Del Rey Spectra 50 Page Fridays: Alan Dean Foster


Every Friday, we here @ Del Rey Spectra will place a 50 page excerpt of a selected title on Unbound Worlds. Whether it be science fiction, epic fantasy, alternate history, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, the possibilities are endless.

This week we’re featuring author Alan Dean Foster, a member of the DRS stable for quite some time and a fan favorite who’s produced excellently written tie-ins (the Aliens tie-ins are amazing) and original material.

Which leads us to the 2 books we are featuring today. The first is For Love of Mother-Not, Alan’s first book in his classic Pip & Flinx series and the other is The Human Blend, the first in Alan’s latest sci-fi series.

For more on both titles, here’s DRS editor Mike Braff:

“Pip and Flinx are two of the most iconic and well-loved characters in all of science-fiction and fantasy, and they got their start in For Love of Mother-Not.  Although this novel came out some years after the series had already started, it is an origin story of sorts, bringing us the earliest days of Philip Lynx (Flinx) and his winged-serpentine companion, Pip.  Purchased from slavers, the orphan Flinx is raised by Mother Mastiff on the planet of Moth.  When Mastiff is captured by a seedy group of scientists, Pip and Flinx must overcome huge obstacles to save her, and shed some light on Flinx’s empathetic powers.

The novel is an early look at a theme that Alan Dean Foster explores more fully in his current series, The Tipping Point Trilogy.  In the first book in this series, The Human Blend, we are introduced to a world of extreme “melding”, which is the surgical and genetic alteration of human structure and appearance for either aesthetic or occupational advantage.  Foster forces us to consider both the positive and negative aspects of science (specifically genetics) and its affect on the human population.  Unlike most SF, where science proves to be the savior, Foster treats the subject in a much more objective and neutral way: sometimes the thing we are relying on to save us is only bringing us closer to destruction.

So enjoy our 50 Page Friday excerpt of For Love of Mother-Not and then check out The Human Blend and the subsequent Body, Inc. for a dosage of awesome science-fiction that makes you think!”

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Again, please enjoy these extensive excerpts of Love of Mother-Not and The Human Blend, available in eBook and paperback (The Human Blend in paper back is on-sale 11/22).

That’s right – there are 2 – TWO excerpts below!

FOR LOVE OF MOTHER NOT by Alan Dean Foster, Excerpt

THE HUMAN BLEND by Alan Dean Foster, Excerpt