Cage Match 2012: The Bracket Revealed!


You’ve known which characters have been picked for Cage Match 2012–we revealed that list here.

Well, now we’re really excited to reveal the bracket!

Watch the video below to see who will be fighting who in the first round, and see which matches Joe and I think are ones to watch for the different divisions.

And don’t forget, we’re still looking for character art–the details are here.

Cage Match 2012 starts Monday, March 5th, around 10 am EST, right here on Unbound Worlds.com. Make sure to check in, and in the meantime, take a look at the match-ups and let the speculations begin!

And here is the bracket:


And broken out into the different divisions, by location*:

Miskatonic University: Field House


Starfleet Academy: Holodeck


Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Children: Danger Room


Hogwarts: Quidditch Pitch


*Note: These are just the names of the divisions, and the matches won’t necessarily take place in these arenas. We know you’ll bring that up!