Cage Match 2012: Round 2: Saphira versus Atticus O’Sullivan


The Contestants


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One of the last dragons in Alagaësia
Age: Never ask a lady-dragon’s age!
Race: Dragon
Weapons / Artifacts: Talons; teeth; scales (armor)
Breathes fire

Atticus O’Sullivan
Iron Druid
Age: 2,089
Race: Human (Irish)
Weapons / Artifacts: Fragarach the Answerer
“Freagroidh tu!”: Fragarach can freeze an opponent and make him tell the truth; also makes target easy to stab

The Breakdown


  • Mastery of flight and in-air combat maneuvers
  • Dragon scales that are virtually impenetrable
  • A near-constant telepathic connection with Eragon

  • Cold Iron amulet makes him immune to magical attacks
  • Ability to draw on the earth means he doesn’t tire in battle, and can enhance his strength and speed
  • Camouflage makes him difficult to see/track

  • A near-constant telepathic connection with Eragon

  • Easily seduced; has no defense against the wiles of maenads


  • Aureste
    Gold is no match for iron

How we think the fight will go

Atticus was surprised to wake on his own front lawn, sometime in the middle of the night. Shaking the fog from his head he looked around, trying hard to recall how he’d gotten there.

At least I’m dressed, he thought, not entirely sure that it was a good thing.

It was only when he moved to stand that he noticed the dainty but useless dagger on the ground beside him. Atticus did a quick check, making sure all his most important appendages were still intact and attached. Refastening his pants, he stood to brush himself off. But as he dropped the dagger into the recycling bin, he noticed a glimmer of blue motion from behind his house.


The wolfhound did not answer his call. Slowly, pieces of the previous night’s matchup started coming back to Atticus.

It seems as though my fight is not yet done.

He recovered Fragarach from the lawn, not far from where he’d awoken and checked that the cold iron amulet he’d spent centuries crafting still hung around his neck. Thus armed, Atticus moved around the side of the house to investigate.
He paused briefly when he heard strange and terrible noises emerging from the backyard. Rounding the corner carefully, fully expecting to see two asthmatic bears copulating, instead Atticus found a giant blue dragon.


Saphira stirred, snorted, and looked at Atticus groggily. “Siodhachan Ó Suileabháin?”

“Shh!” he whispered, hoping no one heard her; “I go by Atticus around here.”

Saphira gave him a puzzled look before lazily stretching her neck to peer over the roof and around the yard.

“And where is here exactly?”


“I have never heard of this land, Ar-i-zon-a.”

“What are you doing here Saphira? I specifically chose Arizona so I could avoid run-ins with creatures from other dimensions.”

“Creature, who are you calling a creature, you…you..leprechaun!” she sputtered. “I am a dragon. Mighty, magical, and practically invincible.”

Atticus remembered hearing about Saphira’s delicate ego.

“My apologies, of course I meant nothing by that.” Atticus bowed low, using the action to distract while he kicked off his shoes. He wasn’t taking any chances this time. “Morrigan did not foresee you surviving Round 1,” he said, “She was very specific about that.”

Saphira sniffed haughtily, “You were not predicted to win either…and yet here we are.”

Atticus circled Saphira slowly. Her eyes were alert now, and she watched his every move carefully.

“It seems as though we were both protected by strong—if sometimes misguided—” he added, looking at Saphira pointedly, “fan-wards.”

Saphira roared at that, bringing herself to full height, she towered over the druid.
“What exactly are you implying Atticus?” Saphira’s sharp teeth bared in a sneer, she reared her head back and inhaled deeply, ready to strike. “I have my own magic, I don’t need fan-wards, especially not here in your fragile dimension.”

Atticus smiled, “And as such a being of magic, did you forget your weakness to iron in my dimension?” He tapped his amulet; “Your magic is no good against me here.”

Saphira grinned with pure malice.

“Perhaps not, but I’ll bet my teeth are.”

She dove forward, snarling, jaws gaping, ready to separate Atticus’ head from his precious amulet. But Atticus used her own momentum against her. Ducking under Saphira’s snapping teeth, he drew Fragarach and thrust it deep into her chest, shattering her Eldunari on contact. Saphira emitted a howl of pure rage before slumping to the ground.

Atticus withdrew his sword slowly, wiping the blade on his leg before sheathing it again.

“So is your magic is strong enough to survive this, Saphira?”

Saphira smiled smugly in response. Though her body was already dissolving into ash, disappearing into the dark night, she knew her fan-wards would prevail. Before she crumbled completely, she lifted her eyes to Atticus.

“Póg mo thóin, druid—I will return!”

Atticus shrugged and unwound the nearby garden hose. As he washed the pile of Saphira into the lawn he wondered when she’d learned to swear in Gaelic.

Nancy Lambert contributed to this Cage Match

Predicted Winner: Atticus O’Sullivan


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Saphira is a character from the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini; Atticus O’Sullivan is a character from the Iron Druid Chronicles series by Kevin Hearne

Saphira image courtesy of John Jude Palencar. Atticus image courtesy of *CodyVrosh

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  • D.I. Waisanen

    “Atticus remembered hearing about Saphira’s delicate ego.”

    Oh, yes, NOW Suvudu has learned how to properly depict Saphira’s personality. 😉

    Atticus Dragonslayer for the win.

  • Yes, Saphira has the advantage of being a dragon, but this is effing Atticus we’re talking about, here! He kills gods. No punk-ass blue dragon is gonna end him. Now, Atticus, Rake, and Granny Weatherwax should all sit down and have some tea. Or maybe something stronger, if Nanny Ogg shows up.

    The money I would pay to listen in on THAT conversation…

  • Sir Read-a-Lot

    Since I don’t know much about Atticus, could someone answer my questions:

    1. Is his sword strong enough to penetrate dragon-scale?
    2. Is it long enough to reach a dragon’s heart? (I don’t recall exactly where the Eldunari is kept inside a dragon, but I figure it’s at least farther in than the heart is.)
    3. Is his “ability to draw on the earth” still active if he’s being carried above it by a flying dragon?
    4. Does he have magic powerful enough to overcome a dragon’s spell-resistance? (or clever enough to go around it?)
    5. Would mental attacks be blocked by his amulet?
    6. Would the amulet prevent Saphira from sensing him mentally?

    If the answer to all those questions is no, then Saphira wins, no question. If they’re all yes than Atticus certainly wins. If some of them are yes, then it depends. The first one in particular is rather important.

  • Austin

    I’d like to add a couple to that:
    7. Is he immune to fire?
    8. Is Eragon ever going to show up?
    Also, Saphira is not as stupid as she is characterized to be in both the first rounds. She’s a dragon, for God’s sake! Dragon’s just don’t act that way!

  • D.I. Waisanen

    . Does he have magic powerful enough to overcome a dragon’s spell-resistance? (or clever enough to go around it?)\n
    I don’t know enough about Atticus to answer the rest of the questions, but I’d like to point out that Saphira, and other dragons from her world, do not have ANY kind of spell resistance of ANY kind. They can naturally defend their minds from telepathic assault, but the only way that they can resist magic aside from sheer durability is when a magician places wards on them, which would be bringing another character into this.

    I’d also point out that Inheritance Cycle dragons can be killed without their scales being penetrated, as they have weak areas on their necks and armpits, and their wings and eyes are still unprotected and vulnerable to damage. Also, both telepathy and the fire that they unleash are both magical in nature; the fire is created through magic and explicitly stated to be an extension of a dragon’s magical abilities, not ordinary fire produced through biological processes, and telepathy is tied in with magic in the Inheritance Cycle. Therefore, I’d say that if Atticus’s cold iron amulet can block Inheritance-style magic, then both Saphira’s fire and telepathy will not affect him. Even in the Inheritance Cycle, there are certain things, such as the Ra’zac or dwarf assassins with certain wards, that are immune to telepathy and can be neither sensed nor attacked with it.

    I’d also say that Eragon shouldn’t be allowed to help out Saphira, as this is supposed to be Atticus against Saphira, and once we start bringing in outside help, then it will turn into group combat. It would be unfair to let Eragon help Saphira without giving Atticus help as well, after all.

    I know more about Saphira than Atticus, obviously, but from what I’ve heard of his abilities, he seems pretty well-fit to take on Saphira and win.

  • Caleb

    What the hell?
    They finally get Saphira’s personality right, but what on Earth is this about a weakness to iron? Thats complete bull! Theres nothing about that in her disadvantages!
    A few points:
    1. In the advantages I see he’s immune to magic. Fine, Saphira has to use tooth, claw and tail, like she does several times in the books.
    2. It also says “Dragon scales that are VIRTUALLY IMPENETRABLE”, and he manages to stick her with an IRON SWORD.
    3. “Shatters eldunari” I believe in the books the dragons’ souls doesn’t get transfered into the eldunari until they bring it forth for their rider, or whoever. That wouldn’t kill her. She may die if he penetrated her heart, I don’t know where the eldunari is actually located in a dragon’s anatomy. But once again, the scales thing.
    4. Obviously her wards would have no effect against him, if he can resist magic,

    but COME ON! Her scales are fricking GEMSTONES! You don’t just slip a sword into that!
    Also, what is with these guys and predicting Saphira loses?

  • Daniel

    the sword that Atticus is using is much more then an iron sword. Also Saphira may not be weak to iron but Atticus has an Iron amulet that prevents all magic from working on him. Because of the amulet any magical fire or other magical abilities wont work on him.

    I can’t remember but Atticus eventually has 2 very powerful swords. One of them I believe kills so long as it gets a decent blow on the opponent and the other can cut threw pretty much anything. Any one remember which is which?

  • BitterCold

    Fragarach the Answerer has the power to pierce any armor, and I think a dragon’s scales would count as such.
    As for is the sword long enough, I’m not super-familiar with Eragon-world dragons (bit out of the demographic,) but Fragarach is essentially a Roman-style spatha- very similar to the ubiquitous gladius, but longer and not as stout. The blade is about 36\ long (maybe a few inches longer, but not much.) Long enough to kill a dragon? If it doesn’t meet any resistance, probably.

    Atticus is at his best when he’s in contact with the earth, but he can store enough energy in his necklace to operate for a little while if he were, say, pulled into the air by a dragon.

    Is his magic powerful enough to overcome a dragon’s spell resistance? Interesting question. See, Atticus doesn’t really cast spells like a wizard does. He can put bindings on things to cause magical effects to happen- his camouflage ability is an example of this- but he doesn’t throw fireballs or control people’s minds.
    Atticus is very, very clever, having lived several lifetime’s worth of years and stayed alive through thousands of tight spots, and it would be his wits and experience that he could use to gain an edge on a beast the size and power of a dragon. He can be overcome, but he has many years worth of dirty tricks to keep his skin intact.
    If the dragon’s mental attacks are magical in nature, then Atticus’ amulet is probably enough of a defense.
    So, it looks like these two opponents negate a lot of each other’s advantages, making this a fairly even fight. I vote Atticus because I am a fan of his and not of Saphira, again, having never read Eragon.

  • Caleb

    So he’s the druid of iron, and doesn’t have anything to do with iron apart from his amulet?
    And I think that whoever is the champion will be the one whose books have been the most widely read 😛

  • Caleb

    Actually, just realised:
    Quotation marks mean “talking”
    Yet another fail by these authors on Saphira’s behalf…

  • Caleb

    Saphira’s words are in quotation marks.
    Saphira can’t speak.
    The only way Saphira can communicate is through her mind.

    But his resistance to magic would, in the Eragon world, mean a barrier to mental contact. Which means they couldn’t communicate. But still, they’ve failed again.

  • Cabal Coyote

    I lean strongly in favor of my favourite druid, but then again, having never read Eragon, I’m probably a little biased.

  • We have to take into account that they are fighting not in the Eragon world too, but Atticu’s contemporary world of Arizona. Saphira may lose or gain different abilities akin to the dragons that occupy this world version. Obviously she’ll be also confused and gagitated about this. And she’ll still have to contend with Atticus’s wit and weapons: the swords Fragarach, Moralltach, and the newly-gained spear, Gungnir.

  • Nick

    still trying to figure out how harry potter got ron and hermione but saphira dosent get eragon. can anyone explain this to me?

  • Luzburg

    For putting in “Kiss my arse” I vote for this guy.

  • Trickster

    In short answers.

    1. Is his sword strong enough to penetrate dragon-scale? Yes

    2. Is it long enough to reach a dragon’s heart? (I don’t recall exactly where the Eldunari is kept inside a dragon, but I figure it’s at least farther in than the heart is.) Yes

    3. Is his “ability to draw on the earth” still active if he’s being carried above it by a flying dragon? It would not matter. He would never get snagged by a dragon.

    4. Does he have magic powerful enough to overcome a dragon’s spell-resistance? (or clever enough to go around it?)Yes

    5. Would mental attacks be blocked by his amulet? Yes, ALL magic.

    6. Would the amulet prevent Saphira from sensing him mentally? Yes.

  • Atticus has weaknesses but not ones that Saphira can exploit. His strengths are such that this match-up is a forgone conclusion. They would easily be able to communicate as Atticus has no problems with mental communication. I suspect the above wasn’t familiar with this particular bit.

    I don’t think this fight would be so short and fast simply because either author would write it up with more drama. Atticus is a bad-ass and a planner, it is a tough combination.

  • Boron


    I think this is about the concept of the Character. Harry Can´t do anything without his friends, except for surviving somehow against Voldemort, but then again, he has extremly strong magic pritection against this particular person. Without that and and his friends he´d lose against about everyone or he´d run away.
    it´s the same thing with Tyrion. He couldn´t do anything without using someone else, and more important, he wouldn´t.
    Saphira on the other hand, as i understand her(never read the books either, never going to), can be pretty independent and doesn´t have to rely on Eragon (frankly, as an intelligent form of a dragon, she would suck big time otherwise).
    It´s all about staying in Character. Harry is concepted to need help, tyrion is concepted to need help, so they get help.
    Saphiea is a god damened, intelligent, magical dragon. She doesn´t need help, she doesn´t rely on help, so she gets none.

  • Not Telling

    To clear things up.

    2. Is it long enough to reach a dragon’s heart? (I don’t recall exactly where the Eldunari is kept inside a dragon, but I figure it’s at least farther in than the heart is.) Not if the dragon is roughly the size of a house.

    5. Would mental attacks be blocked by his amulet? No, the mental is biological in a way, and NOT magic.

    6. Would the amulet prevent Saphira from sensing him mentally? No, it still leaves sort of a mental thumbprint, as shown in I think Brisingr.

    Also, a living dragon can survive without an Eldunari, and one still in a dragons body is inert.

    He is also only protected from the magic itself, not the effects. For example, it would not protect him from a rockslide Saphire causes.

  • Isdera

    ok idiots listen up
    addressing the world issue THAT HAS NO EFFECT! end of story.
    second, fragarach the answerer WOULD pierce her scales, or if that by some unusual way that doesn’t count as armour, clip her wings. it’s still an iron sword idiots. and if not that then morollotach (not sure about that being the name) would finish her off. or grugnir, seeing as saphira doesn’t have atticus’ trick to divert it. third, just as he binds people, he could also simply imprison saphira’s legs in the earth and if by some chance she rips them out will kill her inadvertently by blood loss.

  • Who the f*** is Atticus?! And how does a boy pixie beat a dragon? What an insult to mythology. Also, sense whoever wrote this doesn’t seem to know, the eldunari is a dragons heart, in the deepest part of their chest and is guarded by multiple layers of armor and bone. No sword can penetrate a dragons skin directly to their eldunari. Its physically impossible. If dragons were this easily beaten, then dragons would not be regarded so highly and feared so greatly in mythology. And also, this s*** was so one sided it was ridiculous. v.v

  • Ti

    Sorry, I have not heard of Atticus. But how can his sword destroy her Eldunari? It makes no sense if you have ever read any of the Inheritance Cycle books. Whether he is druid or a god killer, it makes no sense at all. Piercing her heart is one thing. But destroying her Eldunari? No. Very immature and childishly wrote. She speaks telepathically. She does not talk. I wish people would READ the book instead of making up a farce such as this. Destroy her Eldunari and she is dead. End of story. No talking back as she did at the end of this TALL TALE. As for accepting this ‘story’ I have only one word. FAIL.

  • brunothepig

    Why did this have to start with bad fan fiction?
    Now, I don’t know anything about this Atticus, so I’m just going to point out the mistakes in regard to Saphira. First, she isn’t a retard. I doubt she’d be killed that easily, especially with that whole flight thing. And that dialogue was painful.
    Also, before it’s divulged the eldurnai is mostly meaningless. And why did she turn to ash when she got stabbed in it anyway? Seriously, what the fuck?
    Assuming this is Saphira from the final book, I doubt a sword would be long enough to pierce her heart, even if it’s true the sword can penetrate her scales.
    Saphira can’t talk. But I see no reason she couldn’t communicate telepathically, or at least sense Atticus, since it is mentioned in the books that the ‘telepathy’ isn’t linked to magic. All magic users have the ability, but so do some other people.
    “He is also only protected from the magic itself, not the effects. For example, it would not protect him from a rockslide Saphire causes.” If this is true, if the whim takes her, Saphira’s natural magic is powerful enough to throw him up into the air with a gust of wind or something. Even if it doesn’t, her fire would still affect him, since it’s source is magical, but the result isn’t.

    Like I said, don’t know who’d win since I have no knowledge of this guy. I’m still inclined to say Saphira. She has the reflexes to fight elves and other dragons, I think she can dodge a sword thrust. And did I mention flying? Might check out these Iron Druid books though.

  • Okay well, reading the comments above and it would appear this Atticus dudad is immune to magic…. so what? Why not use her fire for something else? Is he immune to the earth around him being nothing but fire? The fire may have started by magical flames, but would it not spread as a natural fire overtaking the surrounding landscape/desert or whatever its like an Arizona? I mean, dragons are incredibly smart, use her brains, not just a full blown assault that is doomed to fail before it even starts. -_-

  • Zyre

    Saphira is a wise being. She would never so recklessly fly in. She has demonstrated time and time again her strategic skills in Alageasia. And b.s. is this weakness to iron? I’ve never heard of dragons being weak to iron, just demons and the Fey. Besides which, I don’t care what kind of sword this is and I don’t care if it can penetrate Saphira’s scales- there’s no way it can shatter an Eldunari. And Eldunari is not some stone or gem. Sure, they are treated with care, but they are impossible to break without extremely powerful magic. I don’t know which party would win, because I don’t know Atticus. But this was way too one-sided of a battle, just like Saphira’s last one.

  • Georgia

    1. I don’t think that the fire is magic at all. It starts of as liquid fire in her stomach the it ignites as leaving her mouth because of some gases I think, NOT MAGIC!
    2. I’ve never heard of this Atticus before, where did he come from!?
    3. Saphira has survived A LOT of stuff in the Inheritance cycle, a small, barely 30seconds long fight wouldn’t kill her, she would fight more.
    4. These people really have never read any of the Inheritance books have they? The dragon-rider bond is special and both of them hate to be away from each othe, “partner of heart and mind” as Saphira once called it so Eragon should turn up at some point, I bet Brisingr could destroy Atticus’s punt iron sword.
    5. There is a reason dragons are known as the strongest beasts in mythology, because they destroy all foes!!!

  • Jarp

    First off, I definitely plan to begin reading the Iron Druid Chronicles now. This competition has certainly sparked my interest. However, I just dont buy an easy victory for Atticus. Matrim Cauthon, from The Wheel of Time, posses a simular amulet and it does not protect him from all reactions *caused* by magic use. Saphira could use fire to set her surroundings on fire, thereby setting him on fire. She could use magic to hurl inanimate objects at him or–since she is the size of house (or larger)–she could just throw a car at him with brute force alone.

    The biggest issue with the argument here is that, going by the author’s “prediction”, Saphira and Atticus apparently KNOW EACH OTHER. Therefore, Saphira would be wise to both his reputation and weapons (amulet included). If Saphira did not know about the amulet I could totally see Atticus having a slight advantage, but Saphira isn’t stupid. She would eventually figure it out and begin throwing all kinds of sh*t at him via magic, strength, whatever, all the while staying a comfortable distance away from him (she can FLY, people). It would be completely one sided at that point.

  • Umut

    Saphira is a DRAGON! are you sure you guys aware of that? We are talking about a praticalliy immortal being with WINGS as big as a galleon’s sails which can blow away any human being by swinging them. (by causing a very strong wind) And no sane dragon would get close to it’s prey and start talking to it like: hey! imma comin ova here and gonna eat ya! instead they fly at a higher altitude and use their superior senses, wait for the right moment to strike. Like razing the building on top of that atticus guy or throw some boulders from sky (death from above!). If those wont work, dragons have the strenght and reflexes that no mortal can match. Considering the impulse type pure magic that dragons have at saphira’s realm, there is no way an amulet (no matter how poverful it is) could stop them. If we talk about the psychic povers the dragons have, nope they are not magical natured but povered by their magical nature so again, atticus is lost at that to. and lastly, a dragon’s flame breath is not a magical thing but pure chemical reaction. Do you think that atticus guy could resist that flame? there won’t even be his ashes left for his friends to mourn at. Sorry but atticus is a goner.

  • Shadow’sBane

    Inheritance Fans are Coming!

  • surfup5

    One thing I would like to point out is that either Oromis or Brom specify that mindspeaking (aka. telepathy) is trigered by magic but there are those without the ability to use magic who can mindspeak so saphira would be able to communicate with him and therefore attack his mind because that is an extension of mind communication.

    living dragons do not die if thier elundari is destroyed and thay have not retreated into it.

    her elundari is really far into her chest because in the beginning of the forth boog a spear goer more than a yard into her chest without kiling her.

    her fire is caused by magic but she can light things on fire and the heat caused by it is not magic.

    She is not weak to iron that is never mentioned in the books.

    Saphira should get Eragon. Harry acted independent of Ron and Hermionie in his fight with Voldemort in the forth and seventh books.

    Sahphira can fly, is faster than all humans, and is a tactical genius she would never have charged like that unless eragon was in trouble.

    those of you who haven’t read the inheritance books should stop pretending that you know everything about saphira.

  • Brian

    1. Is his sword strong enough to penetrate dragon-scale? Possibly, the dragons scales are strong and tough like armor, but armor can be pierced, so this is open to speculation… It depends greatly on the hand that wields the sword and the sword itself.

    2. Is it long enough to reach a dragon’s heart? no chance. If he were fighting saphira when she was a newborn possible, but dragons grow to the size of mountains and keep growing for as long as they live which is forever… No chance a simple sword is going to get close to the internal organs of a dragon the size of saphira i have my doubts it would even penetrate her hide.

    3. Is his “ability to draw on the earth” still active if he’s being carried above it by a flying dragon? i dont know enough about this guy to answer this, but let me ask you guys a question, if he did get grabbed, do you think he would have any protection against saphira’s talons or teeth or from being dropped from thousands of feet in the air? This is a dragon, not a dumb animal… She would tear this human apart.

    4. Does he have magic powerful enough to overcome a dragon’s spell-resistance? (or clever enough to go around it?) Not sure.

    5. Would mental attacks be blocked by his amulet? No. First off this amulet is perposterous, its a simple iron amulet… Even if it blocked the magical damage of saphira’s fire, it couldnt block the heat or light. She would melt the amulet with her fire and cook this guy alive. As for mental attacks, the mind is not magical, telepathy in inheritance is not magic, anyone can do it, the mind is a muscle. Although telepathy is related to magic, it in itself is not magic, so his amulet would not block it. Saphira would imobilize him with her mind, and either kill him with her mind ( a dragons mind is powerful beyond measure, no human would stand a chance on his own) or with one of her other various abilities.

    6. Would the amulet prevent Saphira from sensing him mentally? no. in inheritance, only the razac have this ability to hide from the mind. It was implied if not stated outright that the mind cannot be hidden, only camouflaged and that only by a great distance (the eldunari hidden in the vault of souls). In the weigh in it was not mentioned that this amulet could do more than protect against magic, so im going to go with No it wouldnt hide his mind.

    This guy might be strong, might be fast, might be smart, but i highly doubt he is any match for an inheritance dragon. Dragons in inheritance are highly intelligent, fast, and powerful beyond measure. You are proposing that this man has a chance. If we had this fight in the inheritance universe, where there are strict laws regarding power and magic, this guy would lose outright. In inheritance, the guys amulet would have to draw power from the guy himself, and dragons can breathe fire for minutes. Even if it blocked the fire from burning him alive, he would not have enough energy to hold off a dragon indefinitely. In inheritance, the heat from the dragons fire was not magical but real heat, although the fire itself was magical, so that would not be blocked. The only way the amulet would work for this guy is if it somehow stopped her from breathing fire at all, but id love to see how you explain that one.

    You could count eragon as part of saphira for the bond between rider and dragon makes the two more one being than not, so if you brought eragon and brisinger into this fight, this guy would be history.

    Saphiras real advantages:
    Can cook this upstart alive even if the fire itself is blocked (the heat would probably melt the amulet and the sword, and cook him alive anyway, what good is an advantage if you never get to use it)

    She can fly, and could easily pick this guy up. She could then tear him apart with her teeth and talons, or simply drop him from a great height.

    If she wanted a draw, she could simply fall on him and he would die. Even if he managed to kill her with his sword, he would be crushed under her weight.

    A dragons mental power is insane, no ordinary human would ever have a chance… And the mind is a muscle, not magic so the mind would not be blocked by some little amulet.

    If eragon is allowed to fight its game over, if not it would still be advantage saphira.

    Also, dragons can use magic, not at will, but when they do they can overcome any resistance, passing wards and doing things that defy any and all known laws of magic, if saphira used this ability during the fight, i believe there is a good chance the amulet would not be able to negate it…

    Also, about the amulet…. It only says it protects this guy from attack, so if saphira attacks indirectly, say breathing fire around the guy, it would not block it. Also, the amulet itself could be attacked and destroyed…

    There is one more advantage saphira has… She could pick up boulders and drop them on this guy. Dive bomber saphira = game over. I doubt this guy is going to have the speed or strength to stop that, and can he fly? If he can he might have a chance, but if not hes history. saphira could just fly until he dies of starvation or dehydration… A dragon could outlast a human with ease.

  • Atticus kills gods. While a dragon might be godlike, Saphira’s not quite at that level. Not to mention Atticus’s friends and favors amongst the gods, notably the irish form of death who won’t let him die.

    I’m sure it would be close but godkiller > dragon.

  • chosen

    I agree with Ryan Godkiller trumps Dragon every day of the week.

  • Sacredhonour

    I am sad to see Attitcus might end up losing this. There seems to be a lot of people today who don’t understand who Atticus is.

    To clear up a couple things:

    He is a Druid, a very powerful druid. He is now over 2,000 years old. He has very extensive magic and the ability to walk between the different dimensions. He has fought multiple gods and won, not to mention the Morrigan (a death goddess) is basically protecting him. His iron amulet took him a few hundred years to figure out and to make, which is why it is one of the most powerful artifacts in his world. The Morrigan herself has tried to figure out how he made it.

    A dragon is seriously a tough cookie to fight, but a lot of people in these comments are heavily underestimating who/what Atticus is. Read the books and learn!

  • Tiffany

    As for the talking, Atticus has spoken to magical animals via telapathy before and I assume that’s how they are talking here. If they know one another, or have at least heard of the other, as the author of the write up suggests, then they both know what they are capable of. So a surprise attack is a bit out of the question.
    The fight takes place in Atticus’ realm to even the score because in Saphira’s, the inheritance dragons are top beast on the totem pole. Also, it would take from part of what makes him badass; her awesome is still intact because she can still use her magic and other skills, thus loosing nothing by traveling. The only problem is that one of his skills is having created something to help nullify the magic of others. That doesn’t stop this from being an great fight.
    Atticus’ amulet protects him and gives him other abilities, other than negating magic, so it is not just a piece of iron. His sword can cut through pretty much anything and where it may not be long enough, with added strength from his amulet and other bindings he could indeed cut very deeply into her body.
    Saphira’s fire, though magic in nature would still burn everything around him, and he isn’t immune to regular BBQ type heat. Also, the amulet grows hotter the more magic it is forced to deflect from harming him and has, in his own books, burnt deeply into his skin causing great pain.
    There really is no mental advantage. She might have great mental prowess, but a druid isn’t born with magic they have to learn it. Atticus has spent the past 2000 years honing his mind so Saphira has no clear advantage, and neither does he.
    He is quick and smart but so is Saphira, and lets face it a giant blue dragon is far more intimidating to look at than an Irish guy with a soul patch. But he has killed gods and a dragon may not be a god, but is pretty damn close.
    The match would be no easy victory for either and whomever wins would definitely know they had been in one hell of a fight.

    In the end however, no matter whose side you’re on and what advantages you think they have over the other, the votes will win this. I have seen other characters, world shatterers and creators, loose to those who have no particular skill or guile because they have a larger fan base. At least this battle seems like a true test of mettle where no matter who wins the other side can be proud of the character they lost to.

  • Philip Herzing

    Bro. Get real. If Atticus ducked under Saphira to stab her in the eldunari, (Which I don’t think would make sense, seeing as Atticus has probably never dissected a dragon) he would be CRUSHED when she fell. Besides, Saphira would never just lunge…unless she was crazy ticked. But she’s not. She’s cunning and intelligent, so she would just fly into the air and freaking roast Atticus.

  • Kat M.

    Are we forgetting that Atticus could also call upon nature or iron elementals. The nature one could bind and the iron can eat certain magical beings.

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless


  • Not Telling

    At least the Saphira versus Rake match will be cool, and Rake will win.

  • Tye

    I hadn’t been checking on this one because I dismissed it as an Atticus victory. When did Saphira start coming back? Last I saw Atticus was up with something like 70% of the votes.

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless

    I hadn’t been checking either…was this legit or what? It kinda seems like spam to me…

  • Mystery Person

    Well, there was a post on Facebook by the Inheritance Cycle page that told people to vote for Saphira and then like the post. The like number was over 200. The power of social networking at work, I think…

  • Mystery Person

    Strike that. 338. And some may not have ‘liked’ it.

  • Mystery Person

    Strike that. 338 likes. And some may not have ‘liked’ it after voting.

  • Steve B

    No way Atticus loses this. I demand a recount.

  • Daniel

    So many of these comments against Atticus is sad. Read the books they are good. I have read the first two inheritence books and all of the Iron Druid series. I think Atticus could and would win in this fight. Oh and if Saphira started tearing up the Earth to get at Atticus because of not being able to hurt him directly then Saphira would be making a mistake as Atticus Is allies with the Earth and by damaging the Earth like this he would be able to pull on more power from the earth then normal may even get a very powerful elemental to help him.

    Also it makes sense that Atticus would know about Saphira but it doesn’t make sense that Saphira would know anything about Atticus. So as far as knowledge goes he should have a large advantage in that area. His sword does and will kill just by injuring saphira. This is true of gods or dragons. This is a property of the sword and unless there is some specific immunity against this power atticus only needs to get a good hit in to kill saphira. considering his fighting abilities intelligence, magical powers, invisibility, and tricks I don’t think he would lose. Now its not going to be an easy fight by any means but he has killed beings that have been around for thousands of years and are virtually immortal already. One more powerful immortal being shouldn’t stop him.

  • Shur’tugal

    From what I understand, his only magic resistance resides within his amulet. Well, an amulet is not an easy thing to keep on whilst battling a 10,000 lb Dragon. As far as I see, Saphira removes the amulet, then kills him with her mind. Done deal. No questions asked. And.. And Iron sword? Really, I’ve never seen any Iron penetrate diamond, as her Scales are stronger than diamonds.

  • Harroc

    Ancient druid bad ass or no… If we take into account that his amulet continually heats up the more magic it absorbs… I didn’t see anyone mention any type of ranged weapon being employed by Atticus so all Saphira has to do is jump into the sky and roast the guy till the amulet either melts away or burns a hole in his chest.

  • corey88

    He’s using a different sword. it would penetrate her scales though. I agree that Atticus seems quite powerful. Unfortunately for him unless he surprises Saphira she will take over his mind and kill him. She will most likely sense him coming even without seeing him due to camouflage. He seems very powerful but he has no defense against mind attacks.

  • Trickster

    No defense against mind attacks? His mind is 2000+ years older than Saphira.
    Everyone is ignoring the fact that he cant die unless the Morrigan lets him die.
    Also, he could just bind Saphira to the ground.. Unless she started in the air? Then he could call on elementals to beat her to little bits of meat.

    Also.. Since this is happening in his world… He could just get a witch to kill Saphira. He has kinda made friends with a few. So many more arguments. lol the vote rate seemed kinda rigged to me… Saphira jumped by like a thousand votes so fast. I’m reading spam :\

  • Peter

    I haven’t read about this Atticus (although I plan too), but I believe he isn’t a match for Saphira. Referring to the comment ^ above, if Atticus was allowed to use a witch, couldn’t Saphira call on Eragon? And once Eragon entered the scene, there would be no doubt that Atticus would be annihilated. Also, just because his mind is 2000+ years older doesn’t mean its stronger than a extremely intelligent dragon. As I said before, I’m just giving the advantaged Saphira has over Atticus, and not the other way around, since I haven’t read the books on him yet. I would like to remind people not to state facts they have no idea what they are talking about, such as Saphira not being able to attack Atticus with her mind, because both Brom and Oromis state that using the mind was NOT magic. People in the Inheritance Cycle did not require to be able to use magic to communicate with their minds.

  • BDM

    @ Peter Well I have read both and let me tell you, a Dragon of any kind can not beat Atticus O’Sullivan. Once you read some of the Iron Druid books you will come to understand this. It may be a brutal fight but it would only end one way.

  • Not Telling

    @Atticus Fans
    This cagematch has done its intented purpose. That is to introduce people to new series. I will be reading book 1 after Malazan book 2 and Temeraire book 1.

    As a side note, don’t mass vote Zaphod to get revenge. I’m kind of looking forwards to dragon versus dragon when Saphira fights Rake.

  • Kat

    I agree with BDM comment, it would be a brutal battle. But Atticus has weapons (both swords from the Celtic god Anghus Og and Norse Odin’s spear) designed to pierce any armor. And a few that can kill with just the slightest pierce or scratch. He can deflect with his amulet most any kind of magic or glamour. And as long as he’s in contact with the earth he cannot tire, and can continually heal himself. Saphira would have the advantage only if she got him off the ground, and even then he keeps a magical reserve in him. Even if she dropped him, he could turn into an owl and land and recharge himself. He also has some fire resistance (though mostly for demonic flames) given to him by his tattoos. I feel like the battle would have been much more drawn out, rather than what is written above.


    true, being 2000 years older does not make him “stronger” but he has VAST stores of experience to draw on. Im sure he has fought dragons before and knows how to combat them. he is also very intelligent, i would say more so than sapphire (who is smart but at times gung ho, and very pride full) he is a VERY fast thinker in combat, once Odin threw his magic spear that CANNOT miss at attics, and in the time it took to reach him he figured out that if he changed shape quickly he could throw off the absolute targeting magic and escape, than put the plan into motion. he did this in about three seconds. Also, he would never go into combat unprepared, his house is set up with magical traps that he can use to tie down sapphire. he has allies with many factions of supernaturals that he can call in for help, there is an arms dealer living across the street who’s garage he can loot for modern weapons if need be, and he is not above trickery if need be. the most likely way he would deal with her is insult he into doing something stupid (he is an expert at this) than tie her down using roots from the ground, or bind her wings to her body, or both. he would than use ether Fragarach tho kill her (it would completely ignore her scales) or cut her wing membrane with Moralltach (which would be an instant kill) and even if he couldn’t confine her to the ground (where she is very clumsy) he could use the spear he stole from odin that would track her down like a heat seeking missile

    this is probably poorly punctuated.

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