Harry Connolly — Twenty Palaces eBook original


Twenty Palaces Cover

In 2009, Harry Connolly introduced us to one of the great urban fantasy “heroes”, Ray Lilly, in the novel CHILD OF FIRE (the scare quotes around “heroes” is because Ray is in that ambiguous position of being a good guy with an interesting past). Over the past three years, Harry has continued Ray’s adventures in the Twenty Palaces series with GAME OF CAGES and the 2011 novel CIRCLE OF ENEMIES. In these novels, Harry has drawn us into a dark, gritty world where magic and monsters collide with what we consider “real.” And through it all, ex-con Ray Lilly has been in the thick of things, wielding a paper knife that is way more effective than you might think.

Check out this awesome trailer for the Twenty Palaces series to get an idea of what I mean:

Well, now Harry has written a prequel novel that gives us Ray’s backstory, including his first dangerous encounter with the mysterious Annalise Powliss. It’s aptly titled TWENTY PALACES, and it’s available as an eBook in whichever format you prefer.

This is a great series and an excellent character, and I think this new novel is something you’re not going to want to miss! You can check out more details about TWENTY PALACES and the rest of Harry’s novels at his site, here.