You Cast ‘Star Wars: Heir to the Empire’ Round Three: Joruus C’baoth


Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Heir to the Empire was a blockbuster and boundary breaker: It broke out of the fan underground and onto the New York Times Bestseller list, broke down the boundaries between film and written word, proving succinctly that a story is never truly over as long as someone wants to hear more, and broke through the known limits of the Star Wars universe, exploring places that the original trilogy never did. Would we have had an Expanded Universe without Heir to the Empire? Probably not.

Heir to the Empire picks up five years after Return of the Jedi. The galaxy is struggling to heal the wounds of war after the defeat of Darth Vader and the Emperor. Princess Leia and Han Solo are married and expecting twins and Luke Skywalker is now the first in a long awaited new line of Jedi Knights.

But thousands of light-years away the last of the Emperor’s warlords-the brilliant and deadly Grand Admiral Thrawn-has taken command of the shattered Imperial fleet. He’s ready it for war and aimed it right at the heart of the fragile new republic.

Fans would love to see an Heir to the Empire movie, and we would too! To celebrate the 20th anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire, we’re going to indulge in a little game of what-if, and we’d like for you to play along. We thought it would be fun to try to cast each of the book’s major roles, and after a little email brainstorming, we came up with a list of likely candidates to portray the key characters. We’d like our readers to help narrow them down and cast the movie.

We’ll list a character each weekday and the five actors we think are right for the part. You simply vote for the actor you want to see win the role. Don’t like our choices? Cast a write-in vote using the embedded poll software! We’ll announce our final cast on September 20.

Oh, and we should mention that since it’s been decades since Return of the Jedi was filmed we’ll need to recast all of the characters, so we’ll be asking you to cast new actors in some of the saga’s most iconic roles. Controversial? Maybe. Fun to discuss? You bet!

Today’s character is Joruus C’baoth.


Joruus C’baoth: Joruus C’baoth, a clone of the Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth, was created by Emperor Palpatine. The insane Dark Jedi had been secreted away to guard the Imperial storehouse at Mount Tantiss. It was there that he was discovered by Grand Admiral Thrawn years after the destruction of the second Death Star. The mad Jedi clone agreed to join Thrawn’s campaign to return Imperial control to the galaxy but he secretly had ambitions to rule on his own. In an effort to do that Joruus tried to turn Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and his sister, Leia Organa Solo, to the dark side.

Here are five actors we think might make a good Joruus C’baoth. Click the links to view their IMDB profiles, and then vote for your choice:

Kris Kristofferson
Alan Rickman
Jeff Bridges
Christopher Walken
Pierce Brosnan


Click here to vote for round four: Wedge Antilles!

  • Space Girl

    Kris Kristofferson is a good choice, but I wrote in Bryan Cranston. Those Breaking Bad posters with him look pretty awesome.

  • Ryan

    These ideas are dumb. Christopher Walken? Alan Rickman? Pierce Brosnan? Have you guys even read the book?

  • jyrnn

    Bill Nighy all the way.

  • chademe

    The image I have of the guy is someone very muscular, like Dolph Lundgren. I think he’s the right combination of muscle and crazy.

  • Broian

    I went with Nick Nolte, he has the right crazy for it but would need to use a different voice. I like what jyrnn said about Bill Nighly

  • Darth Verous

    I agree with Ryan… none of these work. Put Christopher Lee back in there, he knows how to play this part.

  • Darth Verous

    Christopher Lee all the way…

  • Darth Verous

    Christopher Lee all the way..

  • Madman007

    I thought why not put someone in an old wizard’s shoes who already been in a wizard’s shoes. Sir Ian McKellen.

  • lydia

    Christopher Lee does sound good, however, Alan Rickman can get that “crazy” look. Let’s see who still alive if they decide to make it a movie.

  • DavemJones

    I picked Clancy Brown from Carnivale and Earth 2. He has a voice that I can hear as Joruus, plus with his crazy hair and presence I can see him as an insane jedi!

  • yagyu

    I also think Bill Nighy who played the head vampire in underworld and davy jones in pirates would be the perfect casting for c’boath. I mean he just has that insane menace aura about him.

  • Michelle

    I like Bill bighy toobut liked him best as athe rock star with an epiphany in Love, Actually.

  • I really don’t think these are good suggestions. Bill Nighy is a fantastic suggestion, though I think the classics – Ian McKellan and Michael Gambon – would be perfect. I suggested Denis Lawson, just because I wanted to pump him (and he’s too old to play Wedge in HttE. He’d be perfect for the Legacy series).

  • George

    I went with Rickman — my first non-write-in so far. In retrospect, McKellan or Nighy would have been much better choices.

  • Peter

    I liked Rickman but went with the McKellen write in as well.

  • Matt

    Christopher Lloyd- remember how he played the Klingon baddie in Star Trek III?

  • I envisioned Anthony Hopkins as I read the book.

  • BreteKosan

    I felt that Nick Nolte will fit this character better because he has the insanity of increasing his power to the utmost necessary method.

    I have no idea about vocing since I am deaf– But I do feel that Nick will pull the body language perfectly!

  • Dark Father

    Michael Ironside!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • exar kun

    they need new blood for the movies but some old actors too.

  • FlickDude

    Here’s where I plug in John Noble. The man is a genius, and a perfect fit in this fun hypothetical.

  • hanimal

    I think Rickman would be amazing in this part – it’d be a streach for him, but he’d do great.

  • Thrymm

    Matt had a great one: Christopher Lloyd
    Doc Brown, Judge Doom, etc, plays an intelligent, yet insane won’t listen to reason character. Would be perfect!

  • evilnick

    nicolas cage!!!
    just watch the Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit video, and you’ll see he’s by far the only choice!

  • moderate

    The coolest part about this is that now that Disney is going to make some new movies, we may actually get to see who will be cast in these roles! 😉