Cage Match 2012 — The Character List!


Quick Ben

And so it begins…

For the past few years, Unbound Worlds has been the home of Cage Match, where we pit fantasy and science fiction characters against each other in a March Madness-style bracket.

Check out last year’s Cage Match to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Seriously–go on and take a look. We’ll wait.

You back?

Excellent! As you can see, Steven Erikson’s Quick Ben took the crown with close victory over Brandon Sanderson’s Vin, following a year in which Robert Jordan’s Rand al’Thor took not only the inaugural Cage Match, but also beat out the satellite Villains! tournament winner, George R.R. Martin’s Gregor Clegaine, for the 2010 Championship crown.

Because coming up in March 2012, we’re doing it again–this time with a full field of 64 characters!

We tried to have a good balance of newer characters and classic ones, YA and adult, powerful and simply compelling–and we think we did a good job.

But below is the list, in alphabetical order, of the 64 contestants for the 2012 Cage Match title, and we have some questions for you:

• How would you seed them?
• What match-ups would you like to see?
• Who’d we miss?

Take a look, and stay tuned to Unbound Worlds in the next coming weeks and months for more updates leading to the beginning of the tournament!


Anasûrimbor Kellhus — R. Scott Bakker
Anomander Rake — Steven Erikson
Atticus O’Sullivan — Kevin Hearne
Aurest — Paula Brandon
Babcock — Justin Cronin
Bast — Patrick Rothfuss
Bram — Lia Habel
Caine — Matthew Stover
Carnival — Alan Campbell
Chess Putnam — Stacia Kane
Claire Haskell — David J. Williams
The Dagda Mor — Terry Brooks
Darian Frey — Chris Wooding
Esmerelda “Esme” Weatherwax (Granny Weatherwax) — Terry Pratchett
Evangeline Stone — Kelly Meding
Erevis Cale — Paul S. Kemp
The Escapist — Michael Chabon
Felix — Ted Kosmatka
Ferro Maljinn — Joe Abercrombie
The Fool — Robin Hobb
Gale Hawthorne — Suzanne Collins
Gimli — J.R.R. Tolkien
Gray Mouser — Fritz Lieber
Greg Mandel — Peter F. Hamilton
Harry Potter — J.K. Rowling
Havemercy — Jaida Jones and Dani Bennett
The Horned King — Lloyd Alexander
Iorek Byrnison — Philip Pullman
Jardir — Peter Brett
Jean Tannen — Scott Lynch
Jonathan Strange — Susanna Clarke
Juan “Johnny” Rico — Robert Heinlein
Julia — Lev Grossman
Kelsier — Brandon Sanderson
Kull — Robert E. Howard
Kylar Stern — Brent Weeks
Lady Jessica — Frank Herbert
Mellorin Rebaine — Ari Marmell
Moiraine Damodred — Robert Jordan
Morrolan e’Drien — Steven Brust
Mr. Wednesday — Neil Gaiman
Napoleon (on a dragon) — Naomi Novik
Paksenarrion — Elizabeth Moon
Peter Grant — Ben Aaronovitch
Rachel Morgan — Kim Harrison
Randur Estevu — Mark Charan Newton
Ray Lilly — Harry Connolly
Raylene Pendle — Cherie Priest
Revan — Drew Karpyshyn
Richard Rahl — Terry Goodkind
Ringil Eskiath — Richard K. Morgan
Saphira — Chris Paolini
Seregil — Lynn Flewelling
Sparhawk — David Eddings
Stony Mayhall — Daryl Gregory
Susannah Dean — Stephen King
Tarzan — Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tattoo — China Miéville
Tomas — Raymond Feist
Tyrion Lannister — George R.R. Martin
Waylander — David Gemmell
The Wicked Witch — Frank Baum
Y.T. — Neal Stephenson
Zaphod Beeblebrox — Douglas Adams

  • Jaeflash

    I think it’s important to know if Napolean is riding Lien or another dragon.

  • anonymous

    Go Kellhus! He’s got my vote all the way.

    As for matchups, we need to see Ringil vs. Seregil. I mean, two gay characters both named Gil? That can’t be a coincidence.

  • this is so interesting… I will think on this one!!

  • Strakul

    Curse you Suvudu! Every time you do these cage matches I always end up buying more books to learn about the characters (this is not a bad thing 😉 ).

    Now that I’ve started to read Malazan (woo!) I can cheer Anomander Rake.
    Still no David Farland; the Earth King, perhaps?

    I can’t remember who Tattoo is among China Mieville’s work, but I totally would have gone with Uther Doul from The Scar. That guy (and his potential sword) rocks!

  • Jk Dorf

    Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels should be on that list!

  • Simon

    What about Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher?

  • Jessica

    Kevin Hearne’s Atticus O’Sullivan, bitches! He kicks ass and… please forgive me for saying this: I could climb him like a tree. ;D My favorite character of all time. He shares a place in my heart with Oberon <3

  • CGL

    You forgot Harry Dresden!

  • Sara

    I’d like to see (read) the show down between Atticus O’Sullivan and Kylar Stern.

    Durzo Blint (Brent Weeks) might do well in this as well.

  • nate

    Atticus all the way. Go Iron Druid

  • MrIzzy

    Dresden was in the first cage match. I think he lost to Conan.

    Kellus is a tough matchup. Massive magic, total mind manipulation. Will he blow you up or make you fall in love with him?

    Zaphod should be fun to read about too. What the heck can he even DO?

    I think they need a different bracket system though. Swords should go against swords, sorcery against sorcery. I mean, I love Jean Tannen and the Sisters, but he wouldn’t stand a chance against a serious magic user (even with his con artist skills).

  • Dave

    Thought that the envoy Takashi Kovacs, rather than Ringil would have been Richard K Morgan representative to Suvudu. Definitely thought Simon R Green would have been represented by at least John Taylor or one of the DeathStalker Clan, or maybe Finlay Campbell could have stood in – he has prior arena practice. Tarzan – yeah i’d pick him for wrestling matches, but a cage fight, John Carter would have been a better choice. The Toblakai Karsa Orlong from the Malazan series would have been a good choice, along with Earl Harbinger from the Monster Hunter series by Larry Correia.

    There are so many of my favourite characters missing, David Gemmels’ Druss or Skilgannon, Andy Remics’ Kell the legend, Steven Brusts’ man who does ‘work’ Vlad Taltos. What about the characters from Glen Cook’s the Black Company – they cheat, use magic, spy etc, but they fight to win. Kastan Styrax by Tom Lloyd, Ukiah Oregan from Wen Spencer, Gauis Octavian from Jim Butcher (Alera series). Oscar Gordan from glory road instead of Jonny Rico – Rico is useless without his MI armour – if he has the armour, then that makes it a different matter. I think Gurney Halleck after Lady Jessica had taught him the Bene Gesseriat skills would have been a better choice – where else does he get an inkvine scar but except for fighting in Harkonnen fights.

    Is this Sir Sparhawk before or after he has finished the Tamuli??

    I suppose that everybody has there own favourite champions, fighters, killers, assassins, but I am dissappointed that Suvudu wasn’t put out to tender – that is the cage fighters to be nominated by the readers.

    Ok – i’m now going to go and think about ratings and by how badly some people are going to be turned into human paste.

  • BitterCold

    That’s a big list. I like Atticus the Iron Druid, for sure, but up against such a plethora of titans, he may just find his match

    Starship Troopers is my favorite book, but I don’t think even LT. Rico with his power armor and a full compliment of tactical nukes is a match for most of these folks.

    Vin took second place last year, IIRC, so Kelsier has to be at least in that same league. A Mistborn can make pretty short work of anyone from a traditional fantasy setting- I doubt even Gimli can stand up to one.

    Granny Weatherwax? How is that supposed to be a fair match-up for whoever goes against her?

  • Ernest

    From the list… id say that Atticus O’Sullivan could hold his own considering he as two thousand + year of fighting experience. He also has experience killing both demons and gods. he has his druid magic, two magical swords and a deal with his Celtic death goddess.

    i would have loved to have seen both John “Bloody” Taylor and Shotgun Suzie form Simon R. Green’s Nightside series on the list.

  • Ernest


    i wonder if Atticus’ fairy specks can pierce through the Ka’Kari’s invisibility? this match would be cool

  • Colby

    Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series should be on that list. I swear, that dude cannot stay dead.

  • Simon Tanner

    I agree that Takashi Kovacs would make most sense from Richard Morgan – definitely the bad ass to beat all bad asses.

    And no Ender Wiggin – the unbeatable soldier, the tactical genius?


  • Aquatica

    Where’s Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files?

  • dpomerico

    Just as an FYI, both Takeshi Kovacs and Harry Dresden have already been in Cage Match, Takeshi in 2011, Harry in 2010.

    We might eventually re-use characters, but for now, we’ve got so many new ones to work with each year that we’re not looking to repeat characters.

    You can check out those previous matches here:



  • Syksy

    ehm … what about Peter from Brom’s Child Thief or Tungdil from Marus Heitz’ The Dwarves??

  • Shadow’sBane

    Good Characters…
    Though I would have Liked Dresden/Karrin/Lea from Dresden files in it…
    *Richard and Rake is Imbalanced…they are way too strong..
    *Saphira should be with eragon…Dragon Ryder…that’s the entire point of Inheritance Cycle….
    *And then there are unpowered characters like Trion and Gimili and few others…
    Though I really like your cage Matches…they give us chance to learn ahold new series And Gives us fans to fight like maniacs.

    For a Image of Moraine check out the Wheel of Time 5, Fire of Heaven’s ebook Cover

  • Shadow’s Bane

    Good Characters…
    Though I would have Liked Dresden/Karrin/Lea from Dresden files in it…
    *Richard and Rake is Imbalanced…they are way too strong..
    *Saphira should be with eragon…Dragon Ryder…that’s the entire point of Inheritance Cycle….
    *And then there are unpowered characters like Trion and Gimili and few others…
    Though I really like your cage Matches…they give us chance to learn ahold new series And Gives us fans to fight like maniacs.

    For a Image of Moraine check out the Wheel of Time 5, Fire of Heaven’s ebook Cover

  • Shalti

    Takeshi Kovacs was in last year’s setup, he lost to Vin

  • Andy

    YEEEEY \m/ I hope Richard Rahl, Anomander Rake or Moiraine Damodred wins. And wonder how Tyrion would win….will he talk his way to the first place?:D

  • Nyoto

    Elizabeth Haydon’s Achmed the Snake would both be a pretty sick contender.

  • The Mighty

    Hell yeah, Cage Match! I love the expanded character list and many of the characters, but I’m rooting for Havemercy for as long as it’s in the field. Giant robotic dragon FTW!

    Seriously, I think this is going to be a fun year for Cage Match.

  • Jlingo

    Great list but how about?
    Matrim \Mat\ Cauthon
    Black Dow
    Hugh the Hand
    Gromph Baenre
    Caramon Majere
    Ilse Witch

  • Zachary

    Characters I’d have liked to see are:
    Gaius Octavian (Tavi) from Codex Alera, Sabriel from The Old Kingdom Trilogy, Justicator Alaric from the Grey Knights Trilogy, Katherine from the Privilege of the Sword, Seph from the Wizard’s Heir, and Tisamon from Shadows of the Apt.

  • Flip

    You should try some infamous duo’s like Gotrek and Felix { Nathan Long } vs. Jarlaxle Ban’re and Athrogate {R.A.Salvatore }. Until then, Erevis Cale is the new Drizzt, I see him going all the way!

  • Zachary

    Also, Quentin Coldwater from The Magicians.

  • Dan

    Erevis Cale will (or at least should) go a long way. The characters i actually do recognize on here do not stand a chance.

  • Rob Mason

    Lol , harry Potter . thats classic.

    Everis Cale all the way lads.

    Would have been nice to see drizzt in there.

  • Rob Mason

    Everis Cale FTW!!

    If u dont know who he is , pick up a book , read it , and know the power that is shadow.

  • Hugz

    Rake should win just about any of these matchups. I mean, anyone can kill a god or two, but it takes real power to bully one around.

  • TXGymboMom


    Add me to the list of those who finds more to read from these Matches – Naomi Novik totally won me over with her author contribution that one time.

  • Rae Evans

    Peter Grant is going to struggle, I think, but I like Atticus against most people as long as he can get to soil to recover and draw strength. Iorek has to be a good bet although Mr Wednesday is a sneaky bastard and a god, but I would love to see that fight. Can you imagine Zaphod and Waylander? What a scream. Bye, bye Zaphod!

  • Some

    oh, Anomander Rake and Moiraine Damodred…. i wonder whos gonna be in the finals

    ill be chearing for Jean Tannen!!

  • Some

    oh, Anomander Rake and Moiraine Damodred…. i wonder whos gonna be in the finals
    ill be chearing for Jean Tannen!!

  • Some..

    oh, Anomander Rake and Moiraine Damodred…. i wonder whos gonna be in the finals

    ill be chearing for Jean Tannen!!

  • j walt

    Joscelin Verreuil, Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey.

    Dude, he’s been suggested since the first cage match contestants were announced. Swordsman without equal.

  • Sara

    @Ernest …. That would be an interesting. Both have their own form of magic and use swords ..

  • Shadow’s Bane

    Y dont you add character from “Bartimaeus Trilogy” by Jonathan Stroud ?
    It is a better series than His Dark Materials…

    Plus “Codex of Alera” by Jim Butcher is a Amazing yet Ignored series…


    I’m predicting a Rake vs Moiraine final.

    Bring it on!

  • Loki

    Zaphod Beeblebrox versus Harry Potter with Beeblebrox winning after throwing a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster down Potter’s throat. What a footnote in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy that would make!

  • dlaroche

    Consider adding G A Aiken’s Annwyl the Bloody

  • AJ

    Can we see the matchup of Rake and Harry Potter? I mean, within the context of his own series Rake is unrivalled as a god-commanding, dragon-slaying ascendant with access to an elder warren and a soul-consuming sword as well as being an eleint-soletaken, his matchups this year will be interesting.

    Harry on the other hand is a schoolboy, or newly graduated from Hogwart. He doesn’t use the only slightly useful offensive spell he has, Avada Kedavra, unless he’s taken a level in badass. Also, even if he borrowed the sword of Gryffindor, I don’t see him beating anyone else in this list.

    So I was thinking, can we just get him dropped in the first round and carry on from there?

  • Alex

    IMO there will be a good idea to split the tournament into categories – like one for YA characters like Harry Potter and another for hard sci fi and epic fantasy. Kinda like Formula 1 and GP 2 series. The current list is good, although I dislike modern epic fantasy very much (I prefer classic stuff – Brooks, Feist, Eddings etc). Right now I am supporting Tomas, Harry Potter and Revan. IMO the strongest warrior, who is not participating and unfortunately is not very popular, is Owen Deathstalker from the “Deathstalker” space opera series by Simon R. Green. He will very likely crush all opposition, including Richard Rahl and Rand al’Thor… at least on merit. But on popularity I guess that again the GRRM character will win (meh)

  • johthohar


    Only one GRRM Character has won a cage match and that was a “villains” match.

  • Moiraine Damodred will be the Queen!

  • Go Seregil!

  • Macready

    Anomander Rake… he simply walks into Mordor.

  • Amory

    You forgot Olek Skilgannon (David Gemmell). The man is in every way deserving to be in this!!!! He has my vote.

  • Fan

    Granny Weatherwax all the way!

  • Dan

    Hyped to see Morrolan in the mix. Want someone willing to piss off a god? Look no further >:) Perhaps he’ll give Rake a little surprise…

  • Sarah

    Please pit the Fool against Zaphod – the comedy would be priceless

  • Hoid

    Anomander Rake all the way. I will be rootin for Kelsier and Kylar Stern as well but I don’t think, even if they both teamed up and had Rand Al’thor along for the ride, that they could best Rake.

  • Rose

    You really should include some of New Zealand author Jennifer Fallon’s characters sometime. She has several really awesomely powerful ones, and several sneaky politicians.

    Favorite sneaky politician: Dirk Provin. He took over the fantasy Church and realigned the politics in all the local kingdoms by age 19. And he’s a certified genius.

    Favorite all-powerful character: Cayal, the Immortal Prince. He’s over six thousand years old, and incredibly bored because he can’t die, so he’s trying to find someone to cut off his head to erase all his memories (although he’d grow a new head and destroy the world in the process). At “high tide” he has control over all the elements. He’s also sarcastic.

    I’d also like to see one of Tolkien’s dragons sometime: maybe Glaurung.

  • martin

    Rake hands-down, he’s the most hardcore character that iv ever read in a series, and iv read quite a few from this list.

    Y.T ?? She gonna date rape someone with her varge needle?

  • wade

    Putting Anomander on this list is kinda unfair to the others tbh.

  • Em

    Zaphod! YAY!

  • Sam

    I think Morrolan e’Drien is a good match for Anomander Rake

  • LabRat001

    Anomandar Rake vs the other 63 all at once and I’d still expect to see him standing when the smoke clears. Juan Rico has a hell of an edge over many of the fantasy characters assuming he’s dressed (from “hhhm look an iron golem I wonder what [BANG!][BLEED]…” to “you now have seven seconds to reach minimum safe distance”). Sparhawk I suppose it depends exactly what point in his life we’re borrowing him from as to whether he’s a bloke with an evil tempered horse or a God with a humility complex.

    I’d like it to be Ray Lily but Rake is just too much the 800lb gorilla in the room to go any other way

  • GUYS…

    Susan Delgado and Susannah Dean from Stephen King’s DARK TOWER series are NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT at all the same character.

  • dpomerico

    @Ciceronian — sorry about that, copy-and-pasting error on my part. We had discussed both characters, but had actually decided on Susannah. I’ve updated the list. — DP

  • Smoke Hawk

    You know, given the history of Cage Match, that it will be someone like Tyrion Lannister who will take out Rake! Just sayin’. Personally I’ll take Tomas, or maybe Richard, or maybe the Dagda Mor, or maybe….

  • Abyss

    I would have said Rake hands down but then they had to go and put Stover’s Caine in there and now my head’s all ‘sploded.

  • There’s only one notable exception for me: Matrim Cauthon. (Maybe Perrin Aybara and Al’Lan Mandragoran too.)

    And Ender Wiggin would also be a good addition, I think.

  • Nathan Washor

    I was going to say Jardir until I saw Tyrion, for the win!

  • Nathan Washor

    And then there is Jean Tannen, another of my favorites… big decisions!!

  • dpomerico

    For those of you calling for Ender, he was in the first Cage Match:

    He didn’t last long against Raislin Majere.

    And Perrin was also included, last year:

    He actually made it to the semi-finals, where he lost to eventual winner Quick Ben. — DP

  • Also Master Elodin from Kingkiller Chronicles.

  • Vastly Blank

    Woot, exciting!
    I only know a few on this list, but I’m going for Anomander Rake. 😀

  • Supersonic

    Saphira is pretty hard to beat. Imagine a huge dragon coming at you big enough to eat you in one go or cook you for breakfast. Also the King of all demons is gonna be a tough one. The Dagda Mor.

  • Razhal

    Saphira would be killed easily by Rake. Compared to him, shes just a little dragonpub.
    But Granny versus Kellhus would be a really interesting battle

  • Paul SJ

    You can end the contest now, you put Revan Dark Lord of the Sith of the list. He simply takes it hands down. He rises as a Jedi war hero, falls to the dark side leading a war that all but destroys the republic, while betrayed by his cowardly apprentice he is redeemed and comes back again as a BA Jedi hero. You can’t beat that.

  • Jlingo

    Anomander Rake should probably be ranked number 1. I love Tyrion but he would skewer him for dinner.

  • crmmet

    Wasn’t Richard Rahl in one of these already?

  • kraaaaa

    I’d have liked to see the Ctaeh (sp?) from Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles….Several Malazan Characters…..also, Pratchett has a few more (though I love Granny and she’s certainly one of the big favs in this).

  • Lingo

    The Dagda Mor for the win because contrary to Gandalf’s opinion, he shall pass……

  • dpomerico

    @crmmet: Richard Rahl hasn’t been it it: Zedd and Kahlan have been, though.

  • gdoubleyoutoo

    Caine. He just wins.

  • Shadow’sBane

    Kalahan Was there in 2010
    Draken Rahl in 2010 villians
    Zedd in 2011

  • Shador

    Gimli vs Tyrion! It needs to happen!

  • Ryan

    Harry Dresden?

  • Shadow’sBane

    That needs to happen.
    Tryion would be Overjoyed to meet them.
    i hope GRRM would write a cenario.

  • trench

    This took longer then I expected. But this would be my seedings for the cage matches. I took in to account 5 items to make the seedings. 1 point for brains, 1 point for fighting prowess, 1 point for magic, 1 more point for the ultra powerful, and because it always comes down to fans and amount of exposure 1 point for having a large fan base.

    It aint perfect, I definetly am not familiar with all these characters, but here it is.

    1. Anomander Rake
    2. Julia
    3. Kelsier
    4. Carnival
    5. The Horned King
    6. Saphira
    7. Zaphod Beeblebrox
    8. Waylander
    9. Chess Putnam
    10. Iorek Byrnison
    11. Evangeline Stone
    12. Greg Mandel
    13. Jean Tannen
    14. Seregil
    15. Juan “Johnny” Rico
    16. Y.T.

    1. The Dagda Mor
    2. Caine
    3. Kylar Stern
    4. Havemercy
    5. Sparhawk
    6. Atticus O’Sullivan
    7. Susannah Dean
    8. Jardir
    9. Gray Mouser
    10. Anasûrimbor Kellhus
    11. Ringil Eskiath
    12. The Escapist
    13. Felix
    14. Claire Haskell
    15. Randur Estevu
    16. Bram
    1. Mr. Wednesday
    2. Napoleon (on a dragon)
    3. Revan
    4. Bast
    5. The Fool
    6. Kull
    7. Morrolan e’Drien
    8. Ray Lilly
    9. Ferro Maljinn
    10. Gimli
    11. Paksenarrion
    12. Tyrion Lannister
    13. Peter Grant
    14. Darian Frey
    15. Tattoo
    16. Aurest
    1. Richard Rahl
    2. Moiraine Damodred
    3. Thomas
    4. Granny Weatherwax
    5. Erevis Cale
    6. Saphira
    7. Jonathan Strange
    8. Mellorin Rebaine
    9. The Wicked Witch
    10. Lady Jessica
    11. Rachel Morgan
    12. Babcock
    13. Gale Hawthorne
    14. • Tarzan
    15. Raylene Pendle
    16. Stony Mayhall

  • Fan

    Of the ones that I know, this is the order I would put them in. The ones I don’t know, well, I don’t know where they would fit in…

    Granny Weatherwax
    Moiraine Damodred
    The Horned King
    Iorek Byrnison
    Lady Jessica
    The Wicked Witch
    Tyrion Lannister
    Zaphod Beeblebrox

  • Fan

    Sorr,y forgot Harry Potter there. Guessing that it’s post 7th book, I’d put him betweeen Sparhawk and the Horned King.

  • ARSoD

    Anomander Rake is the most powerful character on the list.

    Others up there: Kelhus, Moiraine, Rahl, Dagda Mor, Tomas

  • Cae

    Aaah sweet! Can’t wait for another round of this 😀

    My money is on Anomander Rake or Tomas (wonder if he’s bringing a dragon too – there could be a bunch of awesome dragon fights this year ^^). I badly want a final between those two!

    The Fool and Bast will be fun to see, but I don’t really think they’re up there for power. Kelsier and Kylar as well.

    Moraine Damodred and Sparhawk could be outsiders depending on when they’ve been cast. Richard Rahl up there somewhere.

    Tyrion will go far for some silly reason… GRRM’s chars always do.

    Hopefully both Saphira and Potter will lose painfully 😀

    Bunch of names I don’t know as well, guess I have to go do some research between now and March 🙂

    For top 4 seeds I’d go Anomander, Tomas, Rahl and whichever one of the ones I haven’t heard of that’s most powerful (alternatively Tyrion, purely based on fanbase and GRRM coming up with a silly enough scenario)

  • Jaworski

    Anomander Rake is going to blow away the competition. The only people who I think could possibly stand up to him would be Moiraine with an angreal using balefire (which she may very well use going up against a dude as badass as Rake).

  • Shador

    I’m surprised Revan isn’t in these top tier powerful characters you guys keep mentioning. I’d probably put him over Richard Rahl. Though I doubt he could beat Thomas, who is probably the most powerful character that I’m aware of. Don’t know anything about this Anomander Rake, but sounds like something I need to put on my reading list.

  • Oden

    Granny Weatherwax will win as long as she can get into the opponents head or if it can’t use magic. Although, she might leave a WO if she gets bored at being good and wants to return home.

  • Tsiar

    No Roger Zelazny characters, again. I would love to see Corwin or Benedict(!) from the Amber series: but I would kill for seeing here Sam or Jama from “Lord of Light”. Jama would be a serious contender against anyone – including Rake – and if given time to prepare some deadly weapons he would most likely win against anyone – including Rake. And Sam… is just Sam. He never said he is a god, mind you. But he never said he isn’t.

  • Mugen21

    Since they’ve already introduced some of the other UF people like Ray Lily and Dresden (who lost to conan in the first round, lolwhut)

    Has Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim been in this yet? He may not be a mistborn or dragon guy or whatever but Stark is pretty powerful character. Nothing on the character’s abilities google-wise so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

    Here’s a rundown of his resume~
    10+ years fighting in hells arenas – he’s got experience doing this sort of thing.
    He’s a weapons expert with no qualm in Indiana Jones style shooting you with a gun to make life easier.
    He carries around Mephisto’s black blade which does what he wills to the victim (like leaving a persons head alive after decapitating it.)
    He has Superhuman strength reflexes which go into overdrive if he’s in “angel mode” allowing him to move super fast (fast enough to see bullets moving through the air in slow motion)
    He has super speed healing, inability to be injured the same way twice, a (magical?) flaming gladius which he can manifest anytime
    A weird Kissi bug arm (dunno what it does for him but it’s stronger and doesn’t feel pain) Lucifer’s light-bringer armor (grants him more physical abilities and doesn’t allow him to die from whatever injuries he has)
    He also has access to regular and demon magic which doesn’t seem to have a drawback (like no rebound.)
    Oh yeah and he has the key to the 13 rooms which allows him to traverse space time and come out anywhere he wants. I.E. moving through shadows.

    I feel the character is fantasy enough to deserve a spot and definitely a darkhorse in this kind of thing even with so many of his powers in a premature state due to the youth of the series.

    If anyone reading this hasn’t yet – go read Sandman Slim, the books are great. If he hasn’t had a shot in this, he should. I’d be interested to see him work some of these fantasy fools over. After all, he is “The monster who kills monsters”

  • Mugen21

    uhhh yeah so I just thought about it and realized that my last post could be kind of a ruiner for people who haven’t read the books. Heh.. uh ignore all but the end to avoid spoilers? oops. X_x

  • KayFlame

    So glad you got Kyler Stern in there! He’s such a great character, and Brent Week’s is an amazing author

  • SrsLii

    Richard Rahl v. Granny Weatherwax. They can take turns lecturing each other about morality and the proper way to live until someone’s head explodes.

    Moiraine or Tyrion will probably win it, seeing as that this thing always ends up being WoT (or a BwS character, lacking a WoT channeler) v. GRRM since it’s based on fan vote and those two have by far the largest online fanbases. No doubt. Kelsier will probably go far as well, but since he pretty much shares the fanbase with Mo, he won’t get past her.

    Harry Potter will get pwned in the first round by someone embarrassingly weak solely out of fanbase hatred.

    Also, why Bast, out of all the Rothfuss characters you could have chosen? We don’t even really know what his powers ARE yet.

  • David

    If Sparhawk has Bhelliom, then he wins everytime. Otherwise, look for Kelsier to win in an upset. (Rake isn’t as powerful as Quick Ben was.)

  • Kim

    What about Anita Blake – Laurell K. Hamilton?

  • Mugen21

    Anita was probably already in it, but if not, then obviously she’s too busy having sex (with every furry in the Northern Hemisphere) to participate. XD

  • george

    GIMLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the win!

  • Jonathan

    So happy to see some familiar characters, and even happier that I don’t know even more of them.
    That means that I will have plenty of new books to look into once the Cage Match starts.
    I do believe that eventually it would be nice to do a Cage Match with all of the first-round losers of the past ones… basically, a best of the worst. Because good characters do get out early, and it gives those more obscure characters who may not have gotten the chance to shine in their first tourney a second chance to show what they can really do (like the Warded Man/The Painted Man’s Arlen from Peter V. Brett, or The Bloody Nine from Joe Abercombie’s First Law Trilogy, good characters who faced against tough competition right at the start; Beowulf and 2nd placer Vin, respectively). Of course, some of the characters were less popular to begin with, (Edward and Jacob from Twilight were both first-round losers: 2010, 2011, respectively) so maybe not the best idea exactly as-is…
    One character who I wish had made the cut is Miles Vorkosigan from Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan saga, but there’s always next year. Otherwise, happy with those I recognize and very interested in the many who I don’t.

  • ARSoD


  • ARSoD

    David what books were you reading??????? Quick Ben isn’t even in the same power ballpark as Rake let alone his superior lol

  • ARSoD

    LOL David if you think QB is more powerful than Rake, then I DONT KNOW WHAT BOOK U WERE READING LMFAO

  • johthohar

    @ARSoD Rake is a vastly superior swordsman and superior to Quick in raw power. However, neither of these make up for Quick’s tactical genius. He once defeated three soultaken dragon’s close to Rake’s power at once. Not to mention the fact that he is likely to always have access to Moranth munitions. IMHO Quick Ben would take Anomander easily 9 times out of 10.

  • ARSoD

    Anomander Rake FTW

  • Asteron

    All of you people keep comparing these characters as if they are in your favorite character’s mythos… Have you ever considered that they may not be as badass in a neutral or foreign setting? Perhaps his or her favorite tricks don’t work in that setting or against that particular foe… anything is possible. Its called fantasy for a reason!

    Admittedly I haven’t read about half of the series on the list, but things are infinitely more exciting and interesting if the possibilities are infinite themselves.

  • ARSoD

    Lol johthohar. You correctly state that Rake is indeed vastly superior as a swordsman and in raw magical power. Not to mention he is a Soletaken Eleint. His feats include:

    A master of Kurald Galain, Starvald Demelain and Chaos
    He is the only known slayer of Tiam – and without Dragnipur (although she re-manifests) –
    He slew Draconus – he earned his respect as well.
    He slew Apsal’ara
    He slew Hood
    He defeated Kilmandaros (and perhaps Sechul Lath)
    He has defeated the Soletaken Elient Galain Lord
    He defeated Osserc numerous times
    He slew 2 hounds of shadow in a split second while fighting the bunch of them
    He forced the hounds and Ammeanas/Cot to withdraw
    He sealed the gates to Starvald Demelain
    He warred with the pure blood eleints – defeating and trapping many (including the 3 in Shadow)
    He trapped defeated and trapped KORBAS LOL (the otataral dragon)
    He filled Dragnipur with a huge number of deadly beings from elder gods to powerful mortals
    He took on Tay,A’Kar,Hairlock,Tattersail,Calot,Nightchill(an Elder god),Bellurden with cadres of lesser mages supporting them – His power was used to at least deflect onto A’Kar/Hairlock/Tattersail/Calot – killing them all save for Tattersail – leaving Tay unable to stand.
    He had Gothos respect
    He had the power to defeat Dessembrae
    He had the power to destroy Azath
    He hammered back Chaos with the pure power of his being, giving gate of Kurald Galain back to the Tiste Andii

    Now Quick Ben with the HELP of Hedge raised the earth and hammered back Sukul, Menandore and Lore. They completely underestimated him and didn’t think he would even fight back lol. In their frustration Menandore was killed because Lore and Sukul teamed up against her. Lore was then killed by a Moranth Cusser from Hedge. Sukul was then killed by the T’lan Imass. So actually all QB did was hammer them back when they had completely underestimated him. Thirdly All three of those Soletaken were needed to have a chance of killing Ruin, Rakes (weaker brother). So saying they are individually close to Rakes power is nonsense. Unless you weren’t implying that.

    Rake is as much of TACTICAL GENIUS as anyone in the series. It is often overlooked as he has so much Raw power. Endest Silan, Tulus Shorn and Ruin rate Rake as the most intelligent being they have EVER encountered in over 300,000 years of existence. God/Ascendant or Mortal. Rake laid the impossible trap to capture Korbas. He has warred for 300,000 – 1million years being the most deadly ascendant in MbotF.

    Finally in MoI i think it is quick ben who is absolutely petrified of Rake, wanting absolutely nothing to do with him.


  • Blasphemy!, Where is Mat Cauthon?

  • trench

    @ JoodeWess
    The good folks at Suvudu realize that if Mat is in a Cage Match, the WOT fanbase will not let him lose, under any circumstances.

  • trench

    … and they probably got tired of the Ta’veren argument as well.

  • dpomerico

    @JoodeWess and @trench:

    We wanted to include more female characters in Cage Match, so we thought we’d include Moiraine from WoT this time around. Considering she’s pretty bad-ass in her own right, we think she’s a great addition to the 2012 bracket.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    I don’t know most of these characters, but from what research I’ve done, I think I would seed them in this order:

    1: Sparhawk (assuming he’s at the height of his power and not just a mortal knight)
    2: Mr. Wednesday
    3: Anomander Rake
    4: Tomas
    5: Richard Rahl
    6: Morrolan e’Drien
    7: Revan
    8: Moiraine Damodred
    9: Esmerelda Weatherwax
    10: The Dagda Mor
    11: Carnival
    12: Anasûrimbor Kellus
    13: Julia
    14: Harry Potter
    15: Rachel Morgan
    16: Jardir
    17: Kelsier
    18: Lady Jessica
    19: Jonathon Strange
    20: Atticus O’Sullivan
    21: Havemercy
    22: Saphira
    23: Napolean
    24: Kylar Stern
    25: Juan Rico
    26: Babcock
    27: Raylene Pendle
    28: The Wicked Witch
    29: Ray Lilly
    30: Bast
    31: Greg Mandel
    32: The Horned King
    33: The Escapist
    34: Darian Frey
    35: Felix
    36: Bram
    37: Evangeline Stone
    38: Chess Putnam
    39: Randur Estevu
    40: Tattoo
    41: Erevis Cale
    42: Ferro Maljinn
    43: Waylander
    44: Iorek Byrnison
    45: Stony Mayhall
    46: Peter Grant
    47: Claire Haskell
    48: Susannah Dean
    49: Gale Hawthorne
    50: Paksenarrion
    51: Gimli
    52: Jean Tannen
    53: Kull
    54: Mellorin Rebaine
    55: Aurest
    56: Ringil Eskiath
    57: Caine
    58: Tarzan
    59: Tyrion Lannister
    60: Gray Mouser
    61: Seregil
    62: Y.T.
    63: Zaphod Beeblebrox
    64: The Fool

  • reader

    What no Daenaerys (on a dragon) you cannot deny the awesomeness of Daenaerys (on a dragon) fighting Napoleon (on a dragon)

  • Samuel

    Gah, still no love for the Kushiel series? Ah well…I’d give it to Rake, but Moiraine can use balefire and roast him out of existence, soooo…dunno. Kylar Stern could possibly assassinate Moiraine before she had a chance to use the Power, though.

    Depends on the organization of the matches, I suppose.

  • WhisperByte

    Sadly Harry Dresden is not on this list cause it would be nice to see a “Harry, the Wizard vs Harry, the Wizard” fight

  • David

    @WhisperByte Harry Dresden was in the first ever cage match. @ARSoD True, I’ve never read that series. I had read somewhere that Rake only had access to 3 warrens while QB had access to 10. Guess I’ll have to read the series.

  • Chris

    Well, I don’t know enough about all of them to rank them… but I can think of a couple of characters you missed that I think may be powerful or compelling enough to include in future cage matches:

    Grinsa Jal Arriet – From David B. Coe’s Southland series… Weaver (wielder and master of multiple magical skills) of great renown and ability

    Alcatraz Smedry – From Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatraz series… Occulator (able to use various lenses to make things happen) with the amazing talent of Breaking Things

    F’lar (on Mnementh) or Lessa (on Ramoth) – From Anne McCaffery’s Pern series…

    Naitachal – From The Bard’s Tale… reformed Necromancer turned Master Bard… the combination of the 2 would make a formidable fighter…

    Marcia Overstrand – From Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap series… ExtraOrdinary Wizard with not insignificant powers and knowledge… would certainly hold her own…

  • ARSoD

    DAVID: @ARSoD True, I’ve never read that series. I had read somewhere that Rake only had access to 3 warrens while QB had access to 10. Guess I’ll have to read the series.

    Number of Warrens is no indicative of Power. Rakes KNOWN warrens are Elder racial warrens, which are much more powerful than QBs numerous human accessible warrens. Rake is the Archmage of the Elder Warren of Darkness (the most powerful warren in the series) – he is the premier Mage of his race. In one sweep of his flight over a 300,000 man strong tenescowri army which sprawled over miles – he decimated at least one third of it with Kurald Galain before they scattered.

    Rake can annihilate armies/cities and more (we don’t know his limit) etc in a single unveiling of Kurald Galain.

  • DJ Packit

    hmmmm, but ther eis also so much more to Qb than there is to Rake…. at least 12 things and some of those may be as old as Rake himself…… not that I’m dissing Rake at all…… he is/was the Uber power overall but …. .as has been pointed out numerous times in the Malaz world… no matter how big a shot you are, the twins have the ultimate say in who wins and who doesn’t….

  • Chris

    Simply put, a fight between QB and Rake is not clear cut. As was explained in the series, raw power isn’t everything, and Gods were shown that several times throughout. There is a strong argument for either one winning (Remember, QB is far more than he appears, to the point that by the end of the main series we are not supposed to know who he really is).

    @ ARSoD

    I would hate to spoil it, so if you haven’t read the entire series stop reading here, but…

    QB is the Magi of darkness, though this happened right around the time of Rake’s death, but it puts their relative power in context (effectively, either one might be stronger, depending). Rake, of course, spent the entire series as the Knight of dark.

    Mat would win, but his “Ta’vereness” isn’t the issue, his luck is separate and beyond it, to the point that if this fights happened when Mat was on a lucky streak he could kill every single other character at once without doing anything intentionally, because by some chance things would work out that way. Mat, effectively, is the only non-magical character who ever has a shot of winning in a fair fight, because he is insanely lucky.

  • ARSoD

    I have read it all Chris. Knight/Champion is normally the powerhouse role of a house. The death-dealer the big bad-ass. Magi vs. Knight doesn’t really put any of their relative power into any context. Pust is the Magi of Shadow… i could name numerous mages that aren’t Magi of anything but are potentially more powerful than Pust. Anyway I do rate QB massively. He is capable of producing an upset. But killing Rake would be just that, an upset.

  • Anna M

    Characters I would like to see fighting in Cage Matches:

    Dany Targaryen (from A Song of Ice and Fire) With her dragons, of course.
    Arya Stark (also from A Song of Ice and Fire) I don’t think we can have two characters from the same series, but I’d love to see one of these two characters in the Cage Matches. I don’t think she’d make it very far since these matches are mostly determined by magic, which she doesn’t have, but it would be nice to see her fighting.

    I don’t think Tyrion, the A Song of Ice and Fire character that’s being included is a good choice: sure, I love him, and he might do well solely because of his insane popularity, but he’s not much of a fighter. Okay, correction: He’s not a fighter AT ALL.

    Reepicheep (Narnia) Maybe against Martin the Warrior? I know Martin was in last year’s matches but this fight would be pure awesome.
    Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter) Because we haven’t got enough villains on the list.
    Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) Honestly, I don’t know why I picked her. I’d just like to see her in this.

  • Wot-Fan

    Gholam from WoT would be fun to see at the 2012 villain match.

    That thing would give serious headache for anyone.

    For those who haven’t read WoT:
    Gholam is basically T-1000 Terminator with a magic immunity and infallible tracking ability… It can’t change it’s appearance from what its been made but is otherwise exact in powers.
    It sustains itself with blood ala vampire, likes human blood and absolutely loves mage’s blood.

    Now about the hero match 2012; I’m in a firm belief that the poor Fool aka “the white prophet” is going to get creamed in short order. He has only two magically inclined abilities and none of them are combat oriented. The first is his ability to “feel” the true make-up of objects which usually results him to create exquisite art pieces and the other is a form of foretelling. I’m not listing his ability to effect his proxy or “catalyst” FitzChivalry in this since his more of a free agent than a minion and was already there the last time around at 2011.

    The rest of the blokes and gal’s on the list might actually have a slight chance against Rake except Zaphoid whose even bigger “wimp” at the combat department than the Fool.

  • Pat

    I just found this and am wondering if Ronin/Dai-San from Eric Von Lustabders Sunset Warrior series has ever been in this and how others think he might fare.

  • Doris

    1st: Luggage from Diskworld would win any match, ever. Out of the choices available though, I’d rather enjoy Tarzan winning.

    2nd: when can I start voting?

  • Doris

    Discworld is spelled with a c in the middle. obviously.

  • David

    @ARSoD Sparhawk should be an interesting opponent for Rake, then. That’s assuming he is permitted to be Anakha in this tournament.

  • Eric

    Morrolan e’Drien. It’s obvious!

    8 ft tall, master swordsman, witch, sorcerer, and he has Blackwand, a Great Weapon. Brust might not have the best series out of this group, but Morrolan is the clear favorite imho.

  • NightAngelFan

    I’m betting on Kylar Stern, not only because he has almost inexhaustible power, but because even if someone DOES manage to kill him, he’ll just come back to life, hunt them down, and kill them anyway.

  • ARSoD


    LOL thats the thing about RAKE. When he kills people. They stay dead forever because you are thrown into a hellish afterlife that traps you forever. Or till the chaotic powers that are the essence of everything in the universe annihilate you on contact. thats spirit flesh and everything. So little Kylar Stern is screwed. Trust me.

  • Jeff

    Is it too late to offer names for the list? If not, I’d like to toss some love to Jim Butcher — either Karren Murphy (Dresden Files) or Isana (Codex Alera) if you still need women. Tavi would work as well, or even Gaius Septimus, if you allow him to call all the furies of Alera…

  • Spot

    Well. This will be interesting.
    Rake for the win!

    … lets face it, he is the coolest and will own anything on this list.

  • Adam

    I would love to see Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher in a good fight, if its not too late to chime in.

  • huzza

    What about Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius, especially if you want more women in the cage match.

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless

    Oh man! I can’t wait for this!

    Some suggested matchups:
    1) Gimli vs. Tyrion Lanister (dwarf v. dwarf!!!)
    2) Saphira vs. Napoleon

    Also, very glad to see Bast in here, he should be interesting!

  • Trickster

    I have read nearly of every character up there… I am supporting them in this order and for reasoning listed.
    1. Atticus O’Sullivan — Kevin Hearne – Because lets face it… He kills gods, is neigh immortal and has lived several thousand years longer than anyone else on the list.
    2.Kylar Stern — Brent Weeks — Again, neigh immortal. Due to his ability to get resurrected from death near indefinitely. Is a professional assassin which magic does not really work against AND can change his appearance and shape at will essentially.
    3. Jadir – Peter V Brett.– No secret I thought Arlen was robbed last time. For this time however, I think Jadir has a good shot. He has ancient armor and weapons which absorb any magic and block mind control. Has trained his entire life to kill demons easily 5 times larger than himself and is adept to every type of combat essentially. Also is ruthless.
    4.Richard Rahl — Terry Goodkind — I am rating Richard lower simply because he lacks a great deal of ability when it comes to using his powers. Otherwise he would be a lot more formidable.

    Characters I think would stand no chance are.

    1. Gimli
    2. Harry Potter
    3.Tyrion Lannister

    Character that I think would put up a good fight against anyone but might not win.
    1. Bast
    1.5 and Kelsier — Brandon Sanderson
    2. Mr.Wednesday
    4.The Fool

    All around I am really hoping this match up goes better than last years. GL to everyones favorite characters. 🙂

  • David

    I am unfamiliar with most of the characters on the list. The ones I am familiar with, I rate as follows:

    Haven’t got a chance-
    Gimli- The axe won’t help against someone with power
    Johnny Rico- He’s brave. He’s got a gun. Too many on the list are immune to bullets
    Kull- He’s no Conan
    Tarzan- He’s strong, but the guys I just mentioned could take him
    Zaphod Beeblebrox- Seriously?

    Have a decent chance-
    Richard Rahl- He’s a powerful wizard, albeit poorly trained
    Wicked Witch- She’s got power, but she’s beatable
    Harry Potter- He’s resourceful, but he isn’t Dumbledore or Snape

    Have a good chance-
    Kelsier- Next to Vin, he was the most powerful Allomancer
    Sparhawk- He’s the premier knight in Elenia. He has the Bhelliom. He’s Anakha. ‘Nuff said.

  • David

    On a side note. I’m also familiar with the Dagda Mor. I know ‘he’ is a powerful demon sorcerer. I’m just not sure why a villain was put on the list. There have been morally ambiguous characters (i.e. Snape, LeStat, the Wicked Witch) but this character is pure evil.

  • David

    Can we all agree to be realistic in our voting? For instance, let’s not have Tarzan getting the drop on Rake.

  • Novashannon

    So many characters on the list that i do not care about.

    I’d like to see Qvothe (fomr Patrick Rothfuss).

    I give human determination high odds, so would not discount (the real) Tarzan (from ERB, not the moives and cartoons). I hope Moiraine whus everyone! She is quite capable. I admit I don’t know this Rake everyone favors.

  • dpomerico

    Adam: just to let you know, Harry Dresden was in the first Cage Match. He went up against Conan, and even Jim Butcher thought he’d lose in that fight!

    Novashannon: I understand. Many big characters were used in previous fights (including Qvothe, who made it pretty far into the first Cage Match).

    I would say, though, that one thing we’re trying to do is hopefully MAKE you care about some of these other characters. You never know who you might discover as a new favorite read.

    And, just to let you know: the bracket will be revealed Sunday, February 26th. So stay tuned!

  • Shinra

    I’m afraid Rake has to be the top of the bracket, he is something in the order of 300,000 years old, carries a sword that can imprison pretty much anyone permanently and has enough magical juice to quite literally halt armies in their tracks. One top of that if he gets bored he can also turn into a dragon.

    Question then is whether Sparhawk has access to his Bhelliom/Anakha powers, though if he does then it makes talking about most of this academic in the same way as when Cthulu was in the villains bracket.

    I agree that it is a shame that there aren’t more girls around, Sabriel would make for a couple of interesting fights, the surprise of being chucked past a few gates of death would make for a good reading. Similarly from the Dresdenverse instead of Murphy take either Lara Wraith or (more likely to be successful) Mab.

    However personally rooting for Granny Weatherwax, you just can’t beat Headology.

  • Gela

    No Narnia representative? :\

    As for who I think will win, MAYBE Kelsier. If he does win, it’s just because B.S.’s fanbase is too in love with the Survivor and will all show up in droves to vote for him. I kind of wish we could get a B.S. representative that’s, ya know, NOT from Mistborn though. Like Szeth. Szeth kicks ass.

    Moiraine is my only bet for being able to beat Rake with something approaching a realistic chance. She has to use balefire almost immediately though, and be very clever. If they’re allowed to bring assistants again, she might definitely be able to pull it off if she bring some other sisters to link with. (Or she could just be cheap and bring Rand and some Asha’man)

  • Gela

    Oh, oh, oh, as for my choice for a future B.S. rep, HOID ALL THE WAY GUYS. Lightweaving is just too awesome to pass up. And the worldhopping. Though I think he’d be better to save for when Dragonsteel comes out.

    Dalinar Kholin would also be cool. I would say Vasher, the man himself, but I’m not sure we know the extent of his powers as of yet.

    A shard could definitely beat Rake, though the only ones we’ve seen in detail are Preservation, Ruin, and the fusion of the two in the form of Harmony. Ruin would definitely be a favored win, even over Rake.

  • zeke

    You all do know that Moiraine can just balefire anybody she wants out of existence like rand al’thor did right?

  • Miss Bliss

    I know it’s much too late to be adding names but what about Kate Daniels and Curran from the Ilona Andrews books? Also…Mercy Thompson and Adam from the Patricia Briggs books.

  • Neko

    Wooo! Paksenarrion and Rachel Morgan! This is awesome! The only thing missing is some Pern Love! Mnementh could kick ass any day of the week!

  • Signe’ C.

    What about Sandman Slim-Richard Kadrey? Or John Taylor-Simon R Green?

  • Maethona

    I miss Logan Ninefingers-Joe Abercrombie and Jorg Ancrath-Mark Lawrence. Otherwise great list.

  • Xenor

    This year looks to have one of the best lists, as they seem to have avoided picking those with unbeatable powers (Rand and Balefire comes to mind) also, the spread of characters seems good… some of them make me feel a tad nolstalgic

  • Ursus

    Mind getting some of the heavyweights matched up togather earlier to eliminate the stomp matches?

    Maybe Rahl vs Saphira & Potter vs Moiraine Damodred

  • Tim

    Kylar Stern vs Erevis Cale would be an incredible match-up. Not sure who would win in a fair fight, but as it says in Shadow’s Edge, where wetboys are involved “there’s no such thing as a fair fight.” I think Kylar would win, but it could go either way.

    Would love to see a Sparhawk vs Gimli vs Iorek vs Saphira match. Although I think Saphira could win any (or all at once) by simply roasting her heavily armoured opponents alive. Unless Sparhawk has the Bhelliom (however you spell it), in which case none of the others stand a chance.

    Looking forward to seeing that scrawny Potter kid get slaughtered. Preferably by Kylar, who he wouldn’t even be able to land a spell on. Not only would the black ka’kari absorb any and all magic cast at Kylar, but poor little Harry would have Retribution through his guts before he could get halfway through saying “Crucio.” And that protection thing he’s got from his mum? Definitely not going to stop Retribution, especially if it’s coated by the Black.

  • Trickster

    The more I think it through the more Atticus O’Sullivan seems the smart choice. I mean..

    Aside from the ability to transverse dimensions. “thus escaping to anywhere he wants”.

    Aside from an ability and skill set that kills gods and any other sort of mythical beastie.

    Aside from being older than nearly everyone on the list.

    Aside from heal from most injuries.

    Aside from the fact that as a modern day human he could read of any of the people he would be fighting or the fact that he could travel across time and space and gather intel. (which is pretty ridiculous so in all fairness I will discount this as a reasonable strength.)

    Aside from the fact that nature is quite literally on his side. People think he would lose?

    I really think I am reading to much into this… lol. Has anybody else who has read of this character tell me how they think he would die to anyone on that list if he any clue they where coming?

    I am just having a very hard time picturing the scenario. So… Anybodies thoughts?

  • Matt

    I don’t know about any body else but I think a mental battle with a dragon would defiantly be on Granny Weatherwax’s bucket list and there may be an upset

  • David

    Having read up on Atticus O’Sullivan, he might match up well with Sparhawk. Bhelliom wouldn’t be a factor in such a contest.

  • So… No Harry Dresden? Pfff, I’m out.


  • Little My

    I don’t know about a dragon, but you know Granny Weatherwax HAS to take on Harry Potter.

  • Patrick

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kylar in action, I hope he goes far. I have a feeling that Saphira will be a tough kill (depending on how much magic she uses), the only real way to beat her would be mentally, where she has been shown to have weaknesses. Also, although he may get through a ways on popularity, I feel that Harry should be out fairly soon, not being actually combat trained or anything. Similarly with Gale, looking at the list, he should be an easy kill as well. I also want to see Mr. Wednesday fight, I’m just finishing up American Gods, so I don’t know exactly how powerful he really is at the moment, but still looks interesting. All in all, good list.

  • Mike

    I think there should be a special ‘Villains’ match up of who is the best and strongest villain.

  • Valerie

    Anne Rice seems to have been skipped all together… I would have LOVED to see Rowan Mayfield against Lady Jessica or Harry Potter haha she doesnt need a wand to make your heart explode!!

  • David

    @Trickster- I don’t think Atticus would fare too well against Kelsier. An allomancer has a distinct advantage over an ‘iron’ druid.

  • Chris

    Regarding Cage Match 2012… will there be some equalizer in this years Cage Match? Last year Druss was pitted against Pug in a match up that read wrong anyways, but I digress. In the world of Druss the Legend magic was cost associated i.e. blood in most instances of dark magic. Pug on the other hand is evidently god and casts without affect. Let’s put aside all of the qualities Snaga carried or didn’t carry dependant upon what paragraph of the write up we read and agree in an equally built world sure Pug wins… but then he casually sits down and smokes a pipe I don’t think so. Either way I’d like a cost associated with the wizardly type or just insert Superman and call it a day.

    Oh, and who the hell would go from Druss to Waylander… what happened to the next obvious pick in Skilgannon? Waylander gets put down and gets back up again on repeat which makes him nothing more than a Fantasy Rocky. Can we redo the draft and pull the Damned?

  • Not Telling

    If you are looking more stronger Allomancers, i would say to use the Lord Ruler, or if he would be too powerful, Marsh. The Lord Ruler had both Allomantic and Feruchemical powers, allowing him to use Allomancy to for efficiently use Feruchemy. This rendered him basicly immortal, to the point of being a skeleton and growing his flesh back in less than a second. On top of that, being the original Allomancer, made one by the Well of Ascension, he is exceptionally power with Allomancy alone, being able to Push on the trace metals in one’s body, and completely remove all emotion from someone, leaving them standing there with no reason to fight.

    Marsh is similar, but far less powerful. Due to Hemalurgic spikes implanted in him, he is already a powerful Allomancer, but he gained some Feruchemical powers as well. He is strong to the point of killing an Atium fuelled Elend, and he can only be killed by either decapitaion or the removal of a certain Hemalurgic spike from his back. He can see with no light, as his eyes were replaced with metal spikes, which allow him to sense Allomantic lines.

    These two characters are most likely the best candidates for a Mistborn represenative next year.

    Also, please excuse any bad spelling, as I am horrible at it.

  • Novouto

    I hope Kylar gets his butt handed to him. Such a lame character deserves a thrashing.

  • David

    The brackets are up! It’s gonna be a good one!

  • David

    I did think of one character that should be considered in the future. Karl Cullinane with Arta Myrdhyn’s sword.

  • Sir Read-a-Lot

    @Not Telling

    It’s true that, power-wise, Kelsier is the weakest of the Mistborn we’ve met in the series (not counting those that we only knew were Mistborn for one scene). However, don’t write him off just yet. He’s a master at pushing and pulling, and he’s the only character that we’ve ever seen kill an Inquisitor in a one on one fair fight. (The last battle, while awesome, doesn’t exactly count as fair).

    Plus, he’s not called the Survivor for nothing.

  • Eric

    I hope Richard Rahl loses in the first round like he deserves. If not, Rake will make short work of him.

    Despite having Sparhawk and Rake in Miskatonic, I think Starfleet is the strongest bracket. However, this could easily be a burden. Also, I am biased since I am a fan of Jordan (Moiraine), Brooks (Dagda), Martin(Lannister), and Brust (e’Drien). Hogwarts bracket is the weakest by far.

    Character(s) most likely to underperform: Richard Rahl, Harry Potter
    Character(s) most likely to surprise: Morrolan e’Drien, Kull
    Character(s) that have no business here: Zaphod Beeblebrox, Tarzan, The Fool

    My Final-4: Anomander Rake, Morrolan e’Drien (wild card, b**ches!), Revan, and Kull (just ’cause nobody in this bracket sands a chance anyways).

    Championship: Rake over Revan. I’d like to see Morrolan all the way, but there is no way the fans will let this happen.

    Fight I would most like to see: Rake vs. e’Drien; Dragon vs. Dragon; Dragnipur vs. Blackwand – this fight would be great.

  • Zach

    Hope Harry Potter looses first round. All he does is waqve a wand and argue, lets Love kill enemies for him.
    Gale is going to die early, this isn’t any Hunger Games, He’s fighting dragons and magicians.
    I think Keslier will do well , pulling for him, greatest attitude ever.
    But I rather have Kaladin, or Szeth represent Sanderson as they can walk on walls which is beast.
    Looking at this list I need to get reading.

  • Not Telling

    @Sir Read-a-Lot

    Wasn’t discounting Kelsier, just making a reccomendation for next year. I think he truly does have a shot, as he CAN make a whirling metal maelstrom of death. Kinda hard to avoid one of those, no matter who you are.

    As a revision to my last post, I mean Ironeyes Marsh, not simply Inquisitor Marsh. As Ironeyes, he knows all sixteen metals, rather than most of them.

  • stephen

    We all know that power doesn’t really matter in these cage matches.
    It’s a popularity contest and that means it will end up being tyrion lannister or moiraine damodred as the winner.

  • Jlingo

    Look, I like Tyrion as much as the next fan but how in the Seven Kingdoms would he get beyond any of the foes he is matched up against?

  • Not Telling

    Random thought; as a half year contest take more general combatants. For example, The Others and Myrddraal.

  • Del

    I’m all for Atticus. To answer a previous person’s question about how could Atticus be beat, the only scenario I could see would be if they were fighting on a concrete platform raised high in the air with brick walls surrounding the platform. Then he would be cut off from being able to tap into the earth to \re-charge\ and once his juice ran down, and he had used up everything stored in his charms, he’d be dependent upon innate combat skills..and a pretty badass sword. But the sword wouldnt keep him from getting injured. All that being said…my vote is still for the Iron Druid. but its really a popularity contests and since GoT(which I love) is so popular, especially now that its on HBO, Tyrion will probably get the votes. But anyways….GO ATTICUS!!!

  • Crim

    Awwww, no Dresden or Johannas Cabal? Tis a sad day. That said the list looks like win with a nice mix of new and old. Look forward to the matches and write ups. i know who I’m cheering for!

  • AO

    Still no characters from Michelle West’s Hunter’s/Sun Sword/House War series?

    The 12 books out so far are one of the most epic fantasy stories ever, and I know that characters like Kiriel, Viandaran, Celleriant, Illaraphaniel, etc. could do some damage if given a chance.

  • ls

    My money is on Sparhawk or Atticus. I like Harry Potter, but he’s kind of a wimp compared to the rest.

  • People, Hasn’t anybody heard of Harry Dresden?? Come on… He’s the coolest guy out there!!!

  • David

    @Crim and @Vivek: I will say it again. I like Harry Dresden, but he was used in a previous tournament. He lost to Conan. Even Jim Butcher agreed that it was fair.

  • Luzburg

    Weatherwax wins. Rake second after she talks him into crying over his issues with his mother.

  • Than

    Moiraine has Balefire, but she has to feel her life is threatened to use the power as a weapon. Thomas is a Blending of Human and A creature that existed before the Gods(Valehru ) so real hard to kill also a nice guy wont help in the fight but its pleasant to see and all powerful nice guy.
    Sparhawk will kill anyone who fights him fair also hes a retired god. but my pick for champion is Granny f@(&in Weatherwax She is unbeatable she is the most powerful witch on the disc.

  • Isdera

    This ought to be an interesting tornament. I’l admit I have my favorites like everyone else (O’sullivan, Stern), but for characters you missed, what about Konowa Swift-dragon, or Yimt Akhorn from The Iron Elves Series? Yimt with his drunkhar and shatterbow would be a nightmare on the field.

  • Nandorgh

    It seems unfair to put Granny Weatherwax into the competition…
    She doesn’t know how to lose!

  • Kris10B

    I’m on the bandwagon: Granny Weatherwax FTW!
    don’t mess with her. just don’t.

  • Kevin C


    Gaius Octavian is the biggest omission so far, since he is all sorts of bad ass. In the future, you could use Ambassador Varg and Fidelias as well.

  • jbright

    If bhelliom is present then Sparhawk is no short then a god with the power of creation at his behest, so if he has that then he should decimate all commers, would have like to see Althalus from Eddings other series tho, he would be a cool matchup for kelsier. And i do hope richard gets smoked cauz i read all of the sword of truth series and was left greatly disappointed by the ending.

  • Wonderland449

    I’m confused about why Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake isn’t on the roster. She’s been the Queen of raising zombies, slaying the undead and shapeshifters for over ten years. Hamilton is a New York Times best seller with nearly ever Anita book. She’s also credited with the entire creation of the smart-ass, strong feminine vampire hunter genre. When Guilty Pleasures came out in the 90s, the book companies told her there was no market for that genre. Ten years later, she’s still at the top of the list. But she’s not on this one? That seems like a shame to me. I love Rachel Morgan too, but Anita has been around longer and personally I feel kicks more butt. I dont know how she got missed on this one.

  • dpomerico

    @Wonderland449: Anita was in our first Cage Match.

    She lost in the first round to Polgara:

  • Archon

    Great list, as usual… However, Rake might be a bit of a “Rand”-type flyer, since Quick Ben was respected and popular enough to win the last one, and Quick Ben fled like a little girl from Rake, because he knew Rake was WAAAAYYYY out of his league…

  • Trickster

    Next year I am hoping to see someone from the
    Eli Monpress books by Rachel Aaron.
    Also Gerald Dunwood by K.E Mills.
    Oscar Britton from Shadow Ops, Control point by Myke Cole

  • SirB

    ATTICUS RULES!!!!!!! lol just saying

  • Kara

    I think Gimli, Tarzan, and the Waylander seem to be some of the best (I actually looked them up). 🙂 Drawing a dragon, though, could be interesting.

  • Niria

    I just… Kylar and Saphira? It may seem odd but he battled that dragon-thing underneath the Stacks, and that seemed pretty hard, so how would it go with something that has room to fly?
    Kylar said he wouldn’t have been able to take it in an open area, but Durzo must’ve taught him new tricks (I’m thinking flying).