China Mieville Title joins DC’s New 52 Line-Up



Our friends over at IO9 broke the news today that Embassytown author China Mieville will be writing an ongoing series as part of DC Comics’ New 52 line-up. Mieville will be teaming up with artist Mateus Santoluoco on Dial H for Hero.

Dial H for Hero is about a device that allows ordinary people to transform into superbeings. The series first saw print in 1966 as part of the House of Mystery anthology series, and has gone in and out of print in one form or another for decades. Mieville’s revival is said to focus on the psychological effects of the superheroic transformation on its everyman protagonist.

This isn’t the first time that Mieville has been connected with a DC title. The writer had scripted an original run of Swamp Thing, only to have the title cancelled before print. This, however, looks to be a sure thing. The first issue of Dial H for Hero is set to launch in May.