Catching Up With Peter V. Brett, Author, ‘The Desert Spear’


With so many Peter V. Brett fans looking forward to the third volume in the Demon Cycle, I thought I’d check in with the author and see what he’s up to. Here’s what he said:

“What am I doing lately? Daylight War, Daylight War, Daylight War. After a difficult year of surgery, setbacks, and losing my assistant, I am back to moving full steam ahead on book three of the Demon Cycle. I have a new assistant who is helping around the office, I’ve unfollowed a ton of noisy people on twitter, unplugged my phone and gotten back down to business. November 2011 is my best writing month in the last year, and I am immensely pleased with the results. I have a lot of side projects I am looking forward to working on like more Red Sonja comics, Demon Cycle novella, and a few secret things I’m not at liberty to discuss, but all of them have been shoved off my desk to make room for my passionate embrace with the keyboard.”

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