Cage Match 2012: Round 2: Moiraine Damodred versus The Dagda Mor


The Contestants


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Moiraine Damodred
Aes Sedai of The Blue Ajah
Age: 44
Race: Human (Aes Sedai)
Weapons / Artifacts: The One Power – Sai Dar; Angreal to boost her power

The Dagda Mor
King of the Demons
Age: Ageless
Race: Demon
Weapons / Artifacts: Staff of Power
He asks “Are you a demon?”, then goes demon all over you when you answer “no”

The Breakdown


  • Strong in the One Power—a veritable demigod amongst men
  • Battle-tested veteran
  • A woman (and therefore underestimated, because let’s face it: SF/F women often get a bum rap)

  • King of the Demons
  • King of the Demons
  • Did we mention he’s the King of the Demons?

  • Obsessive about her life’s mission, to the point that she’s willing to risk unraveling the fabric of space-time to achieve it.

  • Unlike Blue Oyster Cult, he fears the Reaper

  • Tarzan
    Del Rey editor Frank is crying right now

  • Raylene Pendle
    The undead can die

How we think the fight will go

The vicious sound of her Warder locked in battle with the Demon clawed at her, but Moiraine could not waste a thought for Lan, no matter his peril. The Dagda Mor dropped from the sky, and Moiraine caught a bat-shaped beast winging away into the dark night. Even hunched, the Demon towered over the diminutive Aes Sedai. Tufts of green hair, like saw-grass, sprouted over its entire body. In its hands was a long, gnarled staff, the end glowing green as magic coursed between the Demon and the shaft.

Moiraine wore a brocaded blue silk dress, horizontal slashes of alternating blue and white crossing her chest, and a black belt circling her waist. On her feet were high-calfed leather boots and gossamer stockings, made from Shara’s finest silk. Over all this, she wore a dark blue cloak trimmed in white, too light for travel, but so perfectly fitted that it gave the Aes Sedia a regal look, hinting at her noble Cairhienen background. The hood of her cloak was drawn up, so that the only hint of life in the shadowed recesses was the sparkle of her eyes and the glint of light caught in the small blue stone that sat suspended on her forehead by a silver chain.

“Can we get on with this?” the Dagda Mor growled. Moiraine’s eyes snapped up from admiring her outfit, startled from her reverie by the Demon’s words.

“Well?” it said.

Opening herself to the True Source, and letting its intoxicating sweetness envelop her, Moiraine wove threads of fire and air, igniting the dust in the air around the Dagda Mor. With a deafening roar, flames engulfed the demon. Moiraine raised a hand to shield her eyes from the sudden brightness. But, the Demon launched from the fiery plume, the fringes of his black cloak smoldering, Staff of Power held before it, glowing green. Moiraine dropped a coin behind her. Flaring steel, she pushed against the small piece of metal and launched into the ai—

Wait, no, wrong series.

Green fire blasted from the Dagda Mor’s upraised staff. Moiraine wove a hardened wall of air in front of herself, deflecting the blast and further attacks by the Demon. She tied off the weave, leaving the invisible wall hanging in mid-air. A small ring of hardened air formed in each of her hands, which she launched at the Dagda Mor, unraveling the wall to let them pass through. Razor-sharp, the discs sliced through the Demon’s cloak, drawing a blood-curdling howl. Again it raised its Staff of Power and shot forth a stream of fiery green magic with enough power to incinerate a building.

Weaving air, fire, and spirit, Moiraine shielded herself from the initial blast, but the Dagda Mor did not relent, the magic pouring from its staff growing more powerful as Moiraine showed her first sign of weakness. Drained by her initial fiery attack, Moiraine drew more and more of the power, focusing her will through the small stone on her forehead. The Demon’s attack continued unabated. Lost in the fury of the attack, the sound of the blue stone shattering went unnoticed.

Her power waning, and desperation threatening to overwhelm her, Moiraine summoned the last of her strength, drawing in so much of the True Source that she feared being lost in its euphoric embrace. Brilliant white light leaped from her hands, shearing through her shield, the green flame, and the Dagda Mor. For just a moment, she could see fear and surprise in the Demon’s black eyes, then it was gone, disappeared as thought it had never existed.

From the shadows limped her Warder, one arm hanging loose at his side. His stony face showed no surprise at Moiraine’s use of balefire, but the slightest crinkle of concern edged his eyes as she collapsed to the ground, exhausted. Lan picked up the small Aes Sedai, cradling her in his strong arms. As he walked off into the night, moonlight caught the small blue gem on her forehead just right, and the gem twinkled like a star.

Special thanks to Aidan Moher from A Dribble of Ink, who contributed to this Cage Match

Predicted Winner: Moiraine Damodred


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Moiraine Damodred is a character from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan; The Dagda Mor is a character from the Shannara series by Terry Brooks

Moiraine image courtesy of Jason Chan and Tor Books. The Dagda Mor image courtesy of Del Rey Books

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Cage Match fans: We are looking forward to hearing your responses! If possible, please abstain from including potential spoilers about the books in your comments (and if you need spoilers to make your case, start your comments with: “SPOILER ALERT!”


  • Shadow’sBane

    lol…awesome writeup.

  • Josh

    Laughed out loud at the Mistborn shoutout. Well-played.

  • JOE

    Yep, she’s not just an Aes Sedai, she’s also a Mistborn…
    nice try Mr. King of Demons, but no. just no.

  • BastSeriouslyWTF

    With all that fire the Dagda Mor was spewing, Moiraine could have just tied a shield of air off AROUND the demon. It would have suffocated itself in about 20 seconds.

  • Shaltilyena

    Uh, there’s a fail in the writing though.

    The blue stone shatters, and is then whole at the very end of the text? slight problem here.
    Apart than that, an enjoyable writeup. Laughed at the “oops wrong series” :p

  • wolf_sister565

    That was fantastic 🙂 I was totally confused when the Mistborn reference was brought in, well done 🙂

  • Matthew Diamond

    > The blue stone shatters, and is then whole at the very end of the text?
    Side effect of balefire. If you haven’t read the books, don’t worry about it. If you have, then you missed something. 🙂

  • DAVId

    while i think the dagda mor was awesome there was much better creatures from the tery brooks world that could be used.

  • Awesome write up: Mistborn reference and exhaustive clothing description ftw! Well done, Aidan.

  • Sir Read-a-Lot

    I’m not sure which was funnier – the clothing description, or the Mistborn reference.

    Great writeup all around.

  • John W.

    Moiraine’s character is much to serious. She would have been all business and taken apart the demon in short order. The use of the one power is not direct line of sight. Shielding and making demon bits could happen all at the same time.

  • Shadow’sBane

    The Shattering of stone and then it’s sudden appearance is becoz of effects of Balefire….Moiraine Used Balefire to incinerate Dagda Mor.
    Balefire is a were powerful weapon.
    When used on it someone it burns away the person from the pattern(reality) itself…also causing to undo the targets action done some seconds(minutes if Balefire is very powerful) before it was hit by Balefire. That’s the reason stone appears again.

  • Nick

    Thats because balefire erases you from the past equal to the strength of the blast. when she hit him with the Balefire she erased the act of him destroying the gem.

  • Philippe

    I really liked the writeup but I think the use of balefire was prematured. I think moraine could have easyly won both her matches by simply using a giant air hammer. Since women are stronger with air weaves she could have smashed everything in a very large area around her.

  • Asteron

    Could Balefire be what stops Rake?

  • Gela

    Balefire can kill anyone, so yes.

  • eric

    Just sayin, another person commented that there would be very dire consequences if Moiraine used balefire and it hit Dragnipur.

  • Rose

    What if balefire was used against some sort of creator god? Something immortal without which the world cannot exist? I don’t think it could do much there, so next year, when suvudu lists some bale-fire-wielding WoT character, they should put it up against the God of Green Life and see what happens.

  • D.I. Waisanen


    You’d need a heck of a lot of balefire for something like that, and the stronger the balefire, the more that reality will weaken from its use. I believe that Robert Jordan once stated in an interview that the amount of balefire needed to destroy the Dark One (the Satan figure of the Wheel of Time) would be so massive that it would destroy the world in the process.

    Moiraine herself couldn’t conjure that much balefire. She can erase people and monsters, and send them back short periods in time, but she has limits as to how much she can produce at once.

  • Jess

    OK I hate to have to be the one to complain but…

    A Wheel of Time was written by Robert Jordan and only penned by Brandon Sanderson due to his unfortunate death. I’m sorry but I don’t appreciate the Mistborn ref. (although I am a huge fan of the series) as it seems that the writer is trying to give the credit for this character to Mr Sanderson rather than Mr Jordan.
    I don’t approve and I doubt Mr Sanderson would either.

    Secondly while it is conceivable that Moiraine would use her blue stone as a focus for her channelling it is highly unlikely as she usually only uses it as a focus for smaller things such as eves-dropping. As she herself says Items do not contain the power the channeller does.

    Otherwise a good write up, I did enjoy the descriptive passage about her clothing, very true to Mr Jordan’s writing style.

    Bitching done, complaining over.

    Moiraine FTW!

  • Archon

    If DI Waisanen is correct ^^ I’m not sure Moiraine could conjure up enough Balefire to wipe Rake… Rake is actually older and more powerful than most gods…

  • Blake

    @Archon the amount of Balefire is irrelevant pertaining to eliminating a foe. Even a tiny sliver would completely annihilate anyone it touches. The amount of power is only relevant to how far back the thread is burned from the pattern, or put another way, how much time the person is erased from.

  • Hampsterstand

    First time posting to these things. But the whole balefire thing has me wondering. With Moraine, everyone just assumes BALEFIRE FTW, Job done, lets get a sandwich. But for me, each world has it’s own magic system, and set of rules it follows. For Randland, there’s the Wheel, channeling, the Creator, and the Dark One. Mistborn has allomancy, feruchemy, hemaleurgy, Preservation and Ruin. For Way of Kings you have yet another system/gods, etc…

    My point: If the Wheel pertains to Randland, does that mean that characters from other worlds necessarily follow the same rules? Do they even have threads to burn away? Unless the wheel weaved their world/ages/threads, characters from other worlds do not necessarily have a thread to burn away. Balefire negated. Possibly. Thoughts?

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