‘A Game of Thrones’ Conquers Your Local Comic Shop!


Spider-Man, Batman and Superman may have tangled with their share of villains, but would any of them be the equal of the Lannisters? (Not likely. If Joker was a Lannister the remains of Batman would be flavoring a stew in Flea Bottom right now.)

BatStew aside, The A Game of Thrones graphic novel is set to hit store shelves next week, and readers can expect all of the treachery and villainy of the novels rendered in eye-popping color.

The handsome hardback collects the first six issues of the ongoing comic series based on Martin’s novels. Adapted by writer Daniel Abraham and artist Tommy Patterson, the A Game of Thrones graphic novel is a “must” for serious fans of the series.

Can’t wait until next week? Check out the excerpt here!

GAME OF THRONES: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 by Daniel Abraham and George R. R. Martin