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By now I imagine that many of you have read A Dance with Dragons and are now eagerly awaiting GRRM’s next installment like the rest of us. I bet several of you have already finished The Wise Man’s Fear by Pat Rothfuss. And so the question resides:

Now what?

Well, for the what you’ll once again have to listen to excellent DRS editor Anne Groell discuss a book that is dear to her heart, Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash. Take it away Anne:

“Let me posit a scenario.  You have completed A Dance With Dragons—hopefully months ago by now—and maybe have also devoured The Wise Fan’s.  (And no, we don’t publish Rothfuss, but not for lack of trying.  I was the underbidder.) So what next?  How can you feed the fantasy monster that grips you?

Well, I have an answer for you.  Welcome to Lord of Snow and Shadows by Sarah Ash—the first book in one of my favorite fantasy series going.  Sarah’s world is modeled very much after 18th Century Europe, but is also very much its own thing.  It is a world rich and deep and vibrant with history and twisted politics, and—like George R.R. Martin—the  milieu she has created feels, in many ways, as intensely real as our own world.  Providing, of course, that our world had magic.

In it, we meet a young artist who—upon his father’s death—becomes the unwitting inheritor of his father’s deep and terrible powers.  It is a power which can save his nation—and maybe even stop a world war—but it comes with a deadly price.  For each time he employs it, he must feast on the blood of an innocent to renew his strength; and not to feed is to die.  For a young man whose only dream was to create objects of beauty, this is a living nightmare—and a constant moral quandry.  Is the ability to save thousands worth the loss of a few?

This is the Russian novel of fantasy—compelling, dark, operatic and wonderful.  And I hope you fall as deeply in love with it as I did.  I first published it eight years ago, in 2003, and it is a novel that still resonates with me to this day. So enjoy!”

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Again, please enjoy this extensive excerpt of Lord of Snow and Shadows, available now in eBook and paperback.

LORD OF SNOW AND SHADOWS by Sarah Ash, Excerpt