Cage Match 2012: The Bracket Revealed!


You’ve known which characters have been picked for Cage Match 2012–we revealed that list here.

Well, now we’re really excited to reveal the bracket!

Watch the video below to see who will be fighting who in the first round, and see which matches Joe and I think are ones to watch for the different divisions.

And don’t forget, we’re still looking for character art–the details are here.

Cage Match 2012 starts Monday, March 5th, around 10 am EST, right here on Unbound Worlds.com. Make sure to check in, and in the meantime, take a look at the match-ups and let the speculations begin!

And here is the bracket:


And broken out into the different divisions, by location*:

Miskatonic University: Field House


Starfleet Academy: Holodeck


Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Children: Danger Room


Hogwarts: Quidditch Pitch


*Note: These are just the names of the divisions, and the matches won’t necessarily take place in these arenas. We know you’ll bring that up!

  • Tyrion FTW!

    And name the plant Audrey II.

  • TheRedWriter

    Erevis Cale for the win!

  • huzza

    Napoleon (on a dragon)!

  • Jlingo

    Rake for the win! Cannot wait! Let the blood start flowing!

  • David

    The Starfleet bracket is easily the toughest. I see a Rake/Sparhawk match coming in the Miskatonik bracket, A Kylar Stern/Carnival matchup in the Hogwarts bracket, and a Mr. Wednesday/Granny Weatherwax matchup in the Danger Room bracket. There are so many strong contenders in the Starfleet bracket that I honestly can’t call it.

  • Jupitersstone

    Erevis Cale will go all the way!

  • Jupitersstone

    This is so awesome! It’s like fantasy football for geeks!
    Just one question. Are we talking about pre-shade transformation or post transformation for Erevis Cale? Cause I got to tell ya. Erevis the Shade will totally dominate.

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless

    GO GIMLI!!!

  • trench

    How does Harry Potter end up with a better seeding then Anonmader Rake? I would seriously like to see Harry Potter hit the Rake with a disarming spell. Sometimes I wonder if the good folks at Suvudu do this just to make my head spin.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    I’m seeing a confrontation between Anomander Rake and Richard Rahl being pretty inevitably in Miskatonic University. None of the others between them look strong enough to stop them, and when they both win two fights, they’ll be on a collision course with each other. That’s going to be the fight to see.

    Tyrion might not do as well as previous aSoIaF characters, despite his popularity. He’s got to deal with both Kelsier and Moiraine in his own bracket, and Wheel of Time and Mistborn characters have a pretty good track record against aSoIaF characters. Perrin even stomped Jon Snow despite my write-up.

  • AHEM

    As long as Song of Ice and Fire fans are voting for Tyrion just because, he is officially the villain of cage match, even if he’s one of the best characters from the actual series.

    Sorry Tyrion, but you gotta lose. Go Morrolan! Go Kelsier! Go Moiraine! Somebody STOP THAT DWARF!

    On another note, I feel bad for Ari Marmell . . . Mellorin drew one of the worst possible matches for the first round.

  • Damon

    I second trench. How is it possible that Harry Potter is seeded higher than the likes of Anomander Rake, Tomas, and any number of other people in this bracket? Sometimes confusion reigns… but that’s what makes things interesting ;-).

    Also as a side question. For Kylar Stern, are we talking pre or post ka’kari? That makes a rather huge difference in his abilities.

  • Interesting

    The only people I can see beating Kylar Stern at least in terms of power, are Anomander Rake, simply because most of the big power wielders have crazy magic powers they depend on(Richard Rahl, erevis, any other number of power characters) an Kylar is completely immune to magic. And Kylar is also a genius of using his situation, surroundings, good with picking things up on the fly, able to use pretty much any weapon, can form any simple object with his ka’kari, has an indestructible sword and is a genius with it, so he can pretty much hack up any lesser warrior, which is pretty much everyone except for Rake. I’m not bringing in Kylar’s ability to respawn simply because if he does “die” it takes far too long for him to come back(two days), which would disqualify him from a tournament. In so far as the popularity vote, I think Rake might have that over Kylar also.

  • Is that FELIX FELIX from Sarah Monette’s The Mirador et all? I really hope so. He’ll kick ass. I’d want to see Seregil and Felix go head to head, but it’s not a fair fight. Mildmay vs Seregil? Or Mildmay vs Alec?

  • dpomerico

    Trench and Damon: seeding was based on power AND popularity. Harry Potter is strong, battle-tested magician and one of the most popular characters in all of literature. As powerful as Rake is, I don’t think you can argue he’s more popular than Potter, can you?

    Cass: Felix is actually a character from Ted Kosmatka’s THE GAMES, which comes out 3/6.

  • trench

    Its not that I would deny Harry Potter’s fighting skill, and definitely would not deny his fame. But his fame at Suvudu is not that much of a factor, if these cage matches were held on Yahoo, I would definitely agree he should be number 1. But on this site his fame will not carry him very far (that is not a knock on the site at all, I love that his popularity wont get him that much of an edge here). If he was a aSoIaF or WOT character, then yes his fame would be more relevant and perhaps earn him a higher seeding.

    Myself I would have given him a 4 seeding at best, but I am not in charge here. I’m just here to vote… and complain… and then complain about the complainers.

  • Can’t wait! I do feel like Larry Correia’s Jake Sullivan or Sally Fae Viera needs to be on this list though.

  • Kick some arse Atticus O’ Sullivan!

    For other possibile contenders I will have to read of the exploits/tales of Kylar Stern (Brent Week’s character) and Bast (Rothfuss’s character). But overall, I’m hoping the “Iron Druid” brings it for his division.

  • The Mighty

    I’ve got to agree with Trench on this one. In other places, I think Harry might do well, however around here Harry Potter characters (while respected), don’t do so well in these matches. I think that’s one of the great things about Cage Match and this site. I find so many other characters and series that I would otherwise either miss or put off reading. So looking forward to this one this year!!!

  • The Mighty

    @Kate M. – Careful, Rothfuss is addicting! 🙂

  • “On another note, I feel bad for Ari Marmell . . . Mellorin drew one of the worst possible matches for the first round.”

    Yes. Yes, she did. =8-O

    Teenage knife-fighter vs. 300,000-year-old sorcerer/world-class swordsman/shapeshifting dragon/son of Darkness?

    Let’s just say that, least year, I really thought Corvis Rebaine should have won his first match. This year? This year, I don’t think I’ll be able to say the same about his daughter? 😉

  • Reven is a Girl dang it!

    Much as I feel Reven has no place on this list (since to me Reven has been and always will be a woman, and the ‘cannon’ i.e. Book and \old republic\ Reven was a dozen times less interesting than any of what happened in Knights of the Old Republic, I do feel a bad ass Jedi/Sith with Reven’s strategic history would do very well in a match up like this against most of the other characters.

  • Collin Shaneyfelt

    Gale has no chance against Kelsir. Though to be fair Kell has a good advantage over most due to Steelpush and Ironpull

  • Rose

    I really love this cage match. One year, my sister and I wrote up our own version with some of our favorite characters. We were totally biased, but it was great fun. We had Tasslehoff Burfoot fall victim to Dirk Provin, who used him for a public political execution. And all the Chandrian went up against Glaurung. Unfortunately, they materialized inside his gaping maw and swallowed them all in one gulp.

    My favorite was probably two weak characters: Jennifer Fallon’s ordinary human Arkady vs. Garth Nix’ Nicholas Sayre, possessed by the Destroyer but an invalid. We decided that since Arkady had medical training, she pronounced Nicholas to be no threat (he was at his raving lunatic stage) and just left with Cayal, the Immortal Prince.

    Heheheeh. Looking forward to the write-ups.

  • Damon

    I am certainly not denying Harry’s popularity, and I understand that factors in to the rankings. But personally I don’t think it justifies a #1 seed for him. As Ari Marmell said:

    “300,000-year-old sorcerer/world-class swordsman/shapeshifting dragon/son of Darkness”

    and I would add demi-god with pretty good popularity to go with it… and he’s not even equal to Harry Potter? Seems a little fishy to me. That said, what’s done is done and I’ll echo trench (again…) and say, “I’m just here to vote… and complain… and then complain about the complainers.”

    I do love that you guys (suvudu) do this, and I realize it is absolutely impossible to please everyone.

  • VST

    Wait, they have Jean Tannen, but not Locke Lamora??

  • dpomerico

    @VST: We used Locke in a previous Cage Match (Cage Match 2010). Unfortunately, he had a first round opponent in the eventual Champion, Rand al’Thor. You can check it out here:


  • If Kylar has the Ka’kari, he probably wins. I can’t say I know all of the characters here, but he’s immune to all magical forces, and he’s not to shabby with a sword. Straight up blade-to-blade is the only way he’s gonna go down, but even that’s gonna be rough.


    The Horned King was a badass. Harry Potter was a walking piece of luck.

  • Sacredhonour

    Similiar to others, I have to ask if this is Kylar beginning of the series or the end. If we are talking at the end and he has the black Ka’kari at full power, there are very few people in the entire list he can’t just roll over. But seriously, his first match is Gimli, and Gimli is ranked higher than him?

    Also though, isn’t Moraine (WoT) almost a sure win against almost everyone if you consider she knows how to use Balefire? That is pretty much the end all of be all weapons in an arsenal.

  • Gela

    Alright, Moiraine vs. Tarzan goes to Moiraine, obviously. (Storywise. Enough people despise WOT with everything they have that they might vote for Tarzan anyway).

    Kelsier is also a probable victor in his first round.

    The rest of Starfleet is pretty much up in the air.

  • Re: Kylar vs. Rake: Yeah, Kylar is darn near impossible to kill, but Rake doesn’t need to kill him when his sword is the gateway to a supposedly-inescapable prison realm.

    Personally, I want to see Caine make it to Rake; Caine wouldn’t stand a candle of chance, of course, but he’d for darn sure make it a fun fight to watch.

  • VinnieJones

    Okay, who’s twisted sense of humor put Ringil up against Rachel Morgan. You love puns, don’t you. Bad ones.

  • VinnieJones

    Also I totally don’t understand why everyone is sleeping in Khellus. Gifted swordsman, master of the most powerful school of magic in his world, and was essentaily trained from birth to dominate normal mortals. Should at least carry him a few fights.

  • Spindle

    @VinnieJones: But if Kellhus wins his first round fight, he meets Tyrion. And Tyrion has a bigger fanbase.

    Sad. ‘Cause I really want to see Kellhus go up against Rake.

  • Shadow’sBane

    Napolean on a Dragon ?
    Lein ?
    becoz other than that it would be fair

  • Rancho Unicorno

    I kind of get HP as a #1 seed. He may not be as strong as some of the other folks in his bracket, but his accomplishments this season can’t be denied – leading the charge to take down an entire army of doom, coming back from the dead after already surviving a guaranteed kill shot once before, controlling the objects that make him the very master of death itself, killing the most powerful wizard ever known (in his world) – both in the flesh as well as his avatars? Totally deserves it. Toss in the location being on his home court, with tools he is familiar with all within his magical grasp? Totally merits the 1 seed.

    And yet, he may not even make it out of the first round. The boy refuses to kill. And refusing to kill in the cage match is generally fatal. Heck, as long as you don’t make fun of his momma, he won’t even try to hurt you. He’ll disarm you of your weapons and petrify you, but get him in your grasp and he’s toast.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    Well, Harry Potter and Anomander Rake are in different brackets, so it might just be that Anomander’s has more powerhouses. The thing that I would raise my eyebrows at is why Richard Rahl is higher than Anomander, a being who outclasses him in just about every way.

    On a related note, is there an “overall bracket” somewhere, that ranks them 1-64? It was mentioned that Sparhawk (No. 1 Seed of Miskatonic University) is the highest overall, and not Harry Potter (No. 1 Seed of Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch). I’d be interested in seeing that one especially.

  • Deb Nossaman

    Go Atticus!!!!!! Let’s kick some booty!!!!

  • Reacon Ninja

    Sooooo, I will pull for Kylar Stern for the full on win, but I think Atticus O’ Sullivan will win against his bracket!!

  • Wrexscar

    It’ll be funny if Napolean gets to face Tomas the dragon Lord.

  • reader

    Hope they remember that Rake’s sword is VERY heavy from the materials it’s made of and from it’s own magic. Be kind of funny to see Kelsier try to steel push it and get thrown in the other direction.

  • NIck

    Sparhawk vs Zaphod?! That’s going Sparhawks way, for sure!!

    Bring on Sparhawk and Moiraine in the Semi’s I Say!!!

  • Karlitos

    So why is Led Zeppelin’s manager included in this contest? j/k but whenever I see Peter Grant that’s who I think of.

    As for all the Kylar Stern fanboys, he really shouldn’t make it past the 1st round. I mean we’re talking about a guy that had an item that eats other magic (the ka’kari) and the clown never used it to eliminate the earring that had him chained for two books. Not exactly a master of planning or recognizing the obvious. Gimli should eat his lunch.

  • Tye

    Miskatonic- Rake
    Starfleet- Moiraine
    Prof X’s- Revan
    Hogwarts- Kylar

    Kylar beats Revan because I don’t think a lightsaber can cut through Curoch.
    Moiraine and Rake could go either way. Depends on if the balefire hits.
    The Night Angel cleans up and takes the gold.

    (also, The Horned King rips Harry’s head off and Kelsier puts a coin through Gale’s brain)

  • Sheve

    @reader no his sword is not heavy, its weight is spiritual not physical.

  • Trickster

    Atticus = win. Nuff said.

  • David

    I wouldn’t call Atticus a shoe-in. He’ll probably have to face a dragon in the second round. Unless he can find a way to keep her penned to the ground, he’s probably toast.

  • Pete

    I desperately would love to see a Harry vs. Rake match in which Harry is stupid enough to attempt disarming Rake, thinks he’s going to catch Dragnipur and use it just like he used Gryffindor’s sword… and when he catches it overhead, the weight of Dragnipur pulverizes if not tearing his arms off as well as incidentally shattering his spine.

    In case everyone’s forgotten, Dragnipur contains an entire universe and Rake gets to take it off for about 5 minutes a day by placing it into a support column in the foundation of his PALACE in Black Coral. 5 minutes after which the structure of the building becomes unsound and he has to pick it up again. I’d love to see someone try to take Dragnipur away from Rake. The only one I can see conceivably handling that would be the Horned King, or maybe Kellhus through some freak use of the Gnosis.

    Or a magic duel would be entertaining for Harry. I remember going head to head with magic against Rake worked oh sooo well for those High Mages in GotM.

    I’d like a Kellhus vs. Rake matchup though.

  • Ezio Cauthon

    I can’t wait for this years Cage Match! The last two years, I hadn’t heard about half of the brackets,and got introduced to several new worlds! This year, I’ve got no clue who 7/8 of the characters are! My library check-out list is about to get a lot more interesting, I think!

  • Vath

    I hope Ray Lilly beats that Lannister jerk. The twenty palaces series is great, just needs to get more people exposed to it. Its dresden meets cthulhu whats there not to like?

  • Dan

    I’m not sure how the Wicked Witch of the West, or Harry Potter classify as higher seeds then Erevis Cale, makes no sense. I cannot see WWofW going far.

  • Daniel

    \Odin, god of thunder\… *clears throat* Yes, mr Wednesday is Odin, but I believe the god of Thunder is Thor.

  • K.G. Poulsen

    # Daniel you er quite right Odin is usually known as the king of the Norse gods

  • Jonathan

    Question: In past years, the hub page for the cage matches generally had links to all of the matches, individually, so you didn’t have to search the website or just keep clicking through all the matches to find one. Will we be getting something like that this year?
    Also, clicking the “Cage Match 2012” link on the main Suvudu page only shows the old post announcing all of the participating characters. It seems the Cage Match 2012 tag doesn’t work very well at the moment…
    Now, I am going to look through the current write-ups and add a huge number of books to my reading list…

  • Tinera

    Go Granny!!

  • Martin K. Hykkerud

    Many interesting characters, it will be great fun to follow this. My personal vote goes to Anomander, of course. BUT i’m really missing one guy here; Where, oh where, is Thomas Cale from The Left Hand of God trilogy by Paul Hoffman?????????? http://www.lefthandofgodtrilogy.com/

  • Rocky

    Er, isn’t Kylar Stern slightly immortal? The only person I know in the bracket that would have a chance against him would be Anomander Rake, and that would be an even match. That’s assuming that Dragnipur would be able to kill him, which I think it could.

  • EvilGrin

    Where is Harry Dresden Wizard for hire? He has a knack for overcoming any odds, including the immortals.

  • I hope we get a match-up between Rake and Granny. I’m not sure the outcome would be certain on that one 😛

    Hopefully the malazanites will unite once again and bring us glorious victory…Rake FTW!

  • Ahem. Taran took out the Horned King in The Book of Three, but that was almost an accident (Horned King in the Chronicles of Prydain, not the Disney movie). It took Harry four novels to confront Voldemort for the first time. If Harry can get off a lucky shot he might have a chance. The Horned King in the CoP series was little more than a lackey, and an unlucky one at that. Harry’s a good fighter, but you have too much of a problem with others relying on him to carry the team. I don’t know what makes Jonathan Strange #2 in the brackets. He won’t last long if he manages to get past . He’s still slightly naive.

    Go Bast! Go Jonathan Strange!

    That is all.

  • Garaile

    Of the first round, Richard Rahl and Atticus O’Sullivan are definitely the most “broken” characters. Rahl’s being a war wizard essentially is just deus ex machina written right into the character. Army in the way? Poof, all dust. Shenanigans.

    For Atticus, if anyone’s read the Iron Druid Chronicles, you know he doesn’t freakin’ die. Plus, he has a sword that one-hits ANYTHING. Oh yeah, and he knows all the gods (ever). While the Norse won’t back him, he can still call in some serious backup.

  • +1 @Ashley Balentine; for the Horned King call.
    +1 @Rocky; though Morrolan e’Drien can be counted as an immortal as well so long as he keeps his Great Weapon Blackwand in his hand.
    +1 @Jonathon; ditto on the reading list adds.

    How does Tarzan make this league when John Carter is the far better swordsman and is a lot more culturally relevant this year?

    How does Sparhawk get the #1 seed? Or are we assuming he’s holding the Sapphire Rose?

    And I love the addition of Ferro Maljinn; but a #6 seed? Over the dual skilled sword/magic wielders in her bracket like Bast? -1 @Suvudu.

  • dpomerico

    @Jer Wilcoxen: John Carter was in last year’s Cage Match. He lost in the first round:


  • Rose

    I love the Cage Matches. Even when I don’t know the characters, I still love reading the write-ups, and then I end up imagining my own bizarre match-ups, which is even better. Yesterday, I was imagining how Cayal, the suicidal Immortal Prince invented by Jennifer Fallon would cope in the bracket. He could be paired with any of the typical killing-machine characters, and I imagine he’d basically stand there and say “do your worst!” in a very hopeful tone. Once he got bored and the other person was running out of violent ideas, he’d just kill the guy. (Cayal’s a Tide Lord, so he regenerates from any injury no matter what, and the worse the injury the faster he regenerates. Can even grow replacement heads, etc. Doesn’t starve… Lives for at least many millions of years…)
    So many awesome match-ups yet to be tried!

  • Ben

    This is my first time seeing this, and I must say it’s kinda awesome!!!

    Excited to see the horned king, didn’t know anyone knew about that series exept for me….

    seriously though, Andomander Rake is OP he’s got a sword that if you touch the blood of whatever he has killed/cut with it it sends you into the warren within the sword (book one Paran touchs the blood of the hound that rake killed and is taken into the warren) and Tyrion Lannister could only win if a meteor fell on his opponent.

    Keisler is awesome, just finished reading that series. Bast, Moraine….. this will be fun to see how unfolds…

  • Trickster

    Atticus 0’Sullivan n Jardir FTW

  • Kyo

    Team Kylar Stern…he has a slight case of immortality not to mention to being an awesome skilled wetboy. Name the plant TREEBEARD JR!!

  • CR Thompson

    So exciting to see Erevis Cale get some love!

  • Alex Weblin

    I’d just like to caution for future write ups, if you are basing the matches on the characters in their original novelized form, use the characters in their original novelized form, not the adaptations set forth in the TV shows and films. In round one it isn’t just Gimili who was de-novelized.

  • Mary

    I am so excited we have so many great characters I hope Ray Lily wins his match!

  • Demon In Me

    I would really, really like to see some of Anne Bishop’s characters from the Black Jewels Trilogy. Jaenelle, Saetan, Daemon, Lucivar…Awesome characters.

  • Nick

    I hope Havemercy does really well. I LOVE this metal dragon!!!

  • James Bell

    How can they forget all of Jim Butcher’s characters? Harry Dresden, Tavi (Gaius Octavian), etc, are all beast and part of some of the best books of all time.

  • James Bell

    How can they forget all of Jim Butcher’s characters? Harry Dresden, Tavi (Gaius Octavian), etc, are all beast and part of some of the best boteoks of all time.

  • Archon

    Not really sure how Anomander is a 3 seed… He’s like putting the Chicago Bulls into the NCAA tourney…

  • Carrie B

    How did Harry Dresden not make it into this cage match?

  • DashWatson

    I root for Kelsier, and Kylar Stern. hope to see them both in the finals, against each other…
    Where the heck is Harry Dresden when this Ray Lilly character is in???

  • DashWatson

    Hopefully, it’ll come down to Kelsier and Kylar Stern. Kell will attack him with all sorts of stuff, but not raw magic, as the ka’kari devours raw magic. Also, Kell will be Kylar’s match in combat. But, Kylar has a serious case of immortality, I think IF he’s killed he’ll chose to stay dead somehow, making a pact with Ezra, rather than be the cause of death of the people he cares about. The only thing I fear is Kylar might try to poison Kell the night before the match…


  • Akmea

    I’m thinking it will also come down to Kelsier and Kylar Stern. Both are pure IV drips of adrenaline when you’re reading it.

    Though, Bast making it to the end would be fun too…

  • Brian Bean

    How in the Nine Hells is there not a single character from an R.A. Salvatore Book?? Drizzt, Breunor, Jarlaxle, Wolfgar, Entreri, and of course Cadderly. Is it because you don’t want 6 of the Elite Eight being from Salvatore?

  • Jon

    @Brian Bean

    Drizzt was in the very first one in 2010 where he made it all the way to the Semi-Finals before being defeated by Rand Al’Thor