Audiobook Narrator Roy Dotrice on Recording ‘A Dance with Dragons’


We think you’ll enjoy this exclusive interview with Roy Dotrice, narrator of the audio edition of George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons. Dotrice discusses the intricacies of the recording process with fellow professional narrator Scott Brick, another voice you will likely recognize.

Dotrice has narrated all most of the volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, providing hundreds of unique voices for the saga’s many characters. Dotrice’s work on the series earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most character voices in a single audiobook.

Dotrice, a veteran actor of stage and screen, first met Martin when the author was head writer for the eighties television series Beauty and the Beast. Dotrice played Jacob Wells, “father” of the beast. Look for Dotrice next year as Pyromancer Hallyne in A Game of Thrones Season Two.

  • Fish

    Dotrice has NOT recorded all the volumes of a song of ice and fire… he has not recored the 4th book a feast for crows

  • Matt Staggs

    Oh? Thanks! I’ll fix it.

  • Matt Staggs

    Fixed it, Fish. Again, thanks!

  • Dotrice wasn´t the narrator of 4th book only until recently:

    Bantam books have finally gave into the fans demands, after a series of petitions.

  • oyvind frivold

    i have listenef to dotrice and i really dislike his style of storytelling and all of his “unique” voices are the same. i really dont get why there is so much hatred for roy avers, ted stoddard and jhon lee. they did an exelent job and only gave pirate voices to actual pirates.

  • Soccr Playr

    The poster “oyvind” must be deaf. Thousands of people heard different voices and Dotrice was credited as such…but oyvind only heard one?!? John Lee ruined the audiobook experience for me on the 4th book of game of thrones.. My 12 year old son could have done a better job. I’m glad they went back to Dotrice and didn’t tink all the unique voice he offered were the same like some tone deaf posters..

  • Petyr Pimple

    Many of his characters sound much the same.. He certainly shouldn’t be in the Guinness book of records for 300 different character voices!
    Added to this,there is no consistency when it comes to many of the main character’s voices: Aria changes from high born girl to husky old crone; Dannerys’ voice changes in the same way; Mellisandre’s changes from smooth and smokey to high and squeaky; Even Hodor’s voice changes.. Then there’s the odd voice change from one sentence to another with the same character, an obvious mistake that was just left in.. i think this really illustrates that they just didn’t give a s?!t

  • I like Dotrice’s narration of the first three books. But he makes all the female characters in A DANCE WITH DRAGONS sound like old crones, and that includes Daenerys, who I think is very young in this book. I actually went to the wiki to find out if she had aged by fifty years. And Melisaundre used to sound throaty and sexy, but in this narration, she just sounds like an irritated old crone. I have to wonder why the change. Anybody have any explanation?

  • Yusuf

    I much prefer listening to Roy Avers. I really can’t listen to A Dance With Dragons by Roy Dotrice. Why do all the beautiful women sound like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers or half-retarded elves? No thanks. Maybe there are small differences between his voices, but none of them sound appropriate.

  • Josh Monroe

    Roy Dotrice is absolutely TERRIBLE in ADWD! Goodnight he is bad. I’m sure that people are thinking I’m some kind of troll, but I am so mega pissed that they let this 90 old poor leprechaun read for the audiobook. It is unlistenable, which is really disappointing since I am a new father, and don’t have time to chug through a massive book right now. So, so, so, so, so disappointing.

  • Roman

    I couldn’t get past the first two chapters. Roy Dotrice was awfully bad, he sounded like he was in a hurry all the time. So im not ever going to know how good the books are because i cant stand to listen to monotone. I could throw a stick and hit a pastor who could do a better job.
    Does anyone know of any other narrators for songs of fire and ice?

  • Captain Black

    I listened to the first 3 books A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings,A Storm of Swords with Roy reading and was never very impressed but his reading style, but his was the only versions I could find….

    then A Feast for Crows with John Lee and I have to say the difference was shocking, John’s interpretation is so much better, I never once questioned his characterizations, and his flow of narrative so much better suited the story. but I have finished A Feast for Crows….

    Now I really am not looking forward to going back to Roy Dotrice for A Dance with Dragons, his Am-Dram pirate interpretation of this series is possibly the worst audio-book I have ever heard, and I have heard many. at times its so bad that I burst out laughing, I’m sure that is not what the Author or Publisher wants.


  • justin

    ROY DOTRICE SUCKS. Anyone and I mean anyone who defends this guys narrating in books 4 & 5 is either incredibly biased or just too stupid to see the flaws. There were so many mistakes & just poor reading in general. And I read along while listening, there’s even more mistakes I’d never have known if I didn’t follow along. He is SO bad. Please do not bring him back for book 6. Too old.

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