Cage Match 2012: Round 2: Mr. Wednesday versus Claire Haskell


The Contestants


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Mr. Wednesday
Odin All-father
Age: Unknown
Race: God
Weapons / Artifacts: None (but he does have two ravens)
Master of the Twice-Nine Charms

Claire Haskell
22nd century special ops/hacker
Age: 28
Race: Human (kind of)
Weapons / Artifacts: Standard 22nd century battle equipment
Can hack anything

The Breakdown


  • American incarnation of Odin, has access to almost boundless magical power
  • A master con artist, he prefers to use his charm and skill at manipulation to direct attacks
  • The Twice-Nine Charms include the ability to heal with a touch; to turn aside the weapons of an enemy; and to turn back spells upon their caster

  • Highly intelligent and wesome hacker
  • Superior technology and weaponry
  • Limited precog ability

  • It ain’t easy being the god of a dying religion

  • Stigma associated with how awful the movie Hackers was


  • Felix
    Time to stand on the Olympic podium in the sky…or hell

How we think the fight will go

Claire was amazed that the 21st century ever made it to the 22nd—their technology was just so…primitive. A port was a port, though, and a jack was a jack, and if a machine had processor, then she was in. She was glad she didn’t have to type.

There was a tall man talking to her. Commanding her.

Like that was supposed to intimidate her.

She continued her hack, going deeper into system, carving lines of code like an angler filleted a fish. Honing, shaping, tweaking.


She looked up, and smiled.

“What are you smiling at,” the man named Mr. Wednesday called to her.

“Your demise.”

My demise? Are you insane? I? Odin?

“I am a god.”


The tone of her voice must have penetrated some of the hubris, because something in his eyes faltered.

“What…what did you do?” He looked around, and it seemed as he was disoriented.

“Nothing all that fancy. Nothing a god would worry about.”

“I feel…thinner.”

“That means it’s working.” She smiled.


“I’m not really sure you’ll understand.” She shrugged. “I’m not exactly sure I understand myself. But let me see if I can explain it.

“You are, as you say, a god. But what does that mean? Are you all-powerful? Clearly not—otherwise we wouldn’t be jawing at each other in front of all these people.

“No, you’re not all-powerful. And that means you have a weakness. It means you can be hurt. I know about hurt. I know about pain. I can take it…and I can inflict it.

“But you are a god, in a certain sense of the word. You rely on the belief of us mortals to make your own life have meaning.

“To have power.”

He shuddered, and Claire could see he was already less. She continued.

“This civilization is a strange one. I know—I’m the product of it…sort of. I’m from a place where interactions only matter if there’s a record of it. Wipe out the record, and you change reality. Information is key.” She looked at him. “Well, I have information. I’ve created information. And I guess, in some ways, that makes me more of a god than you.”

“What did you do?” he repeated, his voice a weak remnant of what it had been even moments ago.

“Something new. This world’s social networks are exactly that: networks. I simply infiltrated their pitiful firewalls and added a new user.


Claire smiled again. She couldn’t remember a time when she had smiled this much…and she had multiple “times” from which she could draw on for such experiences.

“But…wouldn’t that help me? Wouldn’t more people know me?” Mr. Wednesday asked.

“Ah, but here’s where it gets interesting. Because for all their interactivity, these networks seem predicated on the idea that you either like something or are indifferent to it. There’s no ability to show disfavor in any easy way—and if there’s something about these 21st century people, they love their easy.

“They also love innovation. And for the first time in the history of their networks, there’s a dislike button. And it’s solely attached to your profiles. And it’s…different.

“It’s new.

“With a few more tweaks, people everywhere are discovering they can do something they could never do: dislike something with a click of a button. That news is spreading like wild-fire, and the novelty of it is contagious. People are disliking you in the millions, Mr. Wednesday. Odin.”
Her face turned hard as she targeted him with her micro-missiles.

“You, a god? You’re nothing. You’re a joke.

“You’re a meme.

“And nobody puts their faith in something silly like memes.”

The missiles streaking towards Mr. Wednesday were overkill, and Claire knew. She could see the moment when a young man, glancing at his smartphone when he should have been paying attention to his philosophy lecture, clicked “dislike.”

The moment when Odin became no more.

Predicted Winner: Claire Haskell


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Mr. Wednesday is a character from American Gods by Neil Gaiman; Claire Haskell is a character from the Autumn Rain trilogy by David J. Williams

Mr. Wednesday image courtesy of HarperCollins. Claire image courtesy of Spectra Books

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  • Meg

    Tweeted to death. Oh lord how the mighty fall. XD

    All these cage matches are lengthening my already-formidable to-read list.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    So far, both of Mr. Wednesday’s matches have gone the exact same way: He faces an opponent from a more modern setting, and just stands there commanding them while they destroy him using metaphysical techniques that sap his existence. Then, Mr. W proceeds to annihilate them in the actual votes.

  • Clavicle

    @Waisanen: Yes, it’s just like in Norse mythology/American Gods, by facing death and defeat, Odin only grows stronger.

  • Jess

    The write up makes my eye twitch. Wednesday isn’t acting himself, and even if it was a brush off “dislike”, it’s still acknowledgment. Not to mention that unless this intarw’bs trend also magically gave anyone that has directly interacted, or been screwed by Wednesday a case of untimely Alzheimer’s; or took him out of history/fantasty books and films- ESPECIALLY films- well. Excuse my nerd rage if you will, but this write up is flawed in just too many ways. Especially to a gal that reads and watches a lot of film.

  • Rose

    Heh. “Disliking” isn’t disbelief, and it’s disbelief that’s the killer. It’s perfectly acceptable to hate/fear the gods, you just have to know they’re there.

  • AMR

    Exactly by spending precious time “disliking” him, they’re actually accepting the existence of a god named Odin, which just empowers him. Mr Wednesday would actually be pleased that people are wasting energy in pointing their dislike in him, he’s not a nice guy.

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