You Cast ‘Star Wars: Heir to the Empire’: The Winners Revealed!


After weeks of furious debate and fast action at the polls, I give to you your Star Wars: Heir to the Empire final cast! The journey has been long and hard ┬ábut the people have spoken, and the results are in. Let’s take a look:

Gilaad Pellaeon
Sam Elliot
Most popular write-in: Gary Oldman

Although most people know Sam Elliot for the drawling cowboy role he most often portrays, a quick look at his long career reveals a talented actor with a lot of range. Gary Oldman would also have been a fantastic choice: his genre credentials are impeccable and he has an amazing ability to melt into any role he plays. I think I actually favor him.

Talon Karrde
Josh Brolin
Most popular write-in: Viggo Mortensen

Josh Brolin is a powerhouse actor, and I can’t imagine him doing a bad job in his role. Incidentially, look for him soon in a new installment of another Sci Fi franchise: Men in Black III. Viggo Mortensen would also be a fine choice, but I wonder if he’d worry about SF/F stereotyping? First Aragorn, then Talon Karrde? That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t want to see him in the part!

Joruus C’baoth
Kris Kristofferson
Most popular write-in: Sir Ian McKellen

Kris Kristofferson is one of my favorite character actors, and although I can’t recall him ever playing a role like Joruus C’baoth, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d completely nail it. Sir Ian McKellen? Wow, readers. You were a step ahead of us on that one. He probably should have been in our original list of contenders. Very good job.

Wedge Antilles
Edward Norton
Most popular write-in: James McAvoy

Edward Norton is fantastic, and I can’t tell you how many not-so-great movies that I’ve sat through simply to watch him act. He kind of even looks like Wedge, in my opinion. An easy choice. James McAvoy is perhaps a less popular actor, but I think he’d be fine in the role, too.

Mara Jade
Scarlett Johannson
Most popular write-in: Bryce Dallas Howard

While I’m sure she’d be a fine Mara Jade, I am curious if Scarlett Johannson got a lift in our polls due to her recent photo scandal. Bryce Dallas Howard would be an awesome choice, too, readers. I have to confess that I wasn’t familiar with her before today, but she’s a talented and beautiful young woman. Good thinking.

Lando Calrissian
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Most popular write-in: Don Cheadle

Wow. We’ve got two of my favorite actors up for one role. Chiwetel was utterly chilling as Serenity‘s Operative, and he sure didn’t pull any punches as Children of Men’s Luke. He’s also quite capable of lighter roles – see 2005’s Kinky Boots. I think the combination of intensity and humor would suit a post Episode 6 Lando Calrissian quite well. Don Cheadle is also a darn fine actor who, like Ejiofor, has a lot of range. This would be a hard choice for me.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
Hugo Weaving
Most popular write-in: Ralph Fiennes

Weaving has this inscrutable, unpredictable stage presence that would work perfectly for Thrawn, and he certainly has the SF/F chops to bring to this pivotal roles. Fiennes is a pretty decent choice, but I have to go for Weaving, hands down.

Han Solo
Nathan Fillion
Most popular write-in: Robert Downey, Jr.

My initial inclination would be toward Fillion. I’m a huge Firefly fan, and have watched Slither half a dozen times, but I have to tell you that Robert Downey, Jr. would probably be an awesome Solo as well. He has the right combination of cockiness and charm that is practically a Solo trademark.

Leia Organa Solo

Maggie Gyllenhaal
Most popular write-in: Ellen Page

Maggie Gyllenhall or Ellen Page would be fine in this part, but I think I’d have to choose Ellen Page. She was great in Inception and Whip It, and was utterly intense as the “victim” in Hard Candy. Here’s another one where you guys did better than us, in my opinion.

Luke Skywalker
James McAvoy
Most popular write-in: Chris O’Donnell

James McAvoy got a lot of love in this event, both as your choice for Luke Skywalker and as a popular write-in vote for Wedge Antilles. I call that destiny. Chris O’Donnel has the look, but does he has the chops? Our Unbound Worlds readers though so.

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