Cage Match 2012: Round 2: Bast versus Richard Rahl


The Contestants


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Richard Rahl
Age: Early 20s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Sword of Truth; Agiel
Anger-fueled sword attack/ Forgiveness-based sword attack

Age: Unknown
Race: Fae creature
Weapons / Artifacts: Doesn’t seem to need any
Gets others to attack you to “bring out the best in you”

The Breakdown


  • Excellent swordsman, tracker, and woodsman
  • Can spot the truth from a mile away
  • Sees solutions, not problems

  • Incredibly charming
  • Faster and stronger than you’d expect
  • Might have picked up a thing or two from Kvothe

  • Kahlan Amnell…

  • Softness for the ladies and his master


How we think the fight will go

The problem with his last fight was that it hadn’t really ended up being a fight.

It ended up being a drinking contest.

An eleventh-hour, come-from-behind victory was needed to take down Seregil, and Bast wasn’t quite sure if it was his Fae blood that had allowed him to get that far, or if Seregil hadn’t actually been the winner by bowing out so graciously—so prettily, he had to admit.

Right—Seregil was a guy.


Bast shook his head, and immediately regretted it. He was hungover, and it was through bleary eyes that he spotted his latest opponent. He looked like every other blowhard, pretty-boy farmhand who had ever picked up a sword and thought himself a warrior.



He sniggered, then winced. He was pretty sure Kvothe could have done something for his headache, but for someone so skilled in Sympathy, his master had offered very little for his assistant.

The man across the way was saying something. It was probably something honorable—these types always seemed to think honor mattered. Screw honor.

Screw on her.

He smiled again, then choked back a bit of vile. It clearly hurt too much to be clever this morning.

He glanced around him. Last time he’d at least been in the comfort of his own home. Now he was in a stadium of some sort, and there were more people around than he was typically comfortable with. And there were some ladies making him even more uncomfortable…

One in particular. Dressed in all white, auburn hair past her shoulders—she was a vision. And the way she was looking at the Richard fellow, it was clear she only had eyes for one person in the stadium.

Let’s see if I can change that.

In a flash—faster than this mere human could have imagined, he thought—he was in Richard’s face, ready to grab his throat and rip it apart.

And in another flash, he was reeling back, a pain unlike anything he had ever felt coursing through his body.

Bast was sober now.

In Richard’s hands he saw a rod of some sort. It wasn’t iron—he knew that. It was bad enough being close to that bastard’s sword, but whatever the rod was made of, it was the worst feeling he had ever experienced.

From the looks of things, Richard wasn’t enjoying holding it himself. But the grim determination on his face was enough to make Bast pause. The hero in his own story had given up, and Bast hadn’t seen such determination in Kvothe’s face in his entire time with the man. This Richard was a hero of a different sort.

This is one that didn’t give up, and clearly didn’t know how to lose.

The fire that shot from Richard’s free hand was something Bast both expected and yet didn’t. Magic wasn’t new to him, but this was something different—it was wild and untamed and everywhere. He drew upon all that made him Fae—all that made him a different being from humans—as the flames licked his body. It helped, but only just. And when the blade licked his skin before sliding into belly, Bast couldn’t say he was surprised by that, either. He hadn’t even noticed the flames had stopped long enough for Richard to have drawn his sword. Then the rod touched him again, and the steel and pain ripped through his blood.

Bast looked at Richard, and saw sadness in his eyes.

“She’s gorgeous,” Bast coughed. “I bet she tastes like strawberries and cream—”

Richard’s eyes hardened, and he twisted both sword and rod.

Bast’s back arched in agony, and yet he couldn’t help but laugh.

Maybe Richard isn’t so heroic…

Predicted Winner: Richard Rahl


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Richard Rahl is a character from the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind; Bast is a character from the Kingkiller Chronicles series by Patrick Rothfuss

Richard Rahl image courtesy of Tor Books. Bast image courtesy of ~YasminaMihaylovna

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Cage Match fans: We are looking forward to hearing your responses! If possible, please abstain from including potential spoilers about the books in your comments (and if you need spoilers to make your case, start your comments with: “SPOILER ALERT!”


  • Shadow’sBane

    Bast is cool…but Richard wins…hands down.

  • mr. awesome

    I wouldn’t know how, but Bast would find a way to win this fight.
    The last five lines are however, very, very good!

  • D.I. Waisanen

    I’m voting for Richard for one reason above all: He’s the only one left in the entire division that Anomander Rake isn’t going to be able to defeat with a finger-poke. If Richard unleashes all of his abilities with his magic and sword, he’ll actually be able to give Anomander a fight even if he loses. Bast, however? What will that match up be?

    Bast: I recognize that I stand absolutely no chance in defeating you in a physical fight, so about about we settle this with a drinking contest?

    Anomander: No. *Skewers him with Dragnipur*

  • BastSeriouslyWTF

    Yeah, people. Sure, Bast would win. Right. Gah. Goodkind haters out in force.

  • bibliophile785

    I love Bast…I think he’s the epitome of comic relief as an exterior, with a seriously formidable character underneath. Chronicler has figured that out, and I’m sure Kvothe knows as well. The Kingkiller Chronicles are my favorite books.

    But Richard wins this fight. I don’t claim to fully understand why so many people seem to hate Goodkind so strongly…Richard applies the purest form of 19th century conservatism I’ve ever seen, and for whatever reason that drives people crazy. But REALLY…look past your distaste into the actual nature of the character. Richard is an unparalled judge of character with a razor-sharp intuition…trickery is out of the question. He’s also a War Wizard with a magical Gift sufficient to blast most contenders into nothingness, and a swordsman whose sword can cut through almost anything and bestows upon him 3,000 years worth of fighting experience.

    Don’t make Bast look bad, guys…We Kingkiller fans will start getting compared to Zaphod.

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless

    Considering that we don’t even really know what powers a Fae has from The Kingkiller Chronicles, I think that Bast could probably win this pretty easily. Without Fae powers, it would probably go to Richard, I’ll admit, but we really don’t know what Bast is actually made of and that unknown is what would probably give him the edge in this one. I kinda wish Suvudu would have waited on including Bast (and Kvothe two years ago for that matter…) until we truly knew what he was made of so that he could be a legitamate contender.

  • my_own_clan

    I know, right? Bast is such a pansy. …seriously?


    Bast’s eyes flickered down, then up again. “You think I’m playing at some game?” His expression was incredulous. “You think iron will keep you safe?” Bast leaned forward, slapped Chronicler’s hand away, and grabbed the circle of dark metal before the scribe could move. Immediately Bast’s arm stiffened and his eyes clenched shut in a grimace of pain. When he reopened them they were solid blue, the color of deep water or the darkening sky.

    Bast leaned forward, bringing his face close to Chronicler’s. The scribe panicked and tried to scrabble sideways out of the bed, but Bast took hold of his shoulder and held him fast. “Hear my words, manling,” he hissed. “Do not mistake me for my mask. You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath.” The tendons in Bast’s hand creaked as he tightened his grip on the circle of iron. “Listen. You cannot hurt me. You cannot run or hide. In this I will not be defied.”

    As he spoke, Bast’s eyes grew paler, until they were the pure blue of a clear noontime sky. “I swear by all the salt in me: if you run counter to my desire, the remainder of your brief mortal span will be an orchestra of misery. I swear by stone and oak and elm: I’ll make a game of you. I’ll follow you unseen and smother any spark of joy you find. You’ll never know a woman’s touch, a breath of rest, a moment’s peace of mind.”

    Bast’s eyes were now the pale blue-white of lightning, his voice tight and fierce. “And I swear by the night sky and the ever-moving moon: if you lead my master to despair, I will slit you open and splash around like a child in a muddy puddle. I’ll string a fiddle with your guts and make you play it while I dance.” — Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

    — PS. I pity da fool.

  • dry009

    Quote: But REALLY…look past your distaste into the actual nature of the character. Richard is an unparalled judge of character with a razor-sharp intuition…trickery is out of the question. He’s also a War Wizard with a magical Gift sufficient to blast most contenders into nothingness, and a swordsman whose sword can cut through almost anything and bestows upon him 3,000 years worth of fighting experience.

    Thank you for that. This is exactly it.

  • C. Guerra

    Honestly, did the writers just not read Kingkiller Chronicles? Bast is not just a pretty-boy making eyes at women! I’d rant more, but I’d prefer to just refer you to the lovely quote my_own_clan posted.

  • wcarter4

    Not going to lie, I hate Terry Goodkind’s sueish characters. However, the simple fact of the matter is we don’t even know yet what Bast’s powers can actually do. Maybe after the last book comes out I’ll change my mind and wished I had voted for him, but I right now I have to give this fight to Richard–and hope another, better-written character blasts him away with cold disdain in the next match.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    Did my last post not show up? Ah, well, I’ll post again.

    I voted for Richard for one reason above all others: He’s the only one left who Anomander Rake couldn’t defeat with a finger-poke. He’d probably lose in that fight in the end, but his combined magic and physical skills would actually give Rake a fight.

    Bast, on the other hand? What will his fight against Anomander look like?

    Bast: I realize that I cannot possibly beat you in any sort of physical competition, so how about we settle this with a drinking contest instead?

    Rake: No. *Impales him on Dragnipur*

    Vote for Richard and lets have a Round 3 fight that isn’t just another single stroke battle for Anomander.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    Okay, now my comment are showing up right.

    I think most of the hate directed at Sword of Truth characters is being of Goodkind’s ethical tracts throughout his books and his generally dickish behavior in interviews and such. I myself don’t agree with his attempts at “morals” or the rest of his behavior, but I don’t think that that should be used to shoot down his characters even when they would logically win a fight. We’re not arguing about who’s from the best series, after all.

  • Asteron

    I will vote against any character of the horrid SoT series even if they were fighting the enchanted bunny… the Big Bang Theory one, not the Monty Python one.

    Seriously, the books are trash. I would say that the only use for them would be to use them for starting fires, but I would be worried about poisonous fumes…

  • ScarUponTheSky

    bibliophile785 pretty much iterated what I was going to type. I absolutely love Rothfuss’ work and I find Goodkind’s series to be brilliant and superb. It is sad that so far Bast is beating Richard by a landslide because he shouldn’t. Simple put, we don’t enough about him as readers to gauge his abilities.

    I voted for Richard because I’ve read all the novels. I know what he can do AND there really isn’t anyone I can see beating him. Sadly, I see this cage match mostly being a popularity contest and not one based off actual readership. (Meaning, I don’t vote if I haven’t read the books or know the characters.)

  • Jaworski

    You guys, let’s not kid ourselves. Bast we have no idea about. Richard even without the Sword of Truth could beat Bast, he’s a freaking war wizard! Don’t get me wrong, I love Pat Rothfuss and his series, but Richard as a character could beat Bast handily.

  • Chosen

    Seeing Richard Rahl lose does my heart good.

  • JOE

    @D.I. Waisanen

    maybe thats true, but no, Zaphod Beeblebrox is in this division. He could totally take Rake down.

  • D.I. Waisanen


    In response to your last post, I carefully lower my head and place it upon my open palm. Then, I slowly move my head back and forth.

  • Shadow’sBane

    i don’t mean to complain….but Bast only won becoz of fanboyism

  • ElHeredero

    This fight would have been way more interesting if Bast were replaced with Felurian.

  • Ivorydoom

    Since when does Kahlan have Auburn hair?

  • Alton

    Bast wins? BAST wins? I’m a huge fan of the books, but this is ridiculous. There are very few characters in ANY story who could beat Richard Rahl. Bast is NOT one of them. Period. The only result more ridiculous then this I have ever seen was when Cthulhu lost.

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