‘Star Wars’ Stand Up To Cancer Video


With all the fun that we’ve had picking out a cast for Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, I felt obliged to share this short Star Wars-themed spot for Stand Up To Cancer, an excellent organization raising funds for cancer research. I have to say that while I’ve never considered Emma Stone as Leia Organa, I’m starting to seriously reconsider. And Ken Jeong as Vader? Brilliant! In any case, enjoy the video and drop by StandUp2Cancer.org when you’re all done.

  • Love this! Absolutely hilarious with a great message. And yeah, Emma Stone. Super hot for any role in Heir to the Empire!

  • The Mighty

    I’d watch Emma Stone in anything, really. However, I think that whoever is satirizing Obi-Wan (someone on the internet is going to think of me as silly for not knowing this) is doing a hell of a job in that video. Just the right amount of playfulness there.

    Cool find.

  • Space Girl

    Kim Jeuong as Lando is great. Plus Bill Hader’s tauntaun is spot on!

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