“Star Wars Books From Page to Screen” Poll: And The Winner Is…


On Friday, October 28th, we put up a poll that asked which Star Wars novel or series you would most like to see transformed into a TV show or movie. The choices were:

  • The New Jedi Order series by R. A. Salvatore, Michael Stackpole, James Luceno, Kathy Tyers, Greg Keyes, Troy Denning, Elaine Cunningham, Aaron Allston, Matthew Stover, Walter Jon Williams, Sean Williams, and Shane Dix (listed in order of their debut NJO novel)
  • The X-Wing series by Michael Stackpole and Aaron Allston
  • Shadows of the Empire by Steve Perry
  • Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber
  • The Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss

The polls closed at midnight this past Saturday, and the book or series with the most votes was…

The New Jedi Order series

New Jedi Order logo

Former LucasBooks Executive Editor Sue Rostoni said in an interview last August that the “enormity” of The New Jedi Order was her greatest challenge while at Lucas Licensing. Looking at the series, it’s easy to see why this was the case. At nineteen books, two eBook novellas, and three short stories, the NJO was one of the most ambitious Star Wars publishing projects in the history of the license. As I mentioned in my original post, the NJO “features some of [the Expanded Universe’s] most dramatic moments, from the deaths of Chewbacca and Anakin Solo to the torture of Jacen Solo to the invasion of Coruscant.” I’m sure a New Jedi Order TV show, say on HBO or TNT, would garner huge audiences. Fans and non-fans alike would tune in to see what the Yuuzhan Vong would look, act, and sound like; how the next generation (the Solo kids) would face their greatest challenge yet; and how the fractured New Republic would defeat a massive invasion force decades in the making.

For those who were curious, here’s the breakdown of results:

  1. The New Jedi Order series: 40.79%
  2. The X-Wing series: 27.01%
  3. Shadows of the Empire: 15.59%
  4. The Republic Commando series: 12.88%
  5. Red Harvest: 3.73%

Thanks for participating in our Star Wars Books From Page to Screen” poll! Keep checking Unbound Worlds for more opportunities to sound off about the pantheon of Star Wars novels.

  • I’m a fan of the NJO and would love to see it on television or in the movies. It’s far and away the largest in scope and size and utilized a broad range of styles. Wondering if you can put up the overall poll results so everyone can see how it broke down?

  • JediGirl

    That would be so cool to see NJO on TV.

  • [droid]

    For whom and why this poll was put up? Only for fun?

  • Yes, this poll was just for fun.

  • Thanks for adding the results in, Eric. I guess the NJO isn’t as unpopular as the impression one might get from talk on message boards. The heroic adventures of Jacen, Jaina and Anakin would be epic.

  • Emily

    The NJO, although for me it started the down turn in my enjoyment of Star Wars books, still does has its moments and would make it as a TV series. You could probably even get Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford to play their chracters which wouldn’t look out of place because the characters have aged as well. The X-Wing books would probably make a couple of mini-series, with the Rogue Squadron books being one, and Wraith Squadron the other (I’m not sure if Starfighters of Adumar would make it though). Shadows of the Empire could make either a film or a mini series. As for Red Harvest, I’m not too sure about it because I’m not into that era, so I probably wouldn’t be interested in it, but that wouldn’t reflect on the books being good or bad and I also don’t follow the computer game series either.

  • A fan

    I’m honestly surprised that the Zahn trilogy was left off this poll as I’m pretty sure out of all the books those would make the best movies/television mini series… The NJO is too disjointed to be a movie or TV series as there is too much to tell and the story was told from too many different storytellers (some good, some oh so bad… I call your attention to the use of the word smithereens in one such bad example).

  • SWfan

    I was thinking of making that into a TV show for ages! Then I come along and I see that almost 50% of fans agree with me! Someone should approach George Lucas or someone with this idea; the CLone Wars stinks and is impossible, given that according to the EU timeline all of it happens in half a year.

  • Will C

    how bout all of them? each book has enough content for about 8 hours of content if you go word for word, with extremely slow pacing, closer to 5 or 6 when you consider that a lot of the writing has to deal with stuff like setting, which obviously doesnt need the amount of time to process if you can see the area.
    heres my thought.
    start with Shadows as a starting point, unless some of the earlier work is considered vital. then hit Bakura, Mindor, and a bit of the X-wing Comics, as that sets up Isard. that would be season 1.
    then do X-wing books 1 to 4 for season 2. that will be the Isard line, as well as setting up Zsinji.
    season 3 is books 5, 6, and 7 of the X-wing novels, and courtship/ tattooine ghost. ghost is important because it introduces Thrawn.
    season 4 focuses on the Thrawn trilogy, with X-wing book 8 pulling up the rear as it starts as Last Command is ending.
    season 5 is the Dark Empire series, and maybe the Crimson Empire comics.
    season 6 is the Jedi Academy trilogy (the one with the Sun Crusher), with I, Jedi running concurrently to this. luckily, a good chunk of I, Jedi is basically the Academy trilogy just from a different perspective. as for the parts of I jedi that dont involve dead Sith Lords, etc, well, flashback episodes are great when theyre used properly. if possible.
    season 7 would open be Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, book 9 of the X-wing novels, Planet of Twilight, Crimson Empire 3, and possibly the events in the Jedi knight games. MAYBE the Crystal Star.
    Season 8: The Black Fleet Crisis. maybe The New Rebellion.
    Season 9: The Corillean Crisis.
    Season 10: The Hand of Thrawn Duology, and Union. there’s got to be some other stories that can fill this out.
    seeing as how NJO is around 20-25 books, im going to leave that out

    some ground rules:
    Live action or Japanese-style Anime (see Ghost In The Shell, Black Lagoon, etc. Im using them because theyve got great visuals that are on the realistic side)
    if Live action: get the crew from the Battlestar Galactica remake.
    Animated: get the Production I.G. guys, or another studio like that.
    in either case, and this is easier for an Animated show, stick with the same cast.

    i cannot stress this enough. if animated, this cannot be made into a kiddy show like Clone Wars and they throw it on Cartoon Network (not including Adult Swim or Toonami. this is serious.

    given that the books werent written in order of chronology, as the X-wing novels were written after the Thrawn Trilogy was written, etc, there will be inconsistencies. luckily, for as long as Star Wars has existed in media other than film, there has been a community of nerds who find, document, and report these inconsistencies to whichever body they need to (lucas arts, book, etc.). they are there, both the resolutions and the nerds themselves. use them.

    lets see. oh. try to limit the amount of filler episodes (stand alone episodes that dont really contribute to the overall story arc.) a little filler, like one episode per season, or something small like that is ok, but this isnt a procedural drama like House or Law and Order where each episode can pretty much stand by itself. although i dont foresee this being an issue, as the EU is pretty filled up.
    Recap episodes. having an episode at the beginning and maybe the end of every season would not be a terrible move, as sometimes, people need reminders of who did what, and all that jazz

    i think that about covers it
    honestly, this seems like it would make for a good animated series, as they are generally easier and less expensive to produce. will it happen? probably not, at least until Lucas Licencing decides to get off their Clone Wars fix. on the other hand, it would be a nice change to see shows on TV that are not about teenage pregnancy, “paranormal activity” (ghost hunters, etc), or having a bunch of “promiscuous adults” living in the same house with enough alcohol to keep a sports bar full for a year.
    even if it gets the live action treatment, and as long as its done well, it would be enjoyable to watch.

  • SWfan

    Ahsoka stinks! She should never have gone into the show!!! She is so whiny and annoying and reckless and stupid and weak and wimpy. She is worse than Darths Vader, Sidious, and Exar Kunnet

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