First Look: Jonathan Kellerman’s ‘Silent Partner’ Graphic Novel


Check it out! We’ve got your first look at the hot new graphic novel based on Jonathan Kellerman’s classic novel of suspense, Silent Partner! Kellerman’s novel is the fourth in a series of books featuring forensic psychologist/detective Alex Delaware, and the first of that series to see adaptation in the graphic novel format. Haven’t read any of the other books yet? No sweat! This story stands on its own. Look for it on February 28!

Alex Delaware is struggling to keep his relationship with girlfriend Robin Castagna alive when a beautiful face from the past suddenly steps back into his life. Sharon Ransom was Alex’s lover back in the day—until her mind games and increasingly erratic behavior drove them apart. Now Sharon tries to rekindle old feelings and seek his help with some new troubles. Alex turns her away—a decision he bitterly regrets when Sharon ends up dead the next day.

The official ruling is suicide, but for Alex the case won’t be closed until he finds out what happened. Driven by guilt and grief, he plunges deep into the territory he knows best—where dark secrets, dangerous fears, and twisted needs prey on hearts and minds. With the aid of his trusted friend, homicide cop Milo Sturgis, Alex traces Sharon’s fatal path through a world of Hollywood high life riddled with scandal, corruption, and blood—where innocence and lives are easily lost.

Scripted by Ande Parks, author of the acclaimed graphic novels Union Station and Capote in Kansas, and illustrated by Marvel and DC comics veteran Michael Gaydos, Silent Partner captures Jonathan Kellerman’s trademark blend of crime drama and psychodrama with noirish style and eye-catching, page-turning intensity.

SILENT PARTNER: The Graphic Novel by Jonathan Kellerman, Excerpt