Cage Match 2012: Round 2: Revan versus Tomas


The Contestants


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Jedi Knight
Age: Mid 50s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Lightsaber; Force powers
Force lightning

Age: Technically ageless, if you count his first life as the demigod Ashen-Shugar
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Ancient, magical armor/shield/sword that used to belong to said demigod
Nigh god-hood

The Breakdown


  • Advanced precognition abilities and battle foresight allows him to anticipate his enemies’ intentions and actions
  • Superhuman speed and reflexes
  • A strategic and tactical fighter

  • The memories and experiences of a ruthless warrior demi-god who could command dragons
  • Years of battle-hardened experience fighting invaders from another dimension
  • Inhuman strength, speed…did we mention he used to be a demi-god?

  • Spent most of his life unsure which gender he was…

  • Pitiful human traits like compassion sometimes stop his inner demi-god from letting it all out. (By “all,” we mean an insatiable bloodlust.)

  • Y.T.
    O_M_G…no more Y.T.

How we think the fight will go

Bestowed with the power of a god, Tomas’s sword pierced Revan’s Force shield. And the crowd roared. The Jedi Knight spun to avoid the attack and his dark cloak fluttered harmlessly over the golden sword.

One clad in black and red, the other white and gold, the two men faced each other in the center of the packed arena. Swarms of spectators cheered and booed from every direction.

“What magic gave you these powers?” Tomas demanded. “What gods?” He held his magical sword high and the white-green glow of the Jedi’s lightsaber turned a blinding yellow in the golden reflection of Tomas’s weapon.

“No gods,” Revan spat before launching into the air. Tomas held his sword defensively over his head and Revan’s lightsaber hummed audibly as it slammed against the magic-enforced metal with a deafening crash. The sharpened edge of the sword melted slightly against the shaft of pure energy and two drops of molten gold crept down the blade like a god’s tears. The sword was already warped and blunted from countering the countless strikes of the Jedi Master’s weapon.

Leaping over his opponent, Revan landed in a crouch on the stadium’s grass. Tomas wasted no time and charged at his opponent with a furious battle cry. The two swords from two different worlds crashed and whirred in a dizzying rush of metal and light. The spectators could barely keep up, only able to determine their tribute by a wash of red or gold.

“What rift have you come through?” Tomas demanded, swiping at Revan’s neck. “I am the Dragon Lord Ashen-Shurgar, Ruler of the Eagle’s Reaches, and I will summon a horde of dragons thundering to destroy you!”

“And where there is thunder,” Revan bellowed, backflipping a dozen paces away, “there must be lightning!” The fingers of his free hand flicked open. A ring of crackling blue energy burst from his fingertips and hurtled towards Tomas, whirling in deadly circles and spitting sparks. The armored man held up his sword to defend himself but the ring of lightning wrapped around Tomas and snapped shut like an electrical noose.

Tomas fell to the grass convulsing and twitching as the lightning conducted through his metal armor. His limbs spasmed violently and the smell of burning flesh filled the stadium. Soon the demigod was still; the very armor that gave him power over men also enabled his doom.

“How?” Tomas croaked. “We were but men once.” His eyes danced wildly and mouth opened and closed weakly and wordlessly.

“Once.” Revan agreed, casually walking towards the paralyzed Tomas as the crowd went wild. Grabbing the hilt of his lightsaber with both hands, Revan held his weapon high over Tomas’s head and then thrust the shaft of pure energy into his defeated opponent’s skull. And Revan – Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, savior, villain, friend – became a killer of a god.

William Heus contributed to this Cage Match

Predicted Winner: Revan


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Revan is a character from Star Wars (Lucasfilm, Ltd); Tomas is a character from the Riftwar Saga books by Raymond E. Feist

Revan image courtesy of Lucasfilm, Ltd and Del Rey Books . Tomas image courtesy of Spectra Books

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