I ever read where he found her grave.
    Timothy, have you ever thought of writing a story where Luke and Leia travel to Naboo on a Quest to find Padme?

  • Bob

    My question would be why are Heir to the Empire and The Last Command available for purchase on my Kindle, but not the middle novel, Dark Force Rising?

    I’ve read reports that the first time it was available it was full of typos and that it’s been pulled for corrections. If this is true, is there any ETA on when it will be available again? At this point I’d rather have the version with typos than no version at all.

  • David R VanLangeveld

    I recently re-read _Outbound Flight_ and I’m just finishing reading _Survior’s Quest_. I would be very interested in seeing the three-part short story “Hero of Cartao” (which orignally appeared in Star Wars Insider issues 68-70) republised in e-format. To my knowledge, they haven’t appeared anywhere else except those issues of the Insider.I also enjoyed “Buyer’s Market” in issue 126. Do you have any plans to feature short stories explaining in detail how Jorj Car’das set up his organization? How about more details about how Talon Kaarde consolidated his power after Jorj Car’das disappeared? How did Kinman Dorianna react when he learned that Palpatine and Darth Sidious were the same person? Or, how did a fleet under Chiss Admiral Ar’alani defeat a “Far Outsiders” (aka Yuzzhan Vong) reconaisance force? Any of these possible short stories would be fun to read.

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