The CW to adapt Kim Harrison’s ‘The Hollows’ Series for Television


This just in: TV Guide reports that Kim Harrison’s New York Times bestselling series, The Hollows, will be adapted into a TV show for The CW. Smallville writer and producer Jordan Hawley will be producing and directing the series. No premiere date was supplied for the series.

Harrison is an enormous presence in the urban fantasy market, with eleven novels in The Hollows series published so far, plus a graphic novel and The Hollows Insider: publisher HarperCollins’ guide to the world of the novels.

  • Em

    I am a little wary. I mean, the other shows CW have adapted from books – Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Secret Circle – have had the tendency to stray in terms of plot, characterisation, etc. But I hope they do a good job.

  • Scott

    Pretty much ALL adaptation stray. What works for a book likely doesn’t work for a TV series.

  • Rae

    I agree with Em, to be honest. While I’m glad Kim Harrison is going to get a show, I just…doubt the CW’s abilty. I mean, compared to the book, Vampire Diaries was a tragedy. I just hope they don’t do the same to The Hollows. After all, certain series (ie. Harry Potter) did well with minimal straying, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to make a Hollows show the same way. :/

    Here’s to hoping it’s decent.

  • luisl

    Vampire Diaries series is much better than the book. But the book wasn’t really good…

  • Ace

    CW sucks….im sorry, I love ringer but at times the graphics suck and there arent a lot of great shows on there, i feel like for the most part if a premium network had opted for the rights like showtime or hbo it would be down so much better…hell even amc or fx etc. I will be there with my popcorn and eyes glued if they showed it on a garbage can….thats just how excited i am but i must admit i am a little on edge to see how this goes….hopefully the deal will have kim with heavy control over how the storyline etc goes and scripts and then we might be ok except for effect budgets

  • Maria

    WooHoo!!!! I love, love love the books and I can’t wait to see what comes out on the screen. Sooo Happy for you Kim.

  • Cindy

    We can hope that they turn out the series like Supernatural… which by the way is one of the best shows out there… and its on CW

  • Brooke

    I think it sounds awesome, even if they do stray from the plot. As long as every episode you’re not comparing the show to the books , the other CW shows adapted from novels are great.

  • Sarah-Jane

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion – and mine is that this is an AMAZING opportunity for Kim and Kim fans. The reason that many shows stray from the main plot line is because it is not conducive to the small screen and the ratings would probably drop BIG TIME if they added in the small nuances that authors are able to create. I myself, am extremely excited for Kim and the crew. This just shows that she has achieved greatness as an author and renown.

    At a signing she DID tell us that they are going to start at a certain point from the books and stick to the book for the most part but that the plot is going to take it’s own course as time goes on. My only disappointment would be if they turned it into a “young adult” show and made Rachel 18 and Ivy 19 or something silly like that. But that’s JMHO! CONGRATS KIM (and welcome back home 🙂

  • Karen

    I am sooooo excited. The Hollows series is perfect as a tv adaption. I agree that the CW may not have been my first pick of networks that I wanted to see it land on (a bit too much of that Twilight/90210 vibe imo) THEN AGAIN, they did a fantastic job of creating a damn good TV show out of that monstrosity of a 3 part series “Vampire Diaries”, I mean the writers of the show should be getting paid by the author of that slop (I forget her name since I donated my three books to the trashcan after I finished reading them.) So please CW, just make Rachele more likable than Elaine from VD, keep Trent and Kisten as pretty boys, Al as a sexy mysterious type with a hot accent, Ivy needs to be a sexy but likable bitch and Jenks needs to be a tiny little frat boy hottie. I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my opinion of the VD books, but COME ON!

  • Kevin

    Oh dear god I hope this is false. I do want the series to be a T.V. show but it needs to be on Showtime or HBO, they won’t be able to incorperate the greatest elements of the series if it’s on the CW. Please Ms. Harrison don’t sell Rachel and the cast sooo short. It can’t be turned into some lame high school drama.

  • Samantha

    What I’m worry about is that they will ignore the sexual tention between Ivy and Rachel. I admit I love the series but have always felt that Kim Harrison is afraid to take Ivy and Rachel there both the chemistry with them is too intension. I don’t know if the cw can handle the lesbian track that is undeniable. Without shattering everything that is the hollows. Rachel doesn’t seem to fit with anyone but Ivy and though the heroin protests shes straight Ivy Remains. Teenage tv can not handle the content of girl on girl love in a mature manner. especial when most hollows readers are dying for them to get there.

  • MJ

    Please KIm Harrison don’t turn this into a CW show. I think i might cry:(

  • Penn

    Very excited to see this will be a series too. I agree that the CW would not have been my choice for a network since they tend to target teenagers. I think maybe Starz, HBO, or some other that doesn’t put restrictions on the characters’ or the story’s true nature. This tale has too much depth and I will hate to see it broken down into something too immature.
    But still, I have always thought this would be a great tv series. Hope they don’t let us down too much.

  • AM

    I am very happy the books are going to TV.. I agree CW wouldn’t be my choice as they are all fluff except for supernatural. Would hae probably been more admendable with USA, SHO, HBO, FX or AMC as they tend for more adult content. You can’t deny the chemistry between Ivy and Rachel in the books and how the female jealosy is protrayed throughout the entire book series… And let us not forget the mult partners that Rachels has had in all the books. This doesn’t deserve CW unless they can loosen thier Teenage views of TV. This series is definately adult in content. Just my few cents worth.

  • I’ll hold off my excitement until I see who they cast in the roles. The Dresden Files was ruined by television. Let’s hope The Hollows gets a better chance.

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  • Rednatasha

    give it to HBO. Let ’em true blood it. Rachel morgan deserves better than brooding vamps and teenage drama.

  • Jordan

    I actually don’t mind that it is on the CW, I watched the WB when I was younger and enjoyed the shows, and I started watching the channel again when they started airing Vampire Diaries. I honestly did not really like the book, it was a slow read and well I found some points a bit more interesting then they made them in the series, I enjoy the series more than I ever enjoyed the books. I also enjoy watching The Secret Circle, while I have not read those books, if I barely managed to make my way through Vampire diaries which is by the same author I don’t have the desire to attempt another series. I love the Hollows series, and from my experience the show has been better than the books in my opinion. I do agree that if they try to basically lower Rachel’s age to target a younger audience I will not be happy but other than that I’d like to see where they go with the series.

  • woo…love so much of this book, thank you!! will go the store and buy it and read it with whole night, thanks!!

  • Trenton

    Isn’t Rachelle Lefevre the most perfekt Rachel?

  • Where to download this series of “the hollows”, want to have a big see, thanks!

  • Nicole

    Ok they may not have stuck to storylines for TVD or the Secret Circle they didnt even for true blood.. but in my opinion it made it worth watching to me kind of like whole new stories with some of my favorite characters. I did loove all the books well with TVD i did till they killed Damen then i stoppped reading…. Needless to say if its on the CW they have done a good job with TVD & Secret circle , I think it would be almost impossible for them to make rachel a teen … and i PRAY maybe now we will get more of Kisten i cried when he was killed!

  • Sam

    I cannot wait for this to start. I love the books!! IM Very thrilled!

  • jason

    my understanding from what kim said at her book singing is that the tv series will not fallow the books its just based on the books it will be about stuff that might have happend between the books. the setting charicters and time line will be whats taken from the books. i hope they do a good job on this series.

  • I haven’t read this series yet but it’s on my list. I do love urban fantasy books though and I’ve heard awesome things about these. It’d be cool to see them as a tv show, but I’ll probably want to read the books first! 🙂

  • You sharing is nice and surely I am understanding what kim said at her book singing is that the tv series will not fallow the books its just based on the books it will be about stuff that might have happend between the books. the setting charicters and time line will be whats taken from the books. i hope they do a good job on this series.I do love urban fantasy books though and I’ve heard awesome things about these. It’d be cool to see them as a tv show, good stuff on your post, thanks!

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  • filmstrlet

    I’m so glad it’s the CW and not HBO or Showtime. At least the CW will keep it about the story line and keep it toned down enough that I can let my tweens watch it 🙂 Way to go Kim!!!!

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