Cage Match 2012: Round 1: Havemercy versus Randur Estevu


The Contestants


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Magical mechanical dragon
Age: 15 years old (that’s when she was built)
Race: Mechanical dragon
Weapons / Artifacts: Claws; teeth; tail
Fire breath weapon

Randur Estevu
Age: Late teens
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Sword (rapier)
Duck, dodge and dive!

The Breakdown


  • She’s a freakin’ dragon. She’s a dragon with a breath weapon
  • She’s made of metal. None of those sissy organic scales
  • M-E-T-A-L D-R-A-G-O-N

  • Lithe and fast on his feet
  • He knows that the pointy end of the sword goes in the other guy
  • Fairly good at staying alive


  • He is soft and squishy and made of flesh

  • N/A

  • N/A

How we think the fight will go

Randur Estevu—as many knew him now—was not usually an eager fighter. He was skilled at it, but he certainly didn’t go right for his weapon at the first sign of trouble. But then, trouble didn’t usually come at him in the shaped of a large winged and mechanical dragon. Randur swallowed and drew his sword. He wasn’t dancing his way out of this one.


Havemercy did not like flying into battle without her airman upon her back. Flying without Rook was almost like missing a limb, but it was just her against this man with a sword. Have scoffed in disdain, and it sent a small jet of fire through her nostrils. Rook would be insulting this other in a steady litany of filthy langue in her ear if he were here. Instead of waiting for his command, Havemercy took to the air, her powerful wings holding her aloft.


Well this had just gone from bad to worse. Randur had fought men of his own size and skill before, but something so large…he couldn’t bring it down with sheer power, that was for certain. He watched the dragon fly and took note of a few things. It was big. It was strong. It was faster in the air than on the ground. If he wanted even a chance at survival, he had to ground it and fast.

Randur did a quick tuck and roll as the dragon attacked first, bellowing a gout of flame at him. Come on! It had to breathe fire too? Could it have been built without that obvious bit of engineering?

Wiping a hand across his brow, Randur formulated a plan.


Havemercy would have much preferred to roast this little man and just get back to flying, her joy. But he was small and quick, like a rat, and he dodged with ease, so she had to keep circling to keep him in sight. He had an irritating ability to keep getting in her blind spot when he moved, not to mention how he kept managing to get out of reach of her flames. She landed, prepared then to fight him with claw like Rook would have fought him with knives. She didn’t realize that was what he wanted.


Randur was pretty certain he was insane, luring the dragon to actually land and fight him in melee. But there was no way he could possibly inflict enough damage head on. He’d seen how fast it would turn when he got almost behind it—it couldn’t see him well. Blind spots. He ducked those sharp claws and rolled deftly to his feet, going towards its hind quarters. If he could get up onto its neck…

Randur hit the ground with a painful thump and a whoosh of breath as the dragon’s tail lashed into him, sending him flying. All right, so her tail was agile too. Right. He’d have to work around that.

He managed to roll away again and just barely missed being impaled by those terrifying claws. He went in again, feinting left and moving right and managed to get right up behind its left front leg. Instead of attacking, he latched on and hauled himself up.

And clung on for dear life.


Have shook her left leg, trying to dislodge the duelist, who climbed her up towards her back. She hissed, not because she couldn’t see him, but because no one belonged on her back but Rook. He fit there. This prancing cindy was trespassing in a profound way. She shook again and took to the air, rolling to try to make him let go. He only clung tighter.


Randur was going to throw up, he was sure of it. The dizzying rolls were enough to make him sick, though he wasn’t about to let go. Not when he was so close. He moved again when he got his balance and managed to wrap his leg around her, near the back of her neck, where a rider might sit. He had the brief feeling that this was an incredible way to fight—on the back of a dragon—before he raised his sword to plunge down.


Havemercy banked left, hard. There was no warning, no way to prepare for the sudden movement. Randur wind-milled, trying to hold on—and managing to do so—but lost his sword in the process. It plummeted below and he swore the sound the dragon made was laughter. At him.

Havemercy was faster in the air, so Randur did not have a chance to protect himself when she slammed into the wall, back first. He hadn’t expected a move like that. It took them both down.

He landed in a crumpled, painful lump. Between the crushing force of being—albeit briefly—pinned between tons of metal dragon and hard wall, falling to the ground after was no help. He needed a moment to gather himself, but he didn’t get one. Havemercy’s tail whipped around and slashed into him just before one of her legs came down on both of his.

Have craned her neck down to look at the man who dared to try to take Rook’s place on her back. He’d fought well. He would die quickly. She shifted and stepped again, crushing his torso and waited for the screams to stop.

Havemercy stepped down again for good measure to make sure the man wouldn’t get up and prance about like that again. She could almost hear Rook sneering at her opponent from where the airman normally perched on her back. Cindy

Michelle Forde contributed to this Cage Match

Predicted Winner: Havemercy


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Havemercy is a character from the Havemercy series by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett; Randur Estevu is a character from the Legend of the Red Sun series by Mark Charan Newton

Havemercy image courtesy of Stephen Youll and Spectra Books. Randur Estevu image courtesy of Spectra Books

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