George R. R. Martin Recommends David Anthony Durham


Epic fantasy can be great. Epic fantasy can be a frustrating beast.

It can be great for obvious reasons. The world conflict. The multitudes of characters. Magic, and talismans, and quests to retrieve them. The uncertainty of who will live and who will die. The hours and hours that it takes to make it through multiple volumes, leaving the reader with late nights or early mornings, heightening the enjoyment. It all makes for great reading.

It can be bad for a very important reason. Volumes in an epic fantasy series are usually quite large, requiring a lot of words to tell the tale. Words take time to write and that time requires… well… a lot of time on the writer’s part. Throw in most epic stories requiring a lot of words, and it takes a long time for an epic fantasy series to come to conclusion with its final volume. It can be downright frustrating.

Not so with David Anthony Durham‘s Acacia trilogy. It is finished. It is epic. And it is fantastic.

Here is what George R. R. Martin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Dance With Dragons, had to say about David Anthony Durham’s work:

“David Anthony Durham knocked me out with Pride of Carthage. He brought Hannibal, his brothers, and the Second Punic War to vivid, bloody life, and established himself as one of the bright new lights of historical fiction. He’s doing great work in science fiction as well, as the Campbell Award voters attested when they elected him the best new writer in the field. His epic fantasies make him a triple threat. No matter the genre, David Anthony Durham has serious chops. I can’t wait to read whatever he writes next…”

This coming from an author who has not finished his epic fantasy saga. It’s not every day the most popular author going not only loves your work but is willing to blurb it for the entire world to know. George is obviously a very talented writer but he also has a great eye for talent. It’s the reason he has produced many bestselling short story anthologies and the Wild Cards books. When George likes your work, it’s legitimate. He loves David’s work. And I know George well enough to know he doesn’t blurb lightly. It means the Acacia trilogy is well worth the read.


The War with the Mein, The Other Lands, and The Sacred Band by David Anthony Durham are all published in paperback and ebook and available from all fine booksellers!

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